Your Chance to Name a Fort Collins Street

Your Chance to Name a Fort Collins Street

At Interstate Roofing we have the pleasure of putting new roofs on houses all across the Colorado front range, but roofing Fort Collins is an extra pleasure. It should come as no surprise with the beautiful scenery that surrounds it and all of the great people who live there.

Fort Collins might be growing but the community still has that small town feel and it’s things like being able to participate in naming the streets that help it stay that way. We hope all our friends in Fort Collins will find this as cool as we did and thank you for being such a great community to be apart of. Have a say in naming a Fort Collins street As Fort Collins grows into a medium-sized city, it’s nice to know it retains a bit of its small-town charm.

Case in point: The community has a say in the naming of new streets.

It’s kind of like neighbors “having a conversation over the back fence” on the way toward potentially honoring someone, said chief city planner Ted Shepard. And it’s kind of fun.

In choosing a street name, staff members may use the list for guidance but are not constricted to using it, Shepard said. Ideas and brainstorming from the community are welcome.

Perhaps a name with a direct tie to that part of town may be offered for consideration. See more…


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