When Should Your Business’s Roof be Inspected?

When Should Your Business’s Roof be Inspected?

Did you know that the roof represents 5-10% of the total cost of a building construction, and more than 70% of the cost of litigation is due to its defects? Most disputes can be avoided by correctly designing, executing and maintaining the roof system.

Material suppliers and Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors offer guarantees for materials and labor, for specific periods of time. However, these may become useless in case of wrong exploitation and lack of roof maintenance.

commercial roof maintenance

The lack of a proactive maintenance program is probably the most important cause of a roof`s short lifespan.

What needs to be done?

  1. Know information about your business`s roof: material warranty, periodic Inspection reports, maintenance invoices and roof interventions, technical specifications, etc.
  2. Make sure the roof and its drainage elements are always clean
  3. Schedule periodic inspection (1-2 times per year) for early detection of potential problems, but you should also consider calling the specialists anytime it is necessary: after severe weather events (strong winds, hail, torrential rain, etc.) or after third party interventions to repair or maintain the equipment on the roof
  4. Ensure adequate and rapid repairs performed by specialized technicians, certified by the material manufacturers
  5. Limit the traffic on the roof, by allowing the access only to authorized personnel

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