Problems Caused When You Ignore a Roof Leak

A poorly installed roof or poor quality materials can cause countless problems and ultimately make the roof useless. A roof through which water found its way can become a disaster for the entire building if the owner ignores proper routine maintenance.

The roof is the most vulnerable when it comes to water infiltrations. Once the water finds its way in, it will be very difficult to stop, and the issue will not solve by itself, on the contrary: it will get worse by the day.

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If the roof leak is not extensive and water does not penetrate the ceiling, you may not notice it right away, but you can still realize that something is wrong. You will likely start to experience moisture problems in the house. There will be an unhealthy environment that may cause allergic reactions and you may notice mold development. In some cases, water leaks may also hurt the electrical system. Save yourself the unwanted extra expense and hassle and call Interstate Roofing as soon as you notice a roof leak. Get it fixed immediately.

If you ignore a roof leak, you will notice an increase in your utility costs, because the insulation will be likely water clogged and it will no longer prevent heat loss. Not least, water causes rot in various materials in the roof`s structure, weakening its integrity. When the roof breaks down, the entire structure of the building is at risk. In this case, you do not want to know how expensive the repair bill is going to be.

How to Know If It’s Time for Roof Repairs or A Whole New Roof

Roofs are resistant and durable structures, but they don’t live forever – while some problems can be efficiently remedied with regular inspections and repairs (see, some signs tell you that you need to prepare for roof replacement. Here are a few symptoms from both categories:

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  • Most roofing cover materials are designed to last for decades, so if only a few of your shingles or tiles are cracked, you can easily replace the damaged items without having to replace the entire roof. However, be prepared that the color of the recently installed tiles or shingles will not match the color of the rest of the roof perfectly;
  • The same goes for larger patches as well – you can replace taches of shingles or tiles as well;
  • Roof sagging – in some cases, the damaged beam that causes the roof to sag can be replaced lifting the roof with an elevator and keeping it up until the new beam is fixed into place, but if more than one beam is damaged, you might want to have a closer look to eliminate the cause of the damage and you might have to replace the entire roof as well;
  • Other problems that can only be solved with complete replacement – replacement is often the only solution for extensive damage caused by a recent storm and roofs that are very old also need to be removed and replaced.

How to Prepare Your Roof for Colorado Storm Damage at Short Notice

caution heavy storm

There’s nothing worse than a storm that hits unexpectedly. While usually you might have days in advance to plan and make sure your home is secure, in some cases, failing to check the weather forecast, finding out late or getting home just a few hours before the storm hits your area can leave you in a state of urgency that is greatly amplified by the knowledge that your roof is broken or leaking.

So, what can you do to prepare your roof for the sometimes severe wind and storms that hit the Colorado area? The first thing to do is perform a basic inspection and try a quick fix to prevent water from flowing through leaks and damaging your interior walls.

In this respect, you can try strengthening out curled shingles by first softening them using heat. This technique doesn’t work in the case of all materials, but it can be extremely fast and effective for curled shingles in certain cases.

Another approach is to slide loose shingles under the bottom edge of the row above them and nail them down as securely as possible. While this fix will require some handiwork and a few minutes of your time, it will be entirely worthwhile.

Most quick fixes will be easy to implement, and if your roof is relatively new, you’ll find you don’t really need many of them. A few hours is all you need to get everything ready and prepare your roof for any risks involving Colorado storm damage.

If your roof sustains damage, a storm damage repair Denver roofer has the necessary skills to inspect and repair as needed. You can count on their commitment to quality services and customer satisfaction.