Is There a Shortage of Common Roofing Materials in Denver?

With the spread of the coronavirus, problems in logistics and production have increased everywhere. A pandemic of this magnitude has caught many companies and even entire industries on the wrong foot, with a shock wave of adverse effects that still negatively affects supply chains and their activity.

Although the construction industry in general and the roofing industry in particular have been less affected by the downtime and associated with the lockdown, there is still a shortage of common roofing materials in Denver, and the result is often an increase in pricing, as well as a slowdown in the accomplishment of roofing projects.

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The disrupted supply chain is a problem caused by the lockdown, and many roofing companies in Denver now publish on their websites official information about the availability of some of the most common roofing materials, to avoid being accused of lack of professionalism, when they fail to provide materials for various projects, in a timely manner. To follow up on roofing supplies in Colorado, check with trusted roofing experts at Interstate Roofing.

However, this shortage is not going to last forever, and the solution to being able to finalize those roofing projects and minimize the stress and inconvenience caused to the customers lies in patience, flexibility and the ability to reschedule works efficiently, by prolonging the deadlines for as long as possible and keeping customers informed permanently.


What Might Cut Down on the Lifespan of Your TPO roof?

TPO membranes are a great solution for covering commercial roofs. Due to their high flexibility, they can easily withstand temperature-induced stress, cover roof cracks and ensure permanent waterproofing.

TPO roofing membranes are resistant to fire, hail, and have a high flexibility in cold temperatures (up to -58F). In addition, a layer of embedded fiberglass provides the membrane with high dimensional stability. TPO membranes are free of plasticizers and compatible with all types of insulation. Application is particularly easy, even on top of an old bituminous membrane.

The white color of TPO membrane makes them an environmentally friendly solution that prevents the roof from overheating during the summer, improving the energy efficiency of the building. In addition, these roofing solutions provide an optimal basis for green roofs.

All good so far, but TPO roofing also has its vulnerabilities that must be taken into account.

They are relatively new products, so they are typically guaranteed for only up to 20 years, although they might resist longer. There are still things to learn about how they age and which factors might cut down on their lifespan.

So far, poorly adhered seams seem to be the biggest vulnerability, because TPO membrane is a material that has to be installed in pieces. Additionally, extreme heat and ponding water are expected to be the weak points.

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For more information about whether TPO roofing is right for your commercial property, learn more from the experts at, Interstate Roofing.

Fix Your Metal Roof Faster with a Denver Professional

The roof is the element without which a building would not be complete. In addition to its purpose of protection against the weather, it complements the exterior design of the building in an aesthetic way, reflecting its purpose and/ or the personality of the owner. The roof must be durable, and all materials must have superior characteristics in terms of quality, durability, reliability, and, of course, aesthetics.

Despite the fact that a metal roof is very resistant, problems will inevitably arise, from improper or defective installation to corrosion of the protective paint layer, excess moisture, or inadequate ventilation.

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When it comes to fixing your metal roof, it is best to turn to a Denver professional company, like Interstate Roofing.

Interstate Roofing specialists will advise you to make the best decisions regarding your project and fix your metal roof quickly so that you can enjoy the protection you are used to. Regardless of the nature of the problem, they have both the technology and the experience to solve it efficiently.

The roof repair will go even more quickly if you choose not just a professional roofing company but a LOCAL roofing company. In this case, the professionals will not waste time reaching you; their office may even be in your neighborhood.

Why does Denver Residential Roofing Usually Involve a Sloped Roof?

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When building a house, one of the choices you will have to make is the type of roof. Flat or sloped? What would be the best solution?

Denver residential roofing usually involves a sloped roof, and here is why:

According to Interstate Roofing Denver ( specialists, sloped roofs are better when it comes to withstanding rain and storms. Professional builders believe that the steeper a roof, the more the ridge will reduce the force of the wind pressure exerted on it.

Sloped roofs have no special requirements in terms of maintenance, especially when the roof system is completed with the most suitable accessories (anti-condensation foil, ventilation accessories, and safety accessories such as storm clamps, roof snow guards, etc. And when the accessories are original products, created specifically to optimize the roof’s performance, the whole system becomes a unitary whole, perfectly synchronized, efficient, and functional.

The drainage specific to the sloped roof (gutters and downspouts) is also more efficient and safer, being located outside the building. This dramatically reduces moisture entering the roof structure or inside the building.

There are also architectural advantages of the sloped roof. The space under the roof (the attic) is extremely useful and, more and more often lately, and it is transformed into additional living space.

3 Times Professional Roofers Might Give Up on Fixing Your Roof

Roofing repairs are among the services that professional roofers are most commonly hired for and indeed, adequate roof repair procedures can prolong the life span of any roof. However, the time inevitably comes when the roof on your building, be it a commercial or a residential structure, can no longer be repaired and when your roofer will give up on the fixes and recommend you complete replacement.

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According to Interstate Roofing Denver experts, here are some examples of the situations when replacement is the only solution:

  • Structural damage – the sagging seen at the ridgeline of the roof or surface damage that manifests on the slopes no longer being straight or signs that the roof has sustained damage at the level of the support structure also tells you that the only solution that a responsible roofer can recommend is the replacement of the entire structure.
  • Recurring leaks – if you have a leak repaired and the next one appears soon, it is also a sign that the integrity of your roofing cover has been compromised and that the roof needs to go.
  • Roof age – the warranted lifespan of the material used on the roof will tell you when the time comes to start preparing for the roof replacement. An old roof does not necessarily mean a damaged roof that needs to be ripped off right away, but it is certainly a roof that has been weakened by age and that will need to be replaced soon.

How Hard Is It to Fix an Older Asphalt Shingle Roof?

Asphalt shingles are generally considered to be an easy-to-handle roofing material, therefore many people choose to install their own asphalt roofs as well as to repair and to maintain them. Though the processes involved with the repair of shingle roofs are not very complicated, the repair processes have many aspects that still make it a better solution to outsource the process to Interstate Roofing ( professionals.

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Here are some of those aspects:

  • Working at heights – whether the roofing work undertaken is quick and easy or laborious and complex, it is always performed high up, therefore it should never be performed by someone who is not comfortable working among those conditions and who is not properly anchored to prevent falls, like most amateur roofers.
  • Issues going unnoticed – the first operation in any roof repair process is the evaluation of the damage. Noticing all the issues that affect the roofing area inspected requires a roofer with a trained eye, which also means that no one lacking that kind of experience should undertake the repair of an asphalt roof.
  • The risk of voiding the warranty – the manufacturer’s warranty on the roofing material is valid only if the material is handled by a professional roofer and in this case, handling includes repair process as well.

When Is Painting the Old Roof Better Than Replacing It?

Painting a roof is a quick and easy fix for an otherwise solid structure. This method can be a safe alternative to getting your old roof replaced if the only problem you have is a little fading. Here are some situations when roof paint is all you need to restore the beauty of your home:

  • A roof that has lost its color, but not its strength – a well maintained, but aged roof can still be one that serves the safety and the comfort of your home for a long time. If your roof is like this, but the action of the UV rays coming from the sun has altered the color of the surface, adding a new shade can efficiently restore the appearance of the entire structure.
  • You need a little more energy efficiency – if your roof is still strong and healthy, but you are looking for ways to improve its ability to prevent the energy exchange between your building interior and exterior environment, applying a coat of paint that improves energy efficient features is a good idea.
  • Leak prevention – you can easily find roof paint varieties that improve the roof’s ability to shed water. This improves the roof’s waterproof ability and reduces the risk of leaks.

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Talk to the experts at Interstate Roofing for honest advice regarding your roof needs. They will give you the opportunity to make a well-informed, responsible decision regarding roofing choices within your set budget.

How to Make Your Roof More Appealing – Roof Replacements and Paint Jobs

The appearance of the roof on your residential building and the appearance of the exterior walls together give the overall appearance of your home – having a faded, unsightly roof can ruin even walls covered in the best colour and the other way around, no matter how shiny and attractive your roof, if the exterior walls are warping. Fortunately, there are many ways to improve the appearance of your roof – here are some:

  • Getting the roof surface replaced – perhaps the most expensive solution of them all, but also one that will give you a strong and durable roof, the replacement of the top most layer of roofing will surely fix any aesthetic problems, especially if you take the time to choose the right colour and texture for the topmost layer of your building;
  • Roof coating products – applying the right type of roof coating is a much cheaper and much faster way to improve the appearance of your roof. Most coating products are intended to improve a certain quality of your roof, such as its resistance to water, but many of these products are also available in coloured varieties – a very useful feature when it comes to refreshing the way your roof looks.

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  • For additional ways to improve your roof appearance and performance call experienced  Interstate Roofing professionals. Founded in 1994 in Denver, CO, they have successfully completed over 24,000 residential and commercial projects from Colorado Springs to Cheyenne.

How Often Should You Have Your Roof Inspected by a Professional?

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Roof inspection is an essential component of a roof maintenance, a process that should ideally be performed by an Interstate Roofing professional. Ideally, you should have your roof professionally inspected every six months, once in spring and once in fall. Here is why:

  • Preparing the roof for harsher seasons – spring and fall are seasons when the weather is friendly for roofs, therefore the spring and the fall months are the best for getting your roof inspected and the best for preparing the roof for whatever the two harder seasons, summer and winter, might bring;
  • Capturing any roof fault in time – six-monthly intervals are ideal for making sure that no roof fault aggravates and that any repair that might be necessary is still easy to accomplish and affordable;
  • Ensuring gutter health – professional roof inspections usually include a check-up of the gutters as well, that way, you can be sure that the drainage system attached to your roof is also kept in good condition.

Beside the regular, six-monthly inspections, your roof and your gutters might need additional checks after extremely harsh weather events or if you suspect that your roof has sustained damage. You can perform a preliminary check of your roof looking at it from the ground, calling an experienced roofer – – with a description of the fault.

Good Reasons to Choose A Concrete Tile Roof

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Concrete tiles are among the most versatile and most durable roofing materials today. They are quite heavy, therefore suitable only for buildings that can hold up a heavy roof, but the material offers an incredible amount of features – small wonder it is such a popular recommendation made by Interstate Roofing contractors today. Here are the benefits offered:

  • Long lifespan – concrete tiles are among the materials that offer the longest lifespans. With proper care, your concrete roof can last for around 50 years without any major issues;
  • Resistance to harsh weather – concrete is one of the hardiest building materials of them all, able to stand up to most forms of extreme weather, including hard snow and rain, harsh sunshine and wind. The material is also impervious to pests and it does not ignite, being suitable for buildings close to forests as well;
  • Attractive appearance – concrete tiles come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles and the range of available colors is also very wide, including not only traditional roof colors, such as shades of red and brown, but unusual, bold options, such as shiny black matte white, blue, green, beige and white;
  • Energy efficiency – cement tiles have excellent insulation properties, contributing a lot to maintaining the energy balance in the building they are installed on.