4 Reasons to Call Your Fort Collins Roofer Even for “Trivial” Issues


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Some people may think that not all roof related issues are something to call a Fort Collins roofer for. But they might underestimate the problem or overestimate their own abilities. For instance, such an issue is leakage. Some people think that a small leak can’t do any harm to their roof. But, if left unchecked, a trustworthy Fort Collins roofing company near me confirms that the leak can spread and cause a lot of damage.

Another issue a Fort Collins roofer should be called in for is loose tiles. Some people think that fixing a tile isn’t such a big deal. And they are right. It usually isn’t, if you are a professional. That’s because they know how to handle going up on a roof and handling such problems. Nonprofessionals may just end up doing more damage to the roof or even hurting themselves.

A Fort Collins roofer can also be called in order to inspect the understructure holding up the roof. To the naked eye the understructure of a roof can look OK. But to the trained eye of a professional there can be signs that the structure is damaged and that the roof is in danger. That’s why people usually call professionals to inspect it.

Any Fort Collins roofer can be called in when your roof needs a fresh coat of paint or various other treatments. That’s because not all solutions available at the hardware store are what your roof needs. And, in order to get it right the first time, a professional is needed.

How Long Does a Home Roof Replacement Take?

When it comes the time to replace their roof, all homeowners want to know one thing: how long such a project takes. Well, it can take anywhere from 1-2 days to 5-6 days, depending on a number of factors. In general, considering that every roof is different, the timeline for every replacement will be different too.

The complexity of the roof is one of the main factors that influence the duration of a replacement project.  Obviously, a simple roof will be installed more easily and therefore quickly. The higher the number of facets, valleys, angles and hips is, the more complex the work.

The size of the roof also matters, regardless its complexity, because a bigger roof will require more work.

The accessibility of your roof also plays an important role. What makes a roof harder to access is surrounding vegetation, the lack of paved surfaces near the roof access point, a fence etc. All this can make the work of the roofers more difficult.

The weather also affects how long it will take to replace the roof. Although, theoretically, a roof can be installed in any conditions (rain, snow, cold temperatures etc.), in reality not all materials can be installed properly and not all roofers are willing to work in a situation involving bad weather.

Fort Collins roofing company

Talk to a BBB A+ accredited Fort Collins roofing company for specific guidelines and timelines as it pertains to your personal roofing project. They are fully licensed and insured, and a NRCA member.


Who Covers the Roof Repair Costs in an Apartment Building?

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Repairing and restoring common parts of an apartment building is established by law. However, there are still often discussions between apartment owners regarding the contribution of each one to the payment of the total costs. In case of roof problems, some owners on the lower floors consider that the money necessary to repair the roof must be paid by those directly affected by the damage, i.e., people who own apartments on the top floor.

It might be convenient for them to believe this, but it doesn’t mean they are correct. On the contrary! It doesn’t matter how many floors a building has; the roof protects the entire building, not just the last floor. This is why the roof is not the exclusive property of people living on the top floors.

If someone is stubborn enough to have doubts about this, they have to imagine what would happen if an apartment owner on the top floor left for a while, during which time water would enter through the defective roof. Yes, the apartment in question would be the first to be affected, but water and moisture will not stop there but will soon affect the entire building.

As such, expenses and maintenance services, and repairs of roofs under common ownership shall be borne by all tenants equally and managed by the HOA.  For quality roofing services, you can count on Interstate Roofing, a trusted Fort Collins roofing company with a 5 star online reputation!

Two Birds with One Stone: Residential Roof Repair and Improved Curb Appeal

Getting the roof on your home repaired by a professional Fort Collins roofing company brings you double benefits: the process will restore the strength and the reliability of your roof as well as the attractive appearance of the structure. Here are these benefits in more detail:

  • Strength restored – roofing issues compromise the overall strength of the roof they are affecting. A roof surface that has missing components is obviously weaker than a complete roof and the problems that go down deeper, into the deeper layers of the roof, can compromise the integrity of the entire building component. An affordable Fort Collins roofing company can remedy all these problems and can make sure that your repaired roof is as strong as you want it to be.

Fort Collins roofing company

  • Curb appeal restored – most roofing problems hinder the visual appeal of the structure, just think of roofs that have missing components or groups that are affected by discolorations and algae or moss infestations. A professional roofer can address these issues during the repairs as well, making sure that your home looks as great as you want it to.
  • A great roof for years to come – a thorough roof repair can ensure that your roof will stay strong and attractive for years, especially if you stick to the regular maintenance routine.

How Quickly You Need to Spot Residential Roofing Damage That Can Be Seen Only Externally

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Roofing problems usually start out small, sometimes unnoticeable so, but they tend to aggravate quickly. While issues such as the problems caused by impact or by ponding water develop on the outer surface of the roof, others start underneath the structure and first become noticeable in the attic. Here are some signs that indicate damage that starts externally and that needs to be addressed by a competent Fort Collins roofing company immediately to avoid further deterioration:

  • Hairline cracks and chipped components – these issues might seem like minor cosmetic problems, but in fact they are gaps through which water can penetrate into the deeper layers of the roof. Water is an insidious enemy. When it seeps underneath the roof surface through a tiny hole or a crack, it starts accumulating where it should not. The excessive moisture can cause a variety of roofing problems, from rotting the wooden parts to causing the roof to weaken.
  • Discolorations – dark patches or areas where the roofing material has lost its color are signs of infestation with some sort of algae. It needs to be addressed as soon as it is noticed because those discolored patches are already weakened by the moisture accumulated from the air. This weakening can worsen very quickly.

What the Colorado Climate Tells Us About Choosing the Best Residential Roofing Material

The climate in Colorado might bring lots of joy for those who love summer as well as for those who love the spectacular winters at the feet of the Rocky Mountains, but the special climate of the Mile High City is certainly harsh on local roofs.

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The climate being one of the most important aspects to take into consideration when choosing roofing materials, here are some of the best options for the area:

  • Clay and cement tiles – tile roofs are very well suited for Colorado. Both clay and cement tiles are manufactured with technologies that seal the surface of the tiles, making the material impervious to moisture. The two options are also excellent for any geographical area that gets wide temperature variations, like it is the case of Fort Collins and Denver, cities that heat up in the summer then freeze in winter;
  • Metal – the term metal roof is today more like an umbrella term that comprises a variety of metal alloys as well as a variety of material types, including shingles, tiles, shakes and large sheets. According to a well known Fort Collins roofing company, metal is an extremely durable and resistant option, a material that is easy to install, easy to maintain and extremely durable;
  • Impact resistant shingles – these shingle varieties look very similar to conventional, 3-tab varieties, but they feature a much more resistant, much sturdier structure that enables them to with stand even large hail, strong storms and heavy rain and snow without sustaining any considerable damage.

Can You Get Your Old Roof Fixed with a Good Contractor?

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Many people think that a roof that is approaching the end of its lifespan can no longer be repaired, complete roof replacement being the only solution for the leaks and other issues noticed with the roof. While in some cases, these opinions are certainly right, there are many situations in which a good Fort Collins roofing company can work wonders even with an old roof – here are some examples:

  • damage caused by the weather – if your old roof has sustained a certain amount of damage due to a recent weather event, complete roof replacement should not be your first thought. Hire a good local roofer to check the structure for you – if your old roof has been regularly maintained, chances are that you can get the problem fixed by replacing only the damaged components;
  • occasional leaks – every roof, even strong ones that are not very old, can develop a leak occasionally. If that has happened on your roof too, don’t worry, your roofer will probably be able to find the source of the problem and fix the issue too;
  • discolorations – the large, dark patches that you see on so many roofs are caused by algae. If you get the issue on your roof, too, don’t despair, a good roofer will know how to get rid of the problem.

How Does the Slope of Your Roof Contribute to Its Long-Term Durability?

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Classic styled residential buildings usually feature sloping roofs, that is, roofs composed either of one slope that meets a wall at the top or multiple slopes that also meet at the top either in the form of a point or in a straight line called a ridge. There are many reasons why residential roof structures were and still are built from slopes, one of those reasons being durability. A Fort Collins roofing company with a sterling reputation told us that here is why and how sloping contributes to how long you can enjoy the protection provided by a roof:

  • efficient drainage – one of the ways that sloping gives the roofing structure durability is through efficient drainage. When it rains, the water can run off the roof efficiently, thus preventing any risk of ponding water; when it snows, the slope ensures that the roof is able to shed the snow efficiently without having to suffer under the weight of frozen water;
  • more efficient ventilation – the buildings that have sloping roofs usually have an attic space underneath the roof. Attics are, in most homes, used for storage but they have a more important role, too: they ensure proper roof ventilation. by facilitating the movement of air under the roof, sloping structures are less exposed to distress caused by humidity and condensation.

The Effective Approach to Repairing an Older Roof

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The best way to repair a roof depends on many aspects, the most important ones being the age of the roof and its overall condition. Here are some factors that should help you determine the best course of action:

  • The roof’s age – while roof age in itself is not a factor that should determine you to replace the structure, an old roof is almost always a roof that has started to become weaker and is therefore more difficult and more expensive to repair. If your roof is close to the end of its warranted lifespan, but it is still in fairly good condition, you should not rush the replacement, but you should start preparing for it, just in case;
  • Roof condition – if you have a relatively healthy old roof that doesn’t cause major problems, other than occasional leaks, regular maintenance and professional repairs by a quality Fort Collins roofing company for the problems detected should be enough. However, if your roof seems to be weak and if problems seem to have become more severe as well as more frequent lately, the best approach might be complete roof replacement performed as soon as possible;
  • Your plans with the house – if you are planning to continue living in the house, getting the roof replaced as soon as possible might be a great investment into the comfort of your household. If you are planning to sell the property, though, you might decide to sell it as is without investing into a new roof.

Should You Leave the Old Roof in Place When Buying a New House?

If you have found the house of your dreams and the price is also acceptable, you must know that no matter how much you want that home, ignoring the condition of the roof and its needs can have very severe consequences. Whether or not you should leave the old roof on after (or if) you buy the property depends on several factors – here are some:

  • Understanding the importance of the roof – the roof is the topmost line of defense of your home, the structure that will ensure your home’s energy efficiency and also one of the most expensive building components. When you buy a house, you need to know about all the faults that affect the roof and you should also have accurate information about how much longer you can keep the roof.

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  • When making your offer, you need to weigh and factor in all these aspects and the best way to ensure that you have all the facts to make an informed final decision is by hiring a trusted Fort Collins roofing company inspector to check and assess the roof for you;
  • The final decision – if the roof on your dream home is not in the best condition, you should make that an argument when negotiating the price. Consider the budget you have for the roof repair or the roof replacement and make your bid based on that calculation.