Differences Between a General Contractor and a Licensed Contractor?

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The two principle types of contractors that you can hire for a construction or remodeling project are general contractors and specialized contractors. In many cases, the activities performed by the two types of contractors and the services they provide might overlap, but there are several important differences as well. Here are some:

  • The services provided – general contractors usually provide services of overseeing and coordinating the various phases of the construction project and the work of the specialized contractors, while licensed contractors usually work as the subcontractors of general contractors and provide specialized services, such as plumbing, excavation, masonry, electrical installation or painting;
  • Who to turn to – general contractors are usually hired for complex projects that require the simultaneous management of multiple processes, while licensed, specialty contractors are the businesses that you should turn to if you need just one or two types of specialized work, such as the installation of a new roof by a credentialed Fort Collins roofing company or the building of a masonry fireplace;
  • Licenses – in many states, general contractors are not required to be licensed (except the general contractors that also provide specialized services through their own teams), but most states have very strict regulations and requirements in place regarding the licensing of specialized contractors.

Tips to Help Homeowners Choose Top Rated Residential Roofers

It takes a while to choose the Fort Collins roofing company that will take care of your roofing project, and your house is a long-term investment, so you should not hurry to make a choice. If you choose badly, you will pay a lot more money along the way, to repair the damage caused by a poorly done job.

You cannot hire anyone to do this job. The roofing company must be insured, licensed and have several years of experience in roofing projects. The best way to find out as much as possible about the company you consider hiring is to look for as much information as possible online, to ask relatives and friends as well as to check its portfolio and reputation.  You must check what kind of projects they have done before and decide whether your project matches their experience.

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Once you have verified the Fort Collins roofing company references, you must request a written estimate for the services provided. Keep in mind that choosing the cheapest service provider doesn`t mean automatically a good deal, on the contrary!

Before hiring any roofing specialist, you need to understand all the details related to the project, so keep asking for clarifications if there are things you do not understand. All the details of the roof project must be mentioned in the contract, including payment, work schedule and materials.

What Kind of Insurance Coverage Should my Residential Roofer Have

Residential roofers need not only a state-issues license to be allowed to work legally – they also need to be insured through the right type of policies as well. Some of the most important documents to check while you are evaluating residential Fort Collins roofing company pros available in your area for the roofing project that you have in mind are the roofer’s insurance documents – here are the types of policies required:

  • General liability insurance – this type of policy is essential for any business that provides services, roofers included. The insurance provides coverage if the activity of the roofer or of the roofing team causes damage to the client’s property or an injury to a person who is not the roofer’s employee;
  • Worker’s compensation insurance – this type of policy covers for any work-related injury or accident sustained by the roofer’s employees while carrying out work tasks.

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Not all states make it mandatory for roofers to carry the two types of insurance policies above. However, the existence of the two types of policies is great proof that the roofer you are talking to is a reliable and responsible contractor, especially if the policies are not required by the law in your state or area.

The Advantages of Slate Tile Roofs

Slate is currently one of the most attractive and most durable roofing materials. The natural roofing solution enjoys great popularity – here are some benefits that the material offers:

  • Superior strength and weather resistance – the fine-grained natural stone can be cut into very thin slabs without compromising the material’s tensile strength. The roofs constructed using slate tiles are resistant to even the highest winds as well as to other types of extreme weather, including heavy rain, snow and hail. Slate is also resistant to fire and to pests, such as termites;
  • Superior durability – slate offers durability of over a century without fading or getting otherwise damaged;
  • Unique beauty – no two pieces of slate are ever the same, each slate has different graining and is of a different shade, therefore the roofs that use the material stand out with their unique looks, too. Slate is also suitable for executing various cuts, allowing homeowners to choose uniform or random width tiles as well as tiles of varying length and thickness for an even more rustic, patterned appearance.

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Before you choose slate for your next roof, get advice from Fort Collins roofing company pros to make sure that your building is suitable for the material – natural stone is very heavy, therefore it is an option only for buildings that can support the huge weight of the slate roof.

How Can Well-Chosen Roof Coating Improve a Home’s Energy Efficiency?

Roof coatings are typically used in almost every commercial roofing application. However, for homeowners, it’s somewhat of an uncharted territory. Nevertheless, if you ask your residential Fort Collins roofing company about their take on the use of coatings for home efficiency, they’ll probably have a lot to say on the matter.

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The fact is that the UV radiation coming from the sun is rarely blocked entirely by most roofing systems. Most materials will allow a large portion of the heat and radiation to be absorbed and to generate a lot of heat that will accumulate the most between your walls in the summer. Roof coatings are available that can counter this effect and ensure that your home is no longer bombarded by harmful heat and electromagnetic radiation from the sun.

With your roof better protected, your attic will be in better shape and your home will no longer overheat. This means you can rest assured that your air-conditioning system can handle the temperatures in your home without overheating or using too much energy as well. Aside from your energy costs being lowered, you’ll also be able to relax about the possibility that your AC might break down over the strain and that you’d have to go out shopping for a new AC unit in the scorching summer sun.

Can My Residential Roof be Repaired?

When experiencing problems with their roof, many people wonder whether they can repair their roof or they must replace it.

Well, let`s start by saying that prevention is always the best option. Prevention is possible through regular roof maintenance and fixing small problems as soon as you notice them. Putting off such operations because you might consider them minor or insignificant can bring you to the point of not being able to repair your roof anymore because of escalating damage.

Also, roof repairs may become inefficient is a large part of the roof is destroyed by a severe weather phenomenon or an accident. You can safely replace a few shingles, but if the damaged area is too large, you will have to go for a roof replacement, which will also include an evaluation of its resistance structure.

Fort Collins roofing company experts

It is very important to consult with Fort Collins roofing company experts when you have problems with your roof, because this way, you will get a professional opinion about what needs to be done about your roof, as well as different options to solve your roofing problem. The Interstate Roofing expert will examine the interior and exterior of the roof thoroughly, assess its actual condition and file a detailed report including the necessary curse of action regarding your roof.


What Are the Best Types of Roofing to Avoid Wind Damage?

High winds are among the most devastating forces of nature, responsible for destroying and severely damaging thousands of roofs each year. If you live in a high-wind region and you are looking for a roofing material that can stand up to strong winds, here are some great options for you:

  • Fiberglass shingles – when installed properly, these modern materials can withstand very strong winds and storms. If you pick this solution, inform your roofer that you would like to ensure superior wind-resistance – the detail is important for your roofer, the contractor might decide to choose special fasteners or more nails for more secure fastening;

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  • Metal roofing – when installed properly, using the right fastening solutions, Fort Collins roofing company spokespersons say metal roofs are one of the most resistant materials and the best choice for windy regions;
  • Clay and cement tiles – these heavy and durable materials offer superior thermal insulation, therefore they are great for hot climate areas as well as for regions that get extremely cold winters, while their weight and the fastening solutions used for the installation also makes sure that your tiles will stand up even to the highest winds. Tile systems also have the advantage of being composed of smaller components, so even if the wind is so strong that it causes damage in your roof, the damage is likely to be limited to just a few tiles.

The Main Things You Need to Know About Chimney Flashing Repair

Chimney flashing is a roofing element that is often regarded as unique and requires a lot more consideration than it is given credit for. The main thing to think about is that flashing elements are typically designed to keep water and moisture away from the interior areas of your roof, and poor integrity or damage can often prevent them from completing that task. In the case of chimney flashing, the issue is even greater, since a lot of water can gather in that area after a storm, and the flashing itself is more easily damaged as a result, over time.

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It’s worth mentioning that chimney flashing repair can also get more complicated. You might not have the necessary safety gear and tools required for a precise and efficient DIY chimney flashing repair job, so it’s typically best to contact a flashing repair Fort Collins roofing company to manage the job for you.

Don’t settle for an inexperienced roofer. Even if your chimney flashing is just dented or slightly damaged, it might still have to be replaced, so make sure that you contact a dependable, skilled and experienced roofer who can prove that they have successfully completed similar roof repair jobs without much of a problem.

The Most Significant Factors Influencing the Cost of a Roof Repair Job

When you want to have your roof properly fixed, there are a variety of factors that might influence the approach that you or your roofer should take, as well as the cost of the job. In some cases, what would be very cheap when you live on the coastline or in a southern city will cost a lot more in the north or in a mountainous region, simply because of the climate and weather differences.

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One of the main factors that leads to a change in roof repair costs is precipitation. In many cases, dry areas are less affected by the normal stressors that can cause roof damage – such as the presence of thunderstorms, snow storms or hail storms. Here, the main issue usually has to do with keeping your roof from being affected by heat and fire.

The need for additional roof coating and insulation can also affect the cost of your roof repairs. Sometimes, your roofer will suggest that you re-coat your roof or add more insulation to prevent the issues that have caused the damage to begin with. These upgrades can be costly, depending on the type of roof you own and how much material you need.

Finally, the materials that make up your roof and the complexity of the roof structure can dictate whether or not a more skilled Fort Collins roofing company will be required to fix it properly – in which case, the amount you have to pay will be higher as well.

Preparing for Fort Collins Roof Replacement

Changing or fixing your roof implies creating a work zone around your house, which can lead to unexpected hazards. After hiring a well respected Fort Collins roofing company, your main priority should be keeping your family safe during the working process. There are several safety precautions or preparation that you should make.

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Start with the exterior of your house, by relocating any vehicle standing by and keeping it on a safe distance from the working area and by clearing the yard or the patio, and to put everything safely away. After that, remove the items standing on your roof, like the antennas or satellite dishes. Even though roofers usually do this job, you could give a hand and speed the process.

Because working areas are dangerous for children and pets, make sure to keep them on a safe distance. You could also take them out more. Another important thing to do is talking to your neighbors and apologizing in advance for all the possible inconvenience.

Secure the inside of your house, by removing the wall decorations and by clearing or covering the belongings from the attic. Do not forget about the windows. The vibrations caused by machinery used in all the repairing process may travel through the walls. To protect them, it is best to board them up.