The Main Things You Need to Know About Chimney Flashing Repair

Chimney flashing is a roofing element that is often regarded as unique and requires a lot more consideration than it is given credit for. The main thing to think about is that flashing elements are typically designed to keep water and moisture away from the interior areas of your roof, and poor integrity or damage can often prevent them from completing that task. In the case of chimney flashing, the issue is even greater, since a lot of water can gather in that area after a storm, and the flashing itself is more easily damaged as a result, over time.

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It’s worth mentioning that chimney flashing repair can also get more complicated. You might not have the necessary safety gear and tools required for a precise and efficient DIY chimney flashing repair job, so it’s typically best to contact a flashing repair Fort Collins roofing company to manage the job for you.

Don’t settle for an inexperienced roofer. Even if your chimney flashing is just dented or slightly damaged, it might still have to be replaced, so make sure that you contact a dependable, skilled and experienced roofer who can prove that they have successfully completed similar roof repair jobs without much of a problem.

The Most Significant Factors Influencing the Cost of a Roof Repair Job

When you want to have your roof properly fixed, there are a variety of factors that might influence the approach that you or your roofer should take, as well as the cost of the job. In some cases, what would be very cheap when you live on the coastline or in a southern city will cost a lot more in the north or in a mountainous region, simply because of the climate and weather differences.

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One of the main factors that leads to a change in roof repair costs is precipitation. In many cases, dry areas are less affected by the normal stressors that can cause roof damage – such as the presence of thunderstorms, snow storms or hail storms. Here, the main issue usually has to do with keeping your roof from being affected by heat and fire.

The need for additional roof coating and insulation can also affect the cost of your roof repairs. Sometimes, your roofer will suggest that you re-coat your roof or add more insulation to prevent the issues that have caused the damage to begin with. These upgrades can be costly, depending on the type of roof you own and how much material you need.

Finally, the materials that make up your roof and the complexity of the roof structure can dictate whether or not a more skilled Fort Collins roofing company will be required to fix it properly – in which case, the amount you have to pay will be higher as well.

Preparing for Fort Collins Roof Replacement

Changing or fixing your roof implies creating a work zone around your house, which can lead to unexpected hazards. After hiring a well respected Fort Collins roofing company, your main priority should be keeping your family safe during the working process. There are several safety precautions or preparation that you should make.

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Start with the exterior of your house, by relocating any vehicle standing by and keeping it on a safe distance from the working area and by clearing the yard or the patio, and to put everything safely away. After that, remove the items standing on your roof, like the antennas or satellite dishes. Even though roofers usually do this job, you could give a hand and speed the process.

Because working areas are dangerous for children and pets, make sure to keep them on a safe distance. You could also take them out more. Another important thing to do is talking to your neighbors and apologizing in advance for all the possible inconvenience.

Secure the inside of your house, by removing the wall decorations and by clearing or covering the belongings from the attic. Do not forget about the windows. The vibrations caused by machinery used in all the repairing process may travel through the walls. To protect them, it is best to board them up.

How to Spot Roof Hail Damage

Hail is a type of iced precipitation, and it has different shapes and sizes, like tiny ice crystal or frozen raindrop. When it falls to the ground, it can cause some damage to people or property.

Maybe the idea of hail damage hardly crosses a homeowner’s mind because it cannot be seen from the ground, but hail causes each year serious damages. For example, in Texas, in 2016, multiple giant hail storms caused combined damage of $3.5 billion. So, even though you cannot spot the hail damages on a roof from the ground, it doesn’t mean that they are not there.

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For example, check the gutters to see if it has some impact damage. Also, hail can cause some dents into the siding and windowsills. If you have any metal surfaces on your roof, such as metal fascia, roof vents, flashing or metal valleys, most likely there will be some damage too. Impact dents are more visible if the metal is softer. On the other hand, hail damages on shingles are hard to spot, unless they are made of wood or clay.

You should also check for the missing pieces in the asphalt of the roof. Hail damages in this area mean that some granules of the asphalt have been knocked off.

The best thing to do is call an experienced hail damage repair Fort Collins roofing company. They will be able to expertly access the damages and recommend needed repairs.

Benefits of Residential Solar Roofing

Photovoltaic panels exploit the energy of the sun, which is a free and infinite source of energy. When the sun’s rays reach the surface of the earth, their energy is about 2,000 times higher than the total energy consumed worldwide, in a year. Solar energy, along with other renewable energies such as wind, geothermal and biomass – could contribute to achieving a percentage of 100% energy produced from renewable sources and a 100% clean, green energy supply.

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The energy production of a photovoltaic system depends on several factors, including the location, orientation and inclination of the system, as well as the temperature and shading conditions. A good design must take all these factors into consideration.

According to solar energy Fort Collins roofing company experts, the benefits of residential solar roofing include –


  • Savings on energy bills and even earning extra money, if you choose to sell some of the energy you produce.
  • You get quick return on investment.


  • The value of your home increases
  • You make a long term investment (> 30 years)
  • You get additional roof protection


  • 100% renewable energy
  • Green energy
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions


  • You become your own energy producer
  • Energy independence
  • You can expand the system with storage solutions


  • Warranty up to 25 years


  • Online monitoring of energy production
  • Real-time error detection
  • Smart charging solutions


Benefits of a Proactive Storm Damage Roof Assessment Survey

Proactive storm damage assessment refers to taking action straight off once a severe natural hazard event occurred and saving the resulted information and data. This process is vital in any effort to scale back future economic losses from natural hazards. This information is used as a record of buildings performance and as a significant part for applied math analysis and studies. Naturally, it should always be assessed and collected in a scientific and standardized manner, by Fort Collins roofing company top professionals.

Fort Collins roofing company provide storm damage assessments

Unfortunately, in most of the cases such collected information is lost once the event is over, instead of being correctly managed and saved for future use. In this context, a standard protocol is vitally required. It must include a storm damage assessment method for residential buildings subjected to different types of storm damage (destructive winds or floods) as well as a protocol for standardizing damage assessment and data collection.

Implementation of proactive storm damage assessment surveys can aid significantly in building up knowledge on storm damage and better understanding the performance of a building. Furthermore, this information is essential in finding better and more efficient solutions to protect buildings and roofs subjected to different levels of hazard.

What is an Ice Dam?

An ice dam is what is called a ridge of ice at the edge of a roof, which may form in the cold season and cause different problems by preventing the snow from draining off, or by clogging the gutters and downspouts.

Ice dams are a big concern for commercial and residential building owners, because they may cause water leaks and infiltrations that damage the insulation, ceilings, walls and even the structure of the roof.

Fort Collins roofing company can remove ice dams

There are several causes for ice dam formation. Typically, the snow layer accumulated on the roof, the temperature outdoors and heat loss from the building – they all interact to form ice dams. Snow melts on different areas of the roof and then freezes again when it reaches the colder edges or the pluvial system. Ice dams can grow in thickness, if the weather stays below freezing level or if the building owner does nothing to remove them.

The heat source that warms parts of the roof and determines the snow to start melting can come from the sun or from the house. If the roof is not properly insulated and ventilated, this problem will occur frequently.

Preventing ice dams should be made by controlling the heat loss from the building and also by installing a de-icing system. Contact a recommended Fort Collins roofing company for roof snow and ice removal to prevent possible roof damage and water damage to your home.


How Can I Increase My Property Value

Selling a house is an important and long process and therefore you need a responsible attitude. You, as a seller, must be one step ahead of the buyer, to be able to quickly complete the transaction in your favor.

We help you with a list of tips on how to increase your home`s value before putting it up for sale.

Clean the house

Cleaning the hose is a very important aspect in the process of selling a home. A clean house says a lot about the owner. Take care of all the details: wash the windows, clean all corners of the house, wipe away dust and so on. If you do not have time to deal with these things in detail, call a specialized cleaning company.

Keep the house`s design simple

Try to remove personal items that could be cataloged as extravagant. The simplicity and minimalism of the furniture are much more appreciated by potential buyers, because they do not look for your personality, but try to picture themselves in that house, so they will appreciate the sensation of space and freedom.


Make sure the home is as bright as possible. Pull out all the curtains and let the sunlight in, because with the rooms will look nicer and welcoming.

improve the value of your home with a new roof installed by a Fort Collins roofing company


Sometimes some simple changes to the furniture or a renovation of the bathrooms or kitchen is enough to attract the attention of potential buyers and increase your property value. You don`t have to spend too much money, just invest a bit in things that matter for potential buyers. Other more expensive renovations will improve your home value as well. A well known Fort Collins roofing company can ensure your roof passes inspection either through repairs or full replacement.  Updating your siding and windows also will improve the value of your home.


Staying Safe While Putting up Holiday Lights

If you want to decorate the exterior of your home for the holiday season and surprise all your neighbors, you need to consider some things to stay safe while doing this.

The exterior holiday lighting is a pleasure to watch, but it can be an ordeal for those who actually make the effort to put up those lights and decorations. To make things simpler, preparations must start before the holidays, with operations like stretching the cables, verifying the installations, adding the hooks and hangers and so on.

holiday decorations

Ideally, holiday lights placed on fences, roofs or through the yard should be installed when the weather is nice. Not only is it easier and more comfortable to do this in a clear day, but it is also much safer. Climbing the stairs and as Fort Collins roofing company professionals can tell you, working on the roof can be a dangerous challenge on snow or freezing temperatures.

Other tips for your safety:

  • If you are using an extension cord or a transformer, the connections must be sealed before putting on the outdoor lights. This way you won’t have a short circuit in case it rains or snows.
  • Avoid passing the power cord through the door or window, to prevent damaging it.
  • If you want to have an outdoor outlet for holiday decorations, call an authorized electrician to install it for you.

A Guide to Roof Repairs for First-Time Homeowners

Repairing parts of the roof are something that every home-owner has to tackle at some point. The roof protects the home from the most extreme conditions and not having it properly maintained could lead to many issues in the future.

Before any repairing is being done, the first thing that every new homeowner should do is having a regular roof inspection. By doing this, small issues with the roof can be identified and fixed before developing into a more serious issue. Every roof repainting project starts with an inspection. Finding and repairing small areas of the roof is more cost-effective than having the majority of the roof repaired, or in many cases having the roof completely replaced.

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A personal inspection could be done and if the roof presets many issues, calling a knowledgeable Fort Collins roofing company professional may be the best thing to do. A roof inspector will have the necessary tools and experience to find out if there are many other hidden issues that, left unattended, could lead to larger issues in the future.

Inspecting the roof could be a DIY process; however, attempting any personal repair or replacements should be avoided. Any repairs to the roof should be done by a professional. There is the possibility that any personal replacement or repairing could be erroneous and could lead to a further issue. Roof repair can be avoided most of the time if the proper measurements are put in place. Things such as inspecting the roof and having it cleaned regularly, trimming the branches hanging above the roof could make the roof last for a longer period.