A Guide to Roof Repairs for First-Time Homeowners

Repairing parts of the roof are something that every home-owner has to tackle at some point. The roof protects the home from the most extreme conditions and not having it properly maintained could lead to many issues in the future.

Before any repairing is being done, the first thing that every new homeowner should do is having a regular roof inspection. By doing this, small issues with the roof can be identified and fixed before developing into a more serious issue. Every roof repainting project starts with an inspection. Finding and repairing small areas of the roof is more cost-effective than having the majority of the roof repaired, or in many cases having the roof completely replaced.

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A personal inspection could be done and if the roof presets many issues, calling a knowledgeable Fort Collins roofing company professional may be the best thing to do. A roof inspector will have the necessary tools and experience to find out if there are many other hidden issues that, left unattended, could lead to larger issues in the future.

Inspecting the roof could be a DIY process; however, attempting any personal repair or replacements should be avoided. Any repairs to the roof should be done by a professional. There is the possibility that any personal replacement or repairing could be erroneous and could lead to a further issue. Roof repair can be avoided most of the time if the proper measurements are put in place. Things such as inspecting the roof and having it cleaned regularly, trimming the branches hanging above the roof could make the roof last for a longer period.

How Gutters Affect Your Roofing System

Any Fort Collins roofing company leader will tell you that gutters and downspouts are essential components of any roofing system. They contribute to the overall health of the roof just as much as the roof covering or other, larger or more conspicuous elements. Here is how gutter faults affect overall roof health:

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  • Clogged gutters – essentially, gutters are open channels, half tubes that tend to collect airborne and falling debris. Leaves, twigs, dust, animal feathers and small nests are the most common causes for gutter clogging – when they settle inside the pipes, they absorb moisture and form an obstacle in front of the water pouring down on the sides of the roof. When pouring rainwater and melted snow is not channeled into the ground because of the clogs in the gutter, the water pours down on the walls and finds its way into the foundation of the building, causing serious structural damage;
  • Failing gutter hardware – when the hardware that is holding the gutters in place gets damaged, the gutter pipes become loose and sagging, exposing the lower areas of the roof to wind and storms;
  • Gutter leaks – cracked or punctured leaks cannot properly channel the water, letting it through and leading to issues very similar to the problems caused by gutter clogging.

Main Things to Consider During Your Roof Replacement

The roof over your family home is one of the most important and most expensive components of your building envelope. Roofs are sturdy, resistant and durable structures, but even so, the time will inevitably come when you will need to get your roof replaced.

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Any roof replacement project, even the replacement of a small and simple roof, is a complex and often difficult process, so here are a couple of things that you should pay attention to while your roof is being replaced:

  • Safety – an essential aspect for your roofing team as well as for your household. Try to limit the access of children and pets to the area around the building and make sure that objects that can cause injuries are not left lying around on the ground;
  • Updates – to be able to maintain control over the roofing process, make sure that you receive regular progress updates from your Fort Collins roofing company roof replacement contractors;
  • Move out for the duration of the project, if possible – if you have a place to go, you and your family should move out until the roofing project is completed. Visit the job site every day to make sure everything is under control, but spend the period staying somewhere else where you can have comfort and quiet.

Why it’s Important to Install Roofing Flashing the Right Way

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Flashing is an important accessory for any fully functional roof. Flashing is mounted under the cover at the intersection of two valleys and allow the water to be directed to the drainage system, preventing infiltrations.

According to Fort Collins roofing company pros, superficial or incorrect installation of the flashing is one of the most common roofing mistakes, with severe consequences, since flashing is the most vulnerable roof section, considering that it deals with collecting and directing substantial amounts of water.

Usually the sides of the flashing have 250-300 mm. However, if the valleys they join together have large surfaces and inclination angles, it is recommended to use a special flashing with larger sides than the regular products. The size of the flashing`s sides will be determined by the roofing specialists who, thanks to their experience, know exactly which is the required size of the flashing, in each case.

Starting from the idea that the function of the roof flashing consists in collecting the rainwater flow from the roof and direct it to the drainage system, it is strictly forbidden to pierce it.

When installing the shingles on each side of the flashing, make sure you do not make joints or tap nails in the flashing or near the center axis, otherwise you will cause infiltration.


What Is the Most Durable Type of Roof?

While all roofing materials are designed to provide durable protection to the building they cover, not all materials can stand up to the elements for the same amount of time. Here are some of the most durable materials provided by a Fort Collins roofing company that you can use:

  • Slate – natural stone is among the longest-lived materials available today, making slate roofs the most durable type of roofing that you can choose. The material is quite expensive, heavy and it requires professional Fort Collins roofing company installation, but if you are willing to go the extra mile and to make the extra investment, you will love the unique natural beauty and low-maintenance durability of your roof;
  • Clay tiles – the second most durable roofing material can provide your home protection against the elements for 100+ years;
  • Metal roofing – depending on the metal used in the panels, metal roofs can last for 40-100 years. Besides lifespan, metal roofs come with the benefit of easy installation and low maintenance;
  • Wood shake – usually made from cedar, wood shake roofs add unique beauty and value to your home. Usually warranted for 20-40 years, wood shake roofs are also energy-efficient and resistant to pests, impact and all the elements, all you need to pay attention to being professional installation.

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Tips for Finding A Reliable Roof Cleaning Method

Choosing the right cleaning method to use on your roof is essential not only for the efficient removal of stains and impurities from the surface of your roof, but also for the health and safety of your roof – substances that are not suitable for the material that your roof is made from can damage the material beyond repair. Here are some of the most reliable cleaning methods used by a Fort Collins roofing company and substances that you can choose from:Fort Collins roofing company completes roof cleaningUsing your garden hose – watering the roof with your garden hose is the best and easiest method for home use. To avoid damage to your shingles or tiles, make sure that the water jet is not too strong and pick a dry day for the operation to ensure short drying time. You can also use some eco-friendly, mild detergent, case in which you should also rinse the roof after cleaning it with the soap;

Use an eco-friendly roof shampoo – these substances can be sprayed on and they are excellent for removing algae, moss and lichens, too.

No roof cleaning is complete until the gutters are clean, too – the debris that you wash off from the surface of the roof can clog the gutters and the downspouts, so don’t forget to clean the components adjacent to the roof as well.

What Does a Leaking Roof Look Like?

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Often, we may have a roof leak without knowing exactly where it is coming from. Roof leaks are different, some are small, others are large, but all of them cause damage to walls, foundation and the exterior of the building.

Here are the most common signs that warn you about leaks in your roof.

  • You notice a water stain on the ceiling

A stain often ringed with brown, or any kind of discoloration you notice on the ceiling or walls must be investigated close, as it is likely to reveal a leak, as well as other problems such as mold formation.

  • You see drips on the walls

Even if it seems to be a rather isolated problem, it may still indicate a roof leak, so investigate it even if it seems to go away.  Roof leaks never get fixed on their own; they only aggravate when you expect the least.

  • You notice spots even on the exterior walls, most likely under your roof line.
  • You have mossy walls, which is a sign that there may be something wrong with the drainage system.
  • You have missing shingles, as well as problems with roof sealing accessories.

If you notice either of these signs, you should hire Fort Collins roofing company professional roofers  to assess the state of your roof and make the required repairs.

Which Are the Roofing Materials That Last the Longest?

There are a lot of roofing materials out there nowadays. Even though in the past you had to choose between a few different options for asphalt and just 1-2 for natural or synthetic slate, today Fort Collins roofing company reps offer good quality roofing products.  In addition, there are a lot of upgrades such as roof coatings and superior quality flashing, that will have your roof impervious to wind and water damage, or even capable of protecting itself against the harshest UV radiation.

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Deciding on the best type of material to get is no easy task. In most cases, you’ll have to balance it out between buying cheaper and ensuring that your roof has enough durability for what you’re looking for.

If you just bought a house that you don’t intend to keep for very long, then replacing the roof with an expensive, long lasting system such as a slate or high quality metal roof might not be the best course of action. Instead, a cheaper alternative like asphalt shingle or steel might be best.

Another thing to keep in mind is how much you’re willing to spend on repairs and maintenance. While materials like slate and asphalt need to be taken care of a lot over the years, most metal roofs are virtually maintenance-free.