Different Roofing Styles to Consider for Your Roof Replacement

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If you are in the process of retrofitting your old roof and you would like to change your building’s appearance by using a different roof style, here are some of the most common styles to choose from:

  • Gable roofs – this is the most common type of roofs across the country, preferred for the steep slopes that allow water to drain efficiently and the extra space in the attic. However, the steep angle of gable roofs can cause problems in hurricane-prone areas (the high winds associated with strong storms can lift up the roofing cover or cause other forms of roof damage), that’s why flatter roofs are more suitable in those regions;
  • Hip roofs – these roofs feature slopes on all four sides, which makes them more durable than gable roofs and also more resistant to high winds;
  • Mansard roofs – these French-style structures are very durable and they also add elegance to any building;
  • Flat roofs – in the past, these structures were used exclusively on commercial buildings, but the solution has been recently discovered for contemporary-style residential buildings as well. Many flat roofs are used not only for protecting the building from the elements, but as extra living space and for rooftop gardens as well.

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Tips for Financing your Roof Replacement

Replacing a residential or commercial roof is a large investment that you do not have to make more than once or twice in your lifetime. Even so, financing such a project is tricky, because you need to pay a large sum of money.

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The best solution is to check your roof`s documents and keep in mind its expiration date, to start make some savings early. However, economies are not always possible, so a cost conscious Fort Collins roofer offers you some other tips for financing your roof replacement (mind you, they require you to look at your credit history and overall financial situation!).

Paying cash

If you can afford it, pay the entire sum of money in cash, because you will not need to pay interest, which makes this payment option the cheapest. Just know that a complete roof replacement can run you in the thousands.

Make a personal loan

You will have to pay an average interest rate (which is about 10% on a two-year loan), but if your credit is good, you could get a better offer. When you make a personal loan, you get the money within just a few days, which is another advantage.

Use your credit card

You may be able to qualify for a card that offers a 0% APR promotion, so you can pay for your roof interest-free. However, you must have excellent credit to get approved for this.

What Is Roofing Heat Damage?

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Roofs are designed and built to stand up to a lot, but prolonged heat spells can cause damage in the components of any roof. Here are some of the most common signs of heat damage on your roof:

  • Damage to wood components – excessive heat might cause the wooden components of your roof to expand and crack. Expanding support beams can also stretch other components and cause damage in the flashing stripes and in the caulking;
  • Damage to the shingles – shingles tend to shrink when exposed to too much heat for too long. The process can cause the roofing nails used for the fastening to pop, which causes the shingles to develop blisters and cracks.

A Fort Collins roofer can repair heat damage through the replacement of the damaged components, but if the exposure to excessive heat continues, the issues will come back, so the best way to solve the issue for good is to replace the roof with some heat resistant, reflective material, such as clay tiles. You can also improve your heat-sensitive roof’s resistance by applying special coatings to enable your roof to stand up to heat better or you can paint it to a lighter color that reflects solar heat, thus keeping the surface of the roof cooler even in scorching heat.

Tips for Preparing for a Residential Roof Replacement

Replacing the roof on your home is a large-scale construction project and as any large-scale construction project, it involves stress and the disruption of your daily life for as long as it takes to remove the old roof and to install the new one. However, there are many things you can do to reduce that stress and to keep the disruption to the minimum, too. Here are some tips from an established Fort Collins roofer:

  • Remove everything from the area around the house – the roof replacement process is likely to involve falling debris and your roofing team will need space for moving, for setting up ladders and for moving building materials, too, so it is a good idea to remove outdoor furniture and other items that can block the way and you should cover your plants in the area with foil to protect them as well;
  • Remove everything from your balconies, too – the plants and other items that you keep on your balconies or mounted on windows can also be affected, so move them to safety;
  • Make arrangements to keep children and pets safe – the best thing to do is to send them away for the time of the roof replacement;
  • Prepare mentally for the disruption – knowing what to expect and putting up with it will make it much easier for you and your family to go through the process.

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The Most Common Signs of an Aging Roof

Roofs are resistant constructions that can endure a lot, but the time when they need to be replaced comes inevitably. While regular inspections and repairs can prolong the lifespan of any roof, the materials used will become aged eventually and they will need to be replaced. Here are some signs that, despite your efforts to preserve the health of your roof, the topmost protection layer on your building is aging:

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  • Leaks becoming more frequent – if you notice that soon after you fix a leak, a new one appears, you might have to start preparing for replacing your roof. The cause might be aging components that can no longer stay strong when exposed to heavy raining or storms;
  • Roof sagging – a major fault of the roof’s supporting structure and an issue that might require roof replacement. In some cases, mild sagging can be repaired by an experienced Fort Collins roofer, so before investing into a new roof, it is a good idea to consult an Fort Collins expert;
  • Mold and mildew affecting the walls and the ceilings inside the building – the problem is not always caused by the old roof that allows too much moisture to penetrate the building, but it is a possibility that you should not disregard.

What Is the Most Fair and Sensible Timeline for Roof Replacement Work?

Are you looking to find out when you might have to replace your roof? Depending on the type of roof you own, that time might not come for decades. Most modern day roofing systems can outlast even older ones made from concrete or slate, and nowadays even metal and composite shingle roofing systems will last for up to 30-50 years in most cases.

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The first thing you have to determine in order to know exactly when your roof has to be replaced is the age of your roofing construction. If you only just purchased the house, it might be worth calling the seller or digging up the original documents to find out the exact date. A well respected Fort Collins roofer can complete a roof inspection, and give you valuable roofing information. Even your real estate agent might have some information on the matter.

The next thing to consider is how your roof’s age has influenced it over the years. In some cases, slate roofing systems that have been around for more than 40-50 years already look like they’re 100 years old because of the extreme weather conditions they were exposed to in the area and the poor care they received from their past owners. Similarly, any roof that was taken care of properly should still last for at least 1-2 more decades, even if it’s made from a cheaper material.