Top Reasons to Choose a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor

A GAF Master Elite contractor is a roofer who is certified by GAF, one of the largest, oldest and most prestigious manufacturers of roofing materials in North America. The certification is so difficult to obtain that only about 3% of all roofers can achieve the approval. A GAF-certified roofers need to be licensed and insured, they need to have a very high rating with the BBB, at least a 99% percent rating in GAF satisfaction surveys, a great banking record and no unresolved complaints from previous customers. The GAF Master Elite certification process also involves the attendance in numerous training courses and workshops to learn about new roofing technologies and materials.Fort Collins roofer

GAF Master Elite roofers being so highly trained and knowledgeable of their trade, they usually work for higher rates than non-certified contractors. However, their higher fees are guarantees that your roof will be in the best hands – whether you need complex roof repair or a brand-new roof, a GAF Master Elite Fort Collins roofer will know how to best handle the project. These high-profile roofing experts also offer solid warranty on their workmanship and they will guarantee that your home will enjoy the highest level of safety with the repaired roof or with the new roof installed.

Tips for Finding a Roofer Who Gives Back to the Community

It is not uncommon for profitable businesses to start giving back to the community that has made them successful, engaging in sponsorships, donations and charity work. If you are currently in need of a roofer and you are also a responsible member of your community, finding a roofing specialist who is, just like you, dedicated to helping the community might be an idea that appeals to you.

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Here are some ways to find such a community minded Fort Collins roofer:

  • Follow local charitable events – whether you attend the events yourself or read about them in the local newspaper or through your news feed, pay attention to any news about local roofers offering their help to people who need it;
  • Check the websites of local roofers – most roofers who participate in charity events or give back to their community otherwise usually provide presentations of their charitable activities on their websites. They do that not to brag about their good deeds, but to show a positive example to follow;
  • Look on social media – networking platforms are also great sources of information about local charity events and the roofing contractors who have participated or will attend. You can use social media to find out about donation projects and the local contractors committed to these causes.


Where Can I Find a Reputable Roofer?

Shortly, everywhere! The internet is your best resource, but you should also ask people around you – someone might be able to make you a recommendation. However, you will have to do some research for ensuring that you are hiring the best Fort Collins roofer.

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You should contact a few different recommended Fort Collins roofers and ask for written estimates, to be able to compare them. Make sure you get complete estimates that detail each step of the roofing project and each important detail, including the price and payment options.

Talk to each company’s representative who looks at your roof and learn as much as you can about the services you can get from them. Do not jump at the lowest price offer and make sure to watch out for potential hidden fees. Ask for a portfolio and look for other accomplished roofing projects, similar to yours. This way, you can see if the company has enough experience to do what you want it to do about your roof. Ask for a list of previous clients and contact them; the word of mouth is often the best advertisement for a Fort Collins roofer and you can make an idea on the company`s professionalism from the level of satisfaction of its previous clients.

Check a roofing company`s license and certifications; you need to be sure that it is registered and properly insured, to avoid experiencing legal issues.


5 Reasons to Clean Your Roof

Fort Collins roofer - roof cleaning

Roof cleaning is essential for keeping your roof in good health, regardless of the type of the structure or of the material it is made from. Here is why cleanliness is so important for roofs:

  • Damage prevention – a popular Fort Collins roofer affirms that regular roof cleaning is the best way to relieve the roof from the unnecessary and dangerous burden of accumulated dirt and to achieve the clean surface that can be inspected to detect any faults;
  • Getting rid of discoloration – even roofs that are not covered in dirt can develop discolorations. The usual culprits for the issue are algae and moss growths, both easy to remove, but unsightly if left to proliferate;
  • Attractive appearance – the roof fulfills not only multiple important practical roles, but has an aesthetic role as well. A clean roof is always more attractive than a dirty, neglected one, so roof cleanliness is important for curb appeal as well;
  • Improved energy-efficiency – a clean roof has a better thermal performance because it is able to disperse heat more efficiently than a structure covered in debris. Very often, roof cleaning has an almost instant positive effect on energy bills, starting to reduce energy expenses significantly right after the cleaning session.

How Can a Roofer Help Improve the Energy Efficiency of My Home?

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The principal service categories offered by roofers are roof removal, roof installation, roof repair and maintenance. Each of the categories comprises many services that can help you improve the energy efficiency of your entire building – here are some:

  • Regular roof maintenance – ideally, your roof needs to be cleaned and inspected twice a year by a professional to ensure that your roof is clean, healthy and able to deliver maximum thermal performance;
  • Roof repairs – whether roof faults are detected during the maintenance sessions or noticed in between scheduled maintenance visits, your roofer can remedy minor and major roofing issues to restore the roof’s health and its ability to reduce the heat exchange between the building interior and the exterior;
  • The installation of insulation – many roofers provide insulation services on and under the roof. You can turn to a top Fort Collins roofer for advice related to the best insulation type as well as for the installation of the material;
  • The removal of the old roof and the installation of the new one – roofers usually specialize in installing multiple roofing material types, so they can help you choose the material that ensures the highest level of energy-efficiency for your home and they can also install the new materials for you.

4 Types of Residential Metal Roofing

  • Metal tiles

Metal tile roofs are great options for those who want to combine special aesthetics with efficiency. They can be made of various materials such as steel, copper or aluminum. The most common is steel, this alloy having special properties that, once transposed into the final product, provides increased strength and a flawless appearance.

  • Folded roof sheet

Another metal roof covering, appreciated for its strength, is the folded sheet. It is malleable, fitting modern and classic/ rustic homes. It can be profiled up to minus 15 degrees Celsius and, installed correctly, it ensures impeccable functionality. Another advantage of this type of roof is that it can be installed on roofs with small slope, but also with very high inclinations, and even on vertical facades.

  • Corrugated sheet

The corrugated roofing sheet has an affordable price and is distinguished by an efficient joining system – the creases created at the time of joining the sheets do not allow water infiltration, if the installation is done correctly. Unfortunately, the aspect of such a roof is not exactly suitable for modern homes, but rather for the stylistic requirements of traditional ones.

  • Metal shingles

The design of metal shingles can be almost identical to that of traditional wooden shingles, being a great roofing option for classic or rustic style constructions.

GAF MasterElite Fort Collins roofer

If you have additional questions about metal roofing, or any roofing services questions, talk to a GAF MasterElite Fort Collins roofer for expert advice and services.

Roofing Materials that Provide the Most Effective Fire Protection

 Fort Collins roofer offers advice on fire resistant roofs

Roofing materials are rated for many features, including fire resistance, Class A being the category of the materials that are the most resistant to flames and Class C and unrated being the two lowest categories. While roofing experts agree that there is no such thing as a completely fire-proof roofing, roofing materials vary considerably in terms of how resistant they are to fire – here are the materials recommended by a knowledgeable Fort Collins roofer that work best in fire-prone areas:

  • Clay and cement tiles – both types of tiles go through fire during the manufacturing process, which makes them resistant to extremely high temperatures and impervious to flying ember. The material provides superior resistance to other issues, including pests, moisture, winds and solar radiation;
  • Metal roofing materials – the metal tiles, shingles and panels used on roofs are also very resistant to fires and they are also impervious to pests and very resistant to winds, moisture and harsh sunshine;
  • Fiberglass – this modern, synthetic material is a relative newcomer on the market of roofing materials. It is available in many variants, including products that come with Class A fire-resistance rating.

If you want to improve your roof’s fire resistance even further, consider replacing the wooden components of your roof with materials that can stand up to fire for longer.

Signs of a Bad Roofing Job

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The roof on your home is among the most important and most expensive components of your building and also one that you surely expect to last for decades. The durability of your roof depends not only on the warranted lifetime of the material it is made from, but also on the installation – incorrect installation can shorten your roof’s life by years. To ensure a quality roofing system, it is always recommended that you use a respected Fort Collins roofer for inspection, installation, maintenance, and repairs. Here are some of the signs that indicate a bad roofing job:

  • Uniformity issues – an incorrectly installed or repaired roof will have sections that age and fade differently from others;
  • A sagging roofline – a bent roof ridge is an indicative of severe structural damage. While in some cases, the problem might be caused by aging, it is more often the consequence of poor installation and the lack of proper maintenance;
  • A new roof with missing or damaged roof covering components – while these issues can also be caused by aging or by a recent storm, if they affect a relatively new roof, they might also indicate improper installation;
  • Frequent leaks around the flashing – if you seem to get water leaking through the roof around the flashing stripes, the cause of the problem might be reused flashing. Many roofers choose to install used flashing to cut costs, but in most cases, new fasteners cannot be driven through the holes already existing in the flashing stripes. To be able to fix the stripes, the roofer will need to make new holes, which will allow water to seep in through the old holes.

The Advantages of Using Roof Coatings

The materials used for roofing offer durability and resistance to the elements, but even these strong materials can do with a little help to stay strong and to insulate your building better. Fortunately, that help is readily available and affordable – in the form of roof coating. Here are the benefits of these paint-like products:

  • Enhanced reflectivity – roof coatings come in a wide array, the most common of them being the ones that improve the reflectivity of the roof. These coats usually  prevent the roof from absorbing solar heat, thus contributing to the roof’s energy performance. Their special formulation also protects the roof from the harm potentially caused by UV radiation;

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  • Enhanced water resistance – waterproofing coatings seal the roof surface and form an efficient waterproofing layer to prevent any roof damage caused by ponding water, such as leaks. A local Fort Collins roofer confirms that these coatings are especially recommended for flat roofs;
  • Prolonged roof life – the protection provided by roof coatings prolongs the life of the roof;
  • Easy application – most roof coating products are similar to thick paint and they are applied in the same way as paint, with the help of a brush, a roller or from spray cans.

Important Questions That You Need to Ask a Commercial Roofer

Whether you have a small store requiring a brand new commercial roof, or a large building that needs roof repair, you have to consider hiring a commercial Fort Collins roofer for the job. Most commercial systems are a lot more strict when it comes to the standards they have to abide by, and they installations themselves are better handled by a professional.

trusted Fort Collins roofer

When you meet up with various commercial roofing Fort Collins experts and trying to cut through their ranks so you can find the right roofer for the job, it’s important to ask them as many relevant questions as possible:

  • Inquire about their license and insurance and about whether or not they are a bonded roofing service.
  • Talk about experience and ask how many years they’ve been in the industry and how many roofs they have successfully handled in the meantime. You can also inquire to see some of their past work in pictures and ask if they have any references from past clients.
  • Try to find out about their main area of expertise and whether or not it matches the type of commercial roof you own and the type that you want to have installed.
  • Finally, it’s good practice to ask whether they can provide you with an estimate on the cost and details associated with your project. That way, you can compare costs later on to see which roofer has a lower rate.