The Best Materials for Replacing a Flat Roof

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Flat roof on reinforced concrete or metal frame structure is a preferable solution for high buildings (their roofs can be affected by high air currents) or for commercial and residential buildings where the use of the space above them is desired for different activities, panoramic viewing, storing air conditioning units or photovoltaic panels, the subsequent possibility to build another floor etc. This type of roof is more demanding in terms of the water proof barrier, especially when it is built in humid climatic areas with heavy snowfall and frequent rains.

Classic bituminous waterproofing can be considered by some manufacturers as an old and outdated technical solution, considering the difficulty of installing it. Often the deficiencies of installation and the choice of poor-quality materials proved to be very harmful later. But the quality of the bituminous material for the base roof layers is not questionable due to its features such as: cold elasticity, polyester reinforcement or membrane thickness.

According to Fort Collins commercial roofing experts, the best materials for replacing an old or damaged flat roof are:

  • Metal sheets
  • EPDM or TPO, which are types of synthetic membranes, very durable and inexpensive
  • Built-Up Flat Roof made up of tar and gravel
  • Modified Bitumen, which comes in rolls that are secured with a blowtorch
  • Spray-Applied Coatings – these are sealing products applicable on any flat roof material, to ensure that there are no seams

How Summer Heat Might Damage Your Flat Roof

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Most people consider winter to be more damaging for roofs than summer. The truth, however, is that the heat, the storms and the harsh sunshine typical for the hot season can be just as harmful to Fort Collins commercial roofing as winter weather. Here is what the summer can do to your flat roof:

  • Blistering – if the surface of your flat roof gets cracked or puncture, water can enter underneath the surface through the crack or hole. The rays of the summer sun heat the water that has penetrated the surface, causing bubbles to appear;
  • Shifting – most materials used for building flat roofs react to changes in temperature, contracting when the temperature drops and expanding when the air becomes hot again. This movement can make it easier for water to penetrate the surface and to cause problems, such as leaks;
  • Ponding water – whenever it rains, water accumulates on the surface of the flat roof, then it is drained through the gutters. If there are roof sections that start sagging or the gutters are clogged, the water cannot leave the roof and starts forming ponds. The roof areas that remain under water will sooner or later suffer serious damage and will develop leaks.

How to Tell Which Commercial Roofing System Your Building Has

If you have recently come into the possession of a commercial facility and you need to find out what material the roofing is made from to be able to make decisions about the maintenance and the repair of the roof, you probably know already that simply climbing to the roof and inspecting it will not necessarily provide all the information that you need. Many roof surfaces do not expose the bare material that they are made from – painting, various types of coatings may all form protective layers that conceal the roofing material, making it difficult to identify.

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If what you see on the surface of your roof is a layer of protective coating or paint, the best thing to do is to call a professional roofer to handle the identification process – a good Fort Collins commercial roofing expert can identify your roofing material by simply looking specific parts of the roof or by scratching its surface in an area where the scratch cannot do any harm. Contracting a roofer is beneficial not only for revealing the material that your roof is made from, but also for carrying out other roofing tasks, such as regular inspections, cleaning and repairs, all of them essential for maintaining the health of your roof, whatever material it is made from.

The Difference Between Commercial Roofing Repairs and Roofing Restorations

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If you own a house or a commercial building, you probably have already faced problems with the roof: damage or water infiltration. Although the roofs are designed to last for a long time, they are not infallible, and depending on the type of roofing, the wear will appear sooner or later. Premature wear can be largely caused by incorrect installation and poor maintenance. The most frequent damage to the roof comes in the form of infiltrations, rot, cracked, loose or missing materials and galvanic corrosion (in the case of metal roofs). These problems not only can cause damage to the entire building and te things inside it, but also require very large amounts of money for repairs.

What do we choose: repairing, restoring or replacing the damaged roof?

If you have a roof with various vulnerabilities and damage, you have three options: repairs, restoration or replacement. Of course, the decision depends on the state of the roof and the budget you have.

Repairs often refer to patching the roof, solving smaller problems. On the other side, roof restoration is more complex and represents an intervention aimed at bringing the roof closer to its original state, without changing its configuration or details. If the budget does not allow you to replace the roof altogether, restoration can be a good alternative. The right products and a team of Fort Collins commercial roofing professionals can preserve the roof`s integrity and extend the life even of even the most damaged roofs.

How Disruptive Are the Most Extensive Multifamily Building Roof Replacement Projects?

So you own a multifamily building, and you have to replace its roof. While flat roofs might be easier to replace on an office building, the sloped roof of your multifamily residential unit can be a lot more difficult to work with, so you need to plan ahead. The project will likely last anything from a few days to several weeks, and your tenants and residents will certainly not be happy with the commotion.

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The first problem to deal with is that roofing jobs are noisy. You’ll have to talk to the Fort Collins commercial roofing contractor and make sure that curfew hours are respected and that the roofing experts will not work during the hours when most of the workers who live in your building are home, resting or sleeping. The same should be said about afternoon hours when children or elders might be asleep.

Another potential problem has to do with roofing debris falling down into your residents’ balconies or in front of your building to disrupt the garden and outdoor areas. Make sure you have the Fort Collins commercial roofing contractors designate areas where people shouldn’t venture, and emphasize to them to keep in mind that the safety and comfort of your residents and tenants should come first.

These recommendations will help keep everyone happy and maybe even help you avoid having as much difficulty with roof repairs and replacements in the future.