Common Issues with Industrial Roofing for Colorado Business Owners

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The Colorado climate can be harsh on roofs, posing special challenges for industrial roofs, structures that are usually flat or low-sloping. According to Fort Collins commercial roofing authorities, here are the most common issues with industrial roofs that Colorado business owners should pay attention to:

  • The pressure caused by snow – Colorado winter are usually accompanied by high amounts of frozen precipitation. The snow tends to accumulate on flat surfaces and the excessive weight of the precipitation can be difficult for industrial roofs to support;
  • Strong winds – the industrial roofs that have protruding components, such as seams, are at a higher risk of sustaining wind damage because the moving air can grab those protruding parts and rip off roofing sheets;
  • Tree damage – high winds can also tear off and transport tree limbs. Large branches falling can damage flat roofs, causing the roofing membranes or sheets to crack or to tear;
  • Water damage – the roofs in the Colorado regions that get lots of rain, too, are at high risk of developing leaks and to be affected by mildew or rot;
  • Weakening by UV rays – Colorado also gets harsh sunshine in some of its regions. Prolonged exposure to UV radiation can weaken the roof and make it more sensitive to the damage caused by other elements as well.

Can I Have My Commercial Roof Replaced During a Colorado Winter?

Winter roof replacements in the harsh, freezing Colorado winter certainly come with more discomfort, but they are by no means impossible. If your commercial roof has recently sustained damage or you have only recently noticed severe damage that has been there for some time and you don’t want it to become worse during the cold months, you can surely get your roof replaced during the cold months. Fort Collins commercial roofing

Here are some things that you should know about the process:

  • Some materials behave differently in extreme cold – many roofing materials can be safely applied only in a specific temperature range. These limitations usually pertain to materials that need to be applied when hot and to adhesives – if you need these on your roof, you will be probably asked to replace them with other solutions or to postpone the roof replacement;
  • Better labor rates – winter is not a peak period for roof replacement projects, therefore you might find it easier to schedule your roofing project. Check for possible Fort Collins commercial roofing discounts as well.
  • Better material prices – building material retailers also sell smaller volumes of roofing materials in winter, therefore you might also find better deals on roofing materials.

Getting Your Commercial Roof Winter-Ready: Important Details to Keep in Mind

Winterizing your commercial roof might be a bit difficult because of its very construction. As the temperatures start dropping and you see the first snow, you’ll soon realize that a high volume of snowfall can build up on top of your roof and cause a lot of issues.

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This and many other concerns can be dealt with quickly if you hire the right commercial roofers to help you out.

A Fort Collins commercial roofing repair and maintenance specialist will be able to prevent a lot of damage that might affect your roof as well as your entire building. They can prepare your roof for the winter so that snow buildup will be minimal and you can avoid other issues as well, such as ice dams, leaks and the strong negative impact that a snowstorm might have.


Another issue with keeping your commercial roof safe during winter is the temperature difference, which can be too much for some types of roofing. In many cases, especially when it involves membrane roofs, this issue can be countered by installing a dependable and suitable type of coating to offer better thermal protection. That way, your roof can also offer your building improved protection from the cold and prevent you from having to use a lot of energy just to keep your building marginally warm.

3 Top Reasons to Redo Your Commercial Roof

As your commercial building gets older and older, it will become weaker, the provided protection will be less effective and you will put yourself and your business to different risks that may turn to be more expensive than you have anticipated.

Replacing a commercial roof is expensive and nobody is eager to go through such a project, but it must not be postponed for too long, on the contrary: you should start making the preparation before the roof reached the end of its lifespan.

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Credible Fort Collins commercial roofing businesses confirm that the best reasons to redo your commercial roof include:

  • Staying up to local building codes and requirements and thus avoid legal issues
  • Improving the roof`s structure and insulation, to get better protection and energy efficiency
  • Saving money (although redoing your commercial roof requires a certain upfront investment, you will recover your money soon enough, by saving on repairs, maintenance and energy consumption)
  • Redoing your commercial roof is a smart decision because it will also increase the life cycle of your roof and improve the structure of the building. No roof is installed without performing a structure checkup, to ensure that it is in good condition and able to support the roof.


Should I Worry about the Brand of Shingles?

The brand is a unique symbol that allows the identification of the origin and the differentiation of the products from each other. But a serious brand is also a promise of quality. Consumers trust producers and manufacturers who are behind a famous brand, because a solid reputation does not appear suddenly, but it is built and based on quality products and services.

Big brands reduce the risks for the consumer. The risks involved in purchasing new roofing materials reflect in the fears that each of us has when we buy such products: are they of good quality? Will they provide the protection I need? What will be their real lifespan? How will they behave in certain situations? Fort Collins commercial roofing professionals can help you make the best roofing material choice.

Fort Collins commercial roofing

The pleasant experience they have with certain brands of shingles determines customers to develop preferences and to show a certain emotional attachment for that brand. The more risks a purchase involves, the more important the brand is in the purchasing decision, and since a roof is much more important than a shirt, choosing a reputable brand of shingles can be a very wise decision.

A reliable brand adds to the basic benefits of shingles a number of intangible benefits (such as reduced acquisition risk and additional emotional benefits) that greatly increase its value, by increasing the product differentiation and customer loyalty.

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Using Bitumen Roofing for Your Building

Bitumen is considered to be one of the superior choices when it comes to buying a commercial roof. If you’re thinking of starting a re-roofing project to enhance your commercial building, bitumen might be one of the best choices for you.

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Let’s take a closer look at some of the main advantages of having a bitumen roofing system installed by Fort Collins commercial roofing contractors:

  • Bitumen roofing is proven to have an excellent track record of being relied upon. You will rarely find a bitumen roof that succumbs to premature damage, if it’s properly taken care of.
  • No matter how the material is installed, the seams actually melt together and help stop leaks more efficiently. This significantly reduces the cost and diminishes the problems associated with the installation process.
  • This type of roof is also known to have a high tensile strength, which means it will not easily be damaged by impact from hail.

As you might expect, bitumen isn’t perfect, and it does have some flaws as well. For instance, bitumen roofs are typically dark in color which makes them a poor choice for areas with lots of heat and sunlight. Also, pooling can be a bigger problem than with other types of flat roofing. If a bitumen roof holds too much water, it can age and become degraded prematurely.

What Causes Commercial Roof Leaks and How Should You Deal with Them?

Are you looking to prevent your roof from leaking? The following issues are considered  by most candid Fort Collins commercial roofing experts to be among the top most damaging factors attributed to commercial roof leaks:

Fort Collins commercial roofing pros repair leaking roofs

  1. Probably the main cause of a commercial roof leak is water damage. Water damage can be a problem especially in older roofs or when pooling and other structural damage is already present.
  2. A poorly constructed roof will also be more prone to leaking. Commercial roofs are, of course, required to adhere to certain standards, but not all companies are capable of physically installing or repairing a commercial roof, while keeping a proper checklist of all those standards. So, in the long run, a faulty roof will definitely not last.
  3. Improper sealing is also a common cause that is closely related in most cases to poor roof construction and installation. Even newer roofing systems that are improperly sealed can leak right after they were newly installed.
  4. Finally, there’s also a lot to say about old age in most types of commercial roofing systems. Older roofs will naturally no longer be able to protect your building as easily as they used to, and at some point, recurring leaks will warrant the need for a complete replacement of your old roof.

Tips to Increase the Longevity of a Flat Roof

Flat roofs can take long to repair, while also being quite costly. So it is best to keep them as healthy as possible. In order to make a flat roof more long-lasting, there are several steps that need to be taken.

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First of all, a flat roof should be checked by Fort Collins commercial roofing experts on a regular basis, once a year, to be more exact. This can help you detect problems as soon as they occur. Such problems may include missing shingles, chimney cracks, deteriorations in the gutters or pipes, any type of leakages, and so on.

Secondly, the roof should be properly maintained. This includes cleaning and removing debris, fallen branches, leaves, algae, or moss. Any missing pieces should be replaced immediately. During winter, snow should be removed frequently, to prevent it from infiltrating your roofing system.

Thirdly, you may want to apply reflective paint to it. This can help you protect your roof from the dangerous action of the UV rays, especially in the summer.

Last but not least, you should look for help and guidance from the part of experienced roofing companies or contractors. They can help you with all the necessary work for inspecting, fixing or replacing your flat roof.

Checklist for Finding the Best Fort Collins Commercial Roofer

Fort Collins commercial roofing

Finding a good Fort Collins commercial roofer is a process that includes researching different options, evaluating, comparing and making a final choice. If you want things to go smoothly, you need a checklist.

  1. Building a list of qualified Fort Collins commercial roofing contractors. Find local contractors in your area and write down their contact information
  2. Information gathering. Find out as many information you need about the roofers on your list: license, certifications, experience in commercial roofing, insurance, reviews, ratings etc. Also make sure they respect local regulations and will get the necessary permits for your project.
  3. Erase from your list those companies that do not meet these requirements
  4. Schedule meetings with representatives of the companies that are still on your list
  5. Verify the information you have about them, check their portfolio, ask for references, discuss details about your roofing project – materials, deadlines, costs, payment options etc. – and ask for a detailed written estimate.
  6. Take the necessary time to review the information in the written estimate and contact the company again if there is something unclear.
  7. Compare estimates you received from all the roofers on your list. Once you do this, you will have a clearer picture about what commercial roofer best meets your requirements and you can make the final choice.

How to Find a Commercial Roofing Company

Keeping your Fort Collins commercial roof in good shape should be a priority, because this way you protect your business and you will not experience costly downtime if a disaster strikes. Roofing problems must be fixed immediately to avoid their negative consequences, so it is important to find local and reliable Fort Collins commercial roofers to provide you the roofing services you need.

But this is easy to say but not so easy to do, because finding a roofing contractor is, first and foremost, a prospective process, during which you must find a few roofers and evaluate them from different perspectives, to make sure that you will pay for quality services and for professionals willing to stand behind their work.

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Look locally, because it is easier to find out more details about local companies. Always choose an insured and licensed Fort Collins commercial roofing contractor, who offers warranties and honors them. Also, considering that we are talking about commercial roofing, make sure that the company you choose has specialists and experience in commercial roofing, because the technology behind it and the materials are different than those used in residential roofing. Get written estimates and see which is more convenient for you.

Finally yet importantly, take into account recommendations, reviews and customer feedback.