The Use of Metal in Commercial Roofing in Colorado

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When we talk about metal roofs, we refer to roofing solutions, not necessarily to their structure. Metal roofs are extremely efficient and have a very good value for money. And the best part is that they are suitable for any type of roof.

The flat roof is a very common Fort Collins commercial roofing solution, both in warehouse and production buildings, as well as in commercial buildings (shopping malls, hypermarkets). In addition to waterproofing membranes, the most popular covering solutions are the slightly pitched additional structures, built above the actual flat roof and covered with sheet metal profiles. Such a structure is easy to install and maintain, providing additional protection and ensuring better water drainage.

Other significant advantages that make the use of metal in commercial roofing in Colorado very popular include:

    Mechanical resistance

A metal roof responds very well to shocks, does not expand or contract due to temperature variations and it resists the action of various chemical agents.

    Long service life

A metal roof has a long service life, even up to 50 years, during which time it offers very good protection and requires low maintenance.

    Reflective material

A metal roof reflects the sun’s rays so that it does not absorb heat. Nothing is more unpleasant, on hot summer days, than a roof that overheats and transfers heat inside the building. However, this is not the case with a metal roof, which will provide better energy efficiency.

EPDM Commercial Roofing – How to Perform Basic Maintenance

Fort Collins commercial roofing

EPDM commercial roofing is considered one of the best solutions currently available. A rubber roof ensures a very long time and efficient protection of your building, resistant to various wear-and-tear situations.

But this roof, too, requires necessary preventative methods to protect its structure. The good news is that maintenance operations are minimal and easy to perform, compared to those essential in the case of other roofing materials and primarily refer to keeping the roof clean. Consistent and regular washes also ensure better resistance from cracking, especially in the case of roofs situated in dry, hot areas.

There are roof manufacturers who even set warranty requirements regarding cleaning frequency.

Ideally, you should contact a successful Fort Collins commercial roofing company and make a regular maintenance program. A rubber roof should be cleaned twice a year, and professional roofers have the best cleaning agents and technology. Besides, they will use the necessary protective equipment to prevent accidents.

During the cleaning routine, they will also check for the potential damage of the EPDM membrane and offer you solutions and cost estimates to fix them. If identified at the right time, rubber roof repairs are quick and not so expensive, so sticking to that basic maintenance routine is essential to enjoy the most efficient protection.

3 Commercial Roofing Materials That Are Worth Their Higher Cost

Choosing the roofing material to be used on your commercial building will determine many things, including the value of your property, the thermal comfort and the energy bills related to heating and cooling your premises, the appearance of your building and the durability of your roof. When it comes to the available roofing materials, the cost is usually indicative of the quality and resilience of the material, so the higher cost is usually a sign that the material is worth the investment. Here are some of the more expensive commercial roofing materials recommended by a BBB accredited Fort Collins commercial roofing company that are definitely worth your attention:

Fort Collins commercial roofing

  • Metal – the material has proven its worth many times since it became so popular. Whether installed in larger or smaller panels, metal roofs are varied in terms of the alloys used as well as in terms of appearance, but all of them stand out for easy installation, resistance to the elements and durability of over half a century.
  • EPDM – the synthetic rubber membrane is one of the best solutions for commercial roofs that are exposed to extreme weather as well as for roofs that need to be stepped on frequently. The solution comes with a durability of 25-30 years;
  • Modified bitumen – an excellent solution based on asphalt and gravel provides reliable resistance to the elements as well as their ability of around 4 decades.

What Is the Most Effective Way to Get Your Flat Roof Fixed?

Flat roofs are special in many ways – they are special when they provide production for the building underneath and they are also special when they need to be repaired. The problems that affect flat roofing structures are completely different from the issues that sloping roofs develop – if, for example, a flat roof starts leaking, it is much harder to detect and two correctly addressed the problem than in the case of sloping roofs that are usually covered in smaller pieces of material.

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Consequently, the best and most effective way to get a flat roofing structure fixed is by turning to a Fort Collins commercial roofing company with A+ BBB Rating for 25+ Years – here is why:

  • a trained eye that detects even the tiniest issue – the roofers who specialize in commercial roofing repairs know exactly where to search for roofing problems and they also know how to find the problem at a glance;
  • the right type of knowledge – professional roofers also have the knowledge to ensure that the roofing fix can be performed within the shortest possible time;
  • the right type of tools – commercial roofers also have the professional tools necessary for performing the repairs quickly and to ensure that the strength of the roof is restore adequately.

The Advantages of Single Ply Commercial Roofing

When it comes to choosing the best material for your commercial roof, there are many options that you can choose from. One of the best solutions that you can choose is single-ply membrane, an umbrella term that denotes a variety of great synthetic options such as EPDM or TPO. Here are the benefits:

  • easy installation – single ply roofing materials come in large rolls that are simply spread onto the roofing surface and adhered with the method of choice. According to single ply membrane Fort Collins commercial roofing contractors, the process is quick and straightforward, reducing the amount of stress and hustle that you would have to endure during the installation of your new roof;
  • durability – single ply roofing systems are resistant to almost any weather including hail extreme cold and extremely hot weather wind and snow. What’s more, these extraordinary materials are also resistant to all sorts of punctures and chemical spills. Most single ply roofs last for at least 30 years without causing any major issues such as leaks;
  • easy maintenance – single ply roofs need hardly any attention and maintenance work other than occasional cleaning the building owners who are concerned about the harm caused by extremely strong solar radiations can trade their roofs with special UV resistant coatings that are quick and easy to apply as well.

3 Commercial Roofing Materials That Can Deal with the Climate in Colorado

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One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing the material to go on commercial roofs in Colorado is the climate – the state has many climate zones, some colder and wetter, others hot and arid, but all of them characterized by extremes. The best roofing material is one that is able to stand up to a variety of weather-related challenges – here are some of the options that fit the bill:

  • Metal – the material has been used on commercial roofs for a long time, being a time-tested solution. Metal roofs can stand up to heavy rain and snow, to harsh sunshine and wind, to fires and pests and they offer a durability of 40-60 years without requiring any special maintenance, other than regular cleaning and check-ups;
  • Spray-on roofs – acclaimed Fort Collins commercial roofing pros explain that this modern roofing solution creates the roofing surface from polyurethane foam sprayed onto the roofing surface from large cans. The resulting roof is eco-friendly, very durable, able to resist water and heat and it also provides superior insulation for the building;
  • Other synthetic options – EPDM, TPO and PVC are three other solutions that provide excellent resistance to harsh weather and durability. The membranes are also lightweight and have outstanding reflective properties, being an excellent choice for hot climates.

Are Commercial Roofs Susceptible to Hail Damage?

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The materials used by Fort Collins commercial roofing companies for commercial roofs are strong and can resist a lot, but the flat or low-sloping structure of the roofs most commonly used on commercial buildings increases the roof’s susceptibility to hail damage. Here is how hailstorms can impact commercial roofs:

  • Hailstones – hailstorms are associated with smaller or larger balls of ice. While pitched roofs can stand up to hailstones more efficiently, any flat structure, including commercial roofs is more sensitive to the impact caused by the ice hitting the roof directly, at high speeds. Hail has a different impact on different roofing materials – aluminum roofs, for example, are more sensitive to dents, while asphalt roofs are more prone to punctures;
  • Winds – hailstorms also come with high winds that can damage any roof, including flat commercial structures. When it comes to wind damage, though, flat roofs are in a better position as winds cannot hit them so hard as they can hit pitched roofing. Many of the materials most commonly used for building flat roofs are also installed in ways that minimize the risk of winds grabbing the pieces;
  • Rain – the heavy rain associated with hailstorms can also cause water damage, especially on roofs that are already weakened by age or by neglect.

How Many Years Should a New Commercial Roof Last in Hot Weather Climates

Commercial roofs are flat or low-sloping structures that are built to last for 10-40 years on the average, but the actual lifespan of your roof is determined by many factors, including the climate. Each climate zone poses a specific set of challenges that might shorten roof life – according to top notch Fort Collins commercial roofing contractors, here is how hot climate affects roof durability:

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  • Roof overheating – the roof surface is directly exposed to the heat of the sun. When the sun is shining, the roof reacts by expanding, then it shrinks when the heat subsides. That constant expanding and shrinking movement can cause cracks to appear in the roofing materials and it might also damage the adhesives used on certain types of materials;
  • Hail – hot climates are usually prone to hail. While most roofs can stand up to hailstones of a certain size, very large balls of ice are known to be among the most devastating elements for roofs. The most common signs of hail damage are dents, cracks and depressions;
  • Storms – these extreme events can form in a matter of minutes and they are usually associated not only with large quantities of water, but also with strong winds that can lift and tear off roofing components.

Tips to Keep A Commercial Roof Healthy

Commercial roofs are usually low-sloping, almost flat structures that need special care to ensure problem-free operation and longevity. Here are some tips from Fort Collins commercial roofing pros, to help you ensure that your roof stays healthy for as long as possible:

Fort Collins commercial roofing

  • Regular maintenance for the roof as well as for the gutters – commercial roofs need to be professionally cleaned and inspected regularly, at six-month intervals. Being flat surfaces, commercial roofs tend to accumulate lots of debris composed of airborne dust, leaves, feathers and other debris that accumulates moisture from the air and prevents proper drying and weakens the roof surface. These roofs also drain less efficiently than pitched roofs, therefore the gutters around need to be functional at all time. To ensure roof health, the dirt needs to be removed from the roof surface as well as from the gutters whenever necessary;
  • Professional inspections – commercial roofs need to be checked for faults whenever they are cleaned to catch any roof fault in incipient phases, when the repair is still easy and cheap;
  • Timely repairs – the faults detected during the inspections need to be fixed right away. Whatever issue is identified during the roof or the gutter check, it must be fixed before it turns into a major problem.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Commercial Roof Self Inspection

Periodic roof inspections, if performed by professionals, increase the life of any roof system. In this way, as owner or manager of the building you can find out about potential damage in time to do the repairs promptly and save significant sums of money.

In addition to the intervention of professionals, however, which usually happens at an interval of 1-2 years, it is not a bad idea to keep an eye on your roof by performing your own visual inspections, at certain intervals. Even if you do not have the experience of a professional Fort Collins commercial roofing contractor, you can still identify certain obvious defects.

Fort Collins commercial roofing

When a flat roof is damaged or nears the end of its life span, it begins to “talk”. The bigger the damage or the older the roof, the more infiltration may occur and the higher the repair costs.

Inside the building, the most visible signs of potential water infiltration through the roof are: stained walls/ ceiling, broken/ missing masonry, damaged mortar, unsealed joints, damaged concrete etc. The roof membrane can also show obvious signs of damage: peeling edges, rips, air bubbles underneath, ponding water etc.

Do not attempt to repair the roof on your own! Inspecting it visually is one thing and repairing it is another thing. Most commercial roofing warranties are very strict about performing roof repairs and, if you do not hire a professional roofer for the job, you risk canceling them on accident.