5 Tips for Choosing Roof Inspection Services in Denver


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Roof inspection services are a part of the service range provided by roofers (offered for free or for a very affordable price), so choosing good roof inspection services equals choosing a good al-around roofer. Here is how to achieve that:

  • Get referrals – the first step of the process is to identify the roofers available in your area. You can find lots of useful recommendations for Denver roofing companies from your neighbors, friends, coworkers and relatives – you probably know quite a few people who have worked with roofers before and can recommend you names;
  • Check the names recommended to you – the best way to check whether the contractors on your list of recommendations is reputable and reliable is to check the names online. Check the company websites operated by the roofers as well as the ratings and reviews that you find about them;
  • Contact the roofers who seem trustworthy – a face to face discussion will be very revealing, so schedule meetings with at least three roofers. Tell the roofers why you need the inspection and discuss the possibility to use the roofer’s other services, such as regular maintenance or repairs as well and ask for a price list or for information about the price of those services as well.

Problems That Could Lead to Your New Residential Roof Having to Be Replaced

A common cause for roof replacement is that the old roof suffers from too many problems, which also means that getting a new roof is generally considered the best way to eliminate roofing problems for many years to come. Unfortunately, not even new roofs are safe from issues, some of the problems being potentially so severe that the roof might need to be replaced soon after being installed. Here are some such issues:

  • Incorrect installation – there are many ways that a roofing installation can go wrong if it is performed by a roofer who is not knowledgeable enough or wants to save on work or materials. The two most common installation issues that might require the partial or complete removal of the recently installed roof are the failure to install flashing stripes correctly and not respecting the overlapping distance between rows of roofing components, both leading to extensive water damage;

Denver roofing companies

  • Therefore it is very important that you hire Denver roofing companies with an installation warranty.
  • Issues related to the compliance with applicable HOA regulations – the neighborhoods that have HOA covenants are very strict about the color, type and design of the roofs in a particular area. The homeowners who install new roofs that are not in compliance with the covenant might be made to remove their new roof and to replace it with a compliant material.

Reasons to Improve Attic Ventilation

The vents installed on your roof might seem like an unimportant component, but in fact they are essential for prolonged roof health – the vents at the bottom and at the top of your roof are intended to ensure that the air is constantly moving under your roof, getting rid of excess moisture and humidity.

Denver roofing companies

Here is why ensuring efficient ventilation under your roof is essential:

  • Reducing roof temperature – too much heat can damage any material, the ones used on roofs included. According to reputable Denver roofing companies, roof vents are essential for reducing the risk of heat damage on you roof – by ensuring that the air under your roof is in constant movement, roof vents reduce the temperature of the roof, thus prolonging the life of your roof;
  • Reducing harmful humidity – excess humidity can be dangerous for your roof’s support structure. Roof vents play an important role in eliminating any excess humidity trapped in the attic, thus ensuring the health and the strength of your roof beams;
  • Solving the problem of ice dams – ice dams appear when the heated air rising from your rooms meets the cold surface of the roof covered in snow. When the heat meets snow the result is melted water – when that water is generated on a sloping roof surface, the resulting water runs down on the roof and freezes again at edge of the roof, forming icicles. Efficient ventilation reduces ice dam formation by venting out heated air before it can reach the roof.

The Benefits of Choosing a Clay Roofing System

Clay is one of the most traditional roofing materials, used for thousands of years all over the world and still being among the most popular roofing options. The material does offer an impressive range of benefits – here are some:

  • Superior durability – clay tiles are among the longest-lived materials used today. A correctly installed, properly maintained clay roof can easily last for a century without fading or cracking;
  • Low repair needs – clay roofs consist of tiles installed individually, which also means that any cracked or chipped tile can be easily removed from the row and replaced with a new tile without having to remove the entire row;
  • Classic elegance – clay tiles stand out in terms of visual appeal as well. Available in a wide range of shapes, styles and colors, clay tiles are suitable for traditional buildings as well as for modern architectures – whatever the style of your building, you can find the matching tile style for it.

Before you choose clay for your next roof, you also need to know that the material is among the heaviest options used today and the installation of clay systems also require special knowledge, so tiles always need to be installed by professional Denver roofing companies with clay know-how.

Roofing Materials Commonly Used in Colorado

Denver roofing companies

Colorado is a huge state with varied climate that requires local homeowners to pay special attention to the materials used on their roofs. Here are some of the most common roofing materials used by Denver roofing companies in the Centennial State:

  • Specialized asphalt shingles – conventional, 3-tab shingles might not be adequate for the Colorado regions that get harsh weather, but asphalt shingles are also available in high-end, special varieties that are very durable and still very affordable. One example is impact-resistant shingles that are thicker and stronger that conventional varieties and are able to withstand hail, harsh winds, snow, heavy rain and strong sunshine as well;
  • Metal – metal roofing systems come in the form of panels, tiles and shingles and they are available in varieties made from steel, copper, tin, zinc, aluminum and other alloys. Metal is one of the most durable building materials used today, with the roofing systems made from metal also being among the strongest systems available. Metal roofs can withstand harsh weather and with proper maintenance, they can last for over 50 years;
  • Clay and cement tiles – these two strong and durable options work great in any climate zone. They are both quite heavy, so before choosing your clay or cement tiles, make sure that your building can be fitted with a heavy roof.

Essential To-Do’s Before You Sign a Roofing Contract

Being handled by a reliable and professional contractor is the best thing that can happen to your roof, but you must know that there are several steps that you should accomplish to ensure that your roofer is the best, indeed. Here are the steps and decisions necessary:

  • Do some research to find local companies – ask the people you know to recommend you good roofers or do a little online research to locate suitable contractors around you. Check the websites operated by Denver roofing companies, looking for information related to their experience, specialization and credentials;

Denver roofing companies

  • Interview multiple roofers – put together a list with all the questions that you have regarding the contractor’s business as well as the roofing process you need. Ask Denver roofing companies to show you copies of their state-issued roofing license and their mandatory insurance policies – roofers cannot provide roofing services legally if they do not carry these documents. Also think of questions related to the best materials to use, the work phases involved, the team that will work on your roof. When you have listed all your questions, schedule meeting with the roofers you consider suitable, discuss your project with them, then ask the roofers to provide written cost estimates;
  • Compare the cost estimates in terms of the quality, the price and the warranties offered and pick the roofer that offers the best value for your money.

4 Ways to Make Your Roof Energy Efficient

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The roof is the largest contiguous surface through which energy can escape from inside your home, therefore preventing that energy exchange is essential for keeping your energy bills at bay. Here are some ways to increase the energy-efficiency of your home’s topmost layer:

  • Use a light-colored roofing material – dark colors absorb heat, while light hues reflect it. Choosing a light color for your roof will improve the reflectiveness of your roof, decreasing the amount of heat that can penetrate your rooms;
  • Use roofing materials that provide more efficient thermal insulation – slate, clay and cement tiles are excellent insulators that reflect much of the solar heat hitting the roof. Experienced Denver roofing companies confirm that these materials can reduce the amount of heat that reach your rooms by around 60% or more;
  • Use reflective roof coatings – reflective coating products can be applied on existing roofs made from any material and they are very efficient, too, blocking solar heat as well as harmful UV rays;
  • Add insulation – installing suitable material under the roof is also a great way to reduce your energy costs. Attic insulation comes in many forms, from blankets to granules and spray-on materials the most important feature to have in mind during the purchase being the material’s R-value that indicates its ability to prevent energy exchange.

Things to Consider Before Replacing A Roof

If the old roof on your building is beyond repair and needs to be replaced, be prepared that there is still a long way to go, there are many important decisions to make ahead of you. Here are some important things to consider before the replacement:

  • Selecting the roofing material – the most important factors to consider when picking your material are your budget, your climate area, your expectations in terms of durability, aesthetics and the complexity of the installation process and of the maintenance tasks. The most common roofing materials are asphalt shingles, panels, shingles or tiles made from metal, clay and cement tiles and slate, each offering different benefits and being available for different prices;

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  • Selecting the roofer – to ensure that your new roof is installed correctly and to benefit from the warranty that comes with your roofing materials, you will need to hire a professional roofer. While assessing available roofers, look for fully insured Denver roofing companies that are properly licensed  in your state and have vast experience with the type of roofing that you want. Ideally, you should contact three or four roofers to request cost estimates from them. Before the final decision, compare the estimates in terms of both quality and price and make sure that your roofer is willing to sign a contract about the project with you.

Signs it is Time for a Roof Replacement

If periodic checks are made in time, a roof repair is usually sufficient to solve isolated problems that may arise now and then. By “isolated problems” we mean minor failures that may occur along the way, such as missing tiles, damaged flashing, clogged gutters etc.

A roof replacement is the best way to deal with more serious problems, or with those that have high potential to turn into serious problems. Signs that the roof needs to be replaced as soon as possible include:

  • Wavy shingles and curled tiles, which make the roof prone to leaks. This is a sign that the roof materials are worn or old enough to require a full replacement.
  • Sunlight penetrates the roof. What does this means? It means that light is not the only thing that can enter! Snow and rain will also make their way inside the house, if they did not already! Sometimes, such a problem is caused by only a few missing tiles that can be easily replaced. But other times, it’s about the wear of the cover materials, which should make you consider replacing the roof soon.
  • Visible structural defects
  • Installation defects

roofs maintained by Denver roofing companies

Properly installed and roofs maintained by Denver roofing companies can last for decades – of course, with periodic inspections and maintenance. If you have problems with a roof that is very old, replacing it is most likely the wisest decision. Assessment of the condition of the roof must be done by Denver roofing specialists that will also suggest you the best course of action.

How Can I tell if My Roofer Cut Corners on My Roof Installation?

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When you plan a roofing project, the most important aspect is to choose , reputable Denver roofing companies committed to provide quality services, because if you don`t, you may end up noticing that your roofer cuts corners on your roof installation.

Here are a few warning signs:

Your roofer installs new shingles over the existing ones

This can be done safely if you opt for lightweight roofing materials, such as metal shingles, but your roofer should never do this unless you have agreed with this practice, and it is mentioned in the contract. Otherwise, the so-called specialist you have hired only tries to save time and costs for their benefit.

Your roofer reuses old flashing

Flashing is an essential element of a roof, protecting areas highly vulnerable to water infiltrations. That`s why it must be always in good shape. A new roof installation definitely requires new flashing, even if old flashing still looks decent.

Your roofer skips ventilation

Ventilation is essential for any type of roof system, although people often ignore it. Do not fall into this trap and do not allow your roofer to skip this important step, when installing the new roof, otherwise the efficiency of your roof will be reduced.