Residential Roofing Inspection – Why Is It Important?

The purpose of a residential roof inspection is to get a clear picture of the roof’s actual condition, to determine any action to take to improve the roof’s condition and to approximate remaining roof life.

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There can be many situations in which roof inspections can be important – here are some:

  • Selling your home – a roof inspection performed by respected Denver roofing companies before you put your home out on the market can help you determine the best asking price and to decide whether you want to perform any enhancement on your roof before you offer it to potential buyers;
  • Buying a new home – a roof inspection performed on the property that you are planning to buy can give you the peace of mind that your investment is safe;
  • Enrolling into a roof maintenance program – if your roof has not been regularly maintained until now and you want to hire a roofer to handle maintenance tasks from now on, the first step in the process will be an inspection to assess the roof’s actual condition to allow you and your roofer to work out the maintenance and repair plan;
  • Deciding whether to repair or to replace – an informed decision can be made only after the roof has been evaluated by a professional.

What are Some Common Residential Winter Roofing Problems to Look Out for

Undoubtedly, there is something magic about winter in general. However, after a few weeks of freezing cold and snow, its other aspect is revealed – an everyday, pragmatic and much less pleasant aspect.

Beyond the problems it causes with road circulation, snow can have adverse consequences on the roof of your home, in the absence of certain elements designed to prevent problems specific to the cold season: snow accumulations, ice dams, icicles – and their unwanted effects.

In this context, the installation of a de-icing system on the roof is very important. Problems that you can avoid with the help of such a system include:

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Snow falling from the roof, ice dams and icicles

In some situations, snow falling from the roof in large quantities can be a real health hazard, especially due to temperature variations that encourage the formation of ice in the snow layers. Also, the weight of the snow is another problem that may affect the resistance structure of the roof, which can lead to a collapse of this element of the house. To avoid winter roofing problems, employ Denver roofing companies to inspect your roof and remove heavy snowfall from it if necessary.

Water infiltration

Snow and ice dams keep moisture on the roof for a long time and block gutters, favoring infiltration.

Tips to Avoid “Storm Chaser” Residential Roofing Scams

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Storm chasers are roofers that show up at the doorstep of homeowners whose roof has been recently devastated by a major storm or by some other calamity and that are trying to use the despair of the affected homeowner to sell roofing services. While storm chasers are not necessarily scammers who take the homeowner’s money without doing any work, most of them either provide poor-quality services for exorbitant prices or they try to sell services that the homeowner does not need, therefore they are best avoided. According to trusted Denver roofing companies, here is how to avoid being scammed:

  • Ask for proof of license and a physical address – most storm chasers are not roofers allowed to work legally, therefore they usually do not possess the credentials necessary for providing roofing services. Asking them to provide credentials is a great way to make them go away;
  • Knowing what fixing your roof involves – with a little online research, you can find out a lot about the procedures used to fix the type of roofing problem that you have. Storm chasers rely on the lack of knowledge of the homeowner they are trying to scam, so proving that you know what you are talking about is likely to drive them away.

Why Are Asphalt Shingles So Popular

Asphalt shingles are the most common and most popular materials used on roofs throughout the country.

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The simple, common material offers numerous benefits – here are some:

  • Affordability – asphalt shingles come in various quality categories, from thin varieties to much thicker architectural and impact-resistant varieties, but they are all very affordable;
  • Versatility in terms of design and appearance – asphalt shingles come in a seemingly endless variety of textures, shapes and sizes, you can even find types that mimic high-end roofing materials, such as wood or slate. The color palette of asphalt shingles is also very wide, including not only classic shades of red, brown and terracotta, but bolder options, such as green, blue, beige and black as well;
  • Easy installation – asphalt shingles come with simple, easy to follow processes that make asphalt roof installation a quick job for reputable Denver roofing companies;
  • Longevity and resistance – new asphalt roofs are usually warranted for 15-30 years and they can stand up to almost any weather, including rain and sun, wind, hail and snow;
  • Energy-efficiency – asphalt shingles reflect solar heat and they also prevent heated air from slipping out through the roof in winter, thus providing great help with any efforts to reduce energy costs.

Advantages of Clay Roofing and the Main Reasons to Invest in Clay Tiles

Clay tiles have a lot of advantages to speak of. Aside from being highly durable, they can also be a beautiful choice for a roof regardless of where you live or what style of roof you’re aiming for. Even though it’s a little more expensive than some of the other contenders you might consider, clay tile roofing is right up there with the best materials you can buy.

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that clay roofs are part of an exact science of construction tested against the centuries. The use of clay for roofing dates back to the time of the Ottoman and Roman empires, and clay roofs are just as popular today as they were more than a thousand years ago, as even today they are backed up by a wide variety of styles and a significant amount of tradition in places like the coasts of the Mediterranean.

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Premier Denver roofing companies, like Interstate Roofing, confirm that clay roofs are also extremely durable and virtually fireproof. When withstanding a hurricane, even winds of up to 150 mph can’t uproot a set of clay tiles that were installed properly, and the roof itself can last for well over half of century, even while withstanding extreme temperature differences each year. You can just install them once and then enjoy the comfort, low-maintenance protection and surprising level of energy efficiency that they have to offer.

Should I Buy the Most Expensive Roofing Shingles?

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The most expensive roofing shingles are typically the most durable. They are premium products, with superior durability and designed for specific conditions (e.g. impact-resistance, fire-resistance), as well as with particular features (e.g. solar shingles)

Many cheap shingles are lower quality, and come with shorter warranties – this is why roofing experts advise you to avoid purchasing the cheapest products you can get. If you are on a budget, you should rather find roofing materials that provide the best quality-price ratio. Asphalt shingles are probably the best example, especially if we think about their popularity.

On the other hand, you should not buy the most expensive shingles just for the sake of buying them, because you will do nothing but throw your money on the window.

In general, you should not purchase shingles for your roof before consulting with a materials specialist from Denver roofing companies. There is a lot of information on the internet about all the roofing materials, but only an expert roofer can recommend you the best solution, after inspecting your building and/ or the existing roof. A professional Interstate roofer has the right experience to suggest the best roofing solutions based on several factors: price, manufacturer’s warranties, the local climate, aesthetics etc.

Does Heat from the Sun Damage My Shingles?

Over time, the UV rays from the sun will break down the elements in even the highest quality roofing materials. It can cause untreated wood surfaces to come apart, turn black or fade to white. Shingles damaged by wind or storms can start buckling and their protection become ineffective – opening the gate to further damage.

It is good to know that the roof is exposed to UV light even on cloudy days.

The sun’s intensity also beats down on a roof every day. It has a huge impact especially during the summer daylight hours. The temperatures on a roof`s surface can reach more than 150° when the air temperature is around 90°.

Daily exposure to extreme heat makes ultraviolet rays even more damaging and your home will become vulnerable.

What can you do about it?

First of all, specialized Denver roofing companies will tell you to inspect your roof and look for signs indicating sun damage: decaying, warped or cracked materials must not be overlooked, because they open up ways for moisture and  more severe problems.

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If the roof is not too old, you can consider a renovation; it will help you postpone a replacement project. However, if the damage is extensive and the roof is close to reach the end of it lifespan, you should start planning a replacement and look for solutions  that will protect your new roof from sun damage (cool roof technologies, reflective coatings, reflective roofing materials…).

What are Advantages of a Cement Tile Roof

Cement roof tiles are made from water, sand and cement to which pigments are added – the resulting products are highly resistant roofing materials that come in many styles and can provide protection that lasts for at least a century.

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Here are more details about the benefits of concrete tiles:

  • Durability among any climate circumstances – concrete tiles are impervious to water and fire, they are not attractive for pests and they can stand up to almost any weather, including rain, high winds, snow and strong UV radiation;
  • A wide range of colors, shapes and textures – cement tiles come in a seemingly endless variety of styles. While in the past, matte, terracotta tiles were the most common, today you can easily find tiles in unusual colors, such as white, cream and black and high-shine or satin textures are also available;
  • Low maintenance and easy repairs – Local Denver roofing companies confirm that cement tiles need to be cleaned and inspected at least once a year, but they don’t need any special maintenance. Repairing cement roofs is also easy – whatever weather comes along, it will probably damage only a couple of your tiles, so all you will have to do is to grab a few of your spare tiles and slip them into the place of the damaged ones.

Why Is Ventilation and Insulation So Important for Your Roof?

Oftentimes, homeowners and business owners who own what might be called a good quality roof are shocked to find that the structure, which should have lasted at least 4-5 decades – such as it is the case for most metal roofing systems – already needs to be replaced within the first 10 years.

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Now, this isn’t always common, but one thing that can definitely lead to it is a problem with ventilation or insulation.

The ventilation of your roof is necessary because of temperature differences inside your roof, which can cause condensation. As you might know, sloped roofs have a lot of individual parts and a lot of space between them, which can hold pockets of air of widely differing temperatures. In areas where temperatures and humidity conditions fluctuate more, as well as in periods when weather changes intensify, condensation levels can rise even more, leading to moisture developing mold and rot.

This process is further intensified if your insulation is not properly adapted to the type of material your roof uses, the size of the roof and the specific temperature and climate conditions associated to the area you live in.

So, before disregarding the importance of insulation and ventilation, consider asking knowledgeable Denver roofing companies to check them regularly in order to prevent any issues from even starting. Failing to do so can lead to highly expensive repairs or even to the need to replace your roof entirely.

Top Tips for Getting a Quality Roof Inspection

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When you want to have a roof inspection, you have to consider the timing and how the inspection should help you out. The idea is to get it in a time of change – or right after a change in weather has passed – in order to evaluate the condition of your roof and make fast decisions on getting all the repairs done while the weather is stable.

Summer is one of the best times for a roof inspection, especially in early summer. This is when all the damage from the previous winter and early spring can be evaluated and fixed before the summer arrives.

To get a proper roof inspection, consider first hiring dependable Denver roofing companies for the job. Look up their track record in handling maintenance and repairs, and make sure you hire someone who doesn’t have many complaints attached to their company name.

Also, clear the area around your home in advance to make access easy, and consider cleaning out your attic as well. Chances are your Denver roofer will want to inspect all areas of your roof to find even the smallest issues and the tiniest leaks. That way, they can provide you with the right recommendations for how to manage any maintenance and repair tasks that could be required.