Steps to Prepare Your Commercial Roof for Winter

Preparing a building for winter is not only viable for homeowners but commercial building owners as well. First things first, to start preparing a roof for extreme winter weather is with an overall inspection. There is no need for a professional for this to be done.

  1. Perform a personal inspection

One can simply get on the roof and be able to determine its current state and whether or not it requires any maintenance work. Any small signs of deterioration could be a cause for concern and could potentially have a greater impact in the future.

  1. Look for any signs of deterioration

Any visibly damaged should be taken into consideration, no matter how small it may be. Following a personal inspection, hiring a professional could be the best thing to do.

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  1. Hire a commercial roof repair Fort Collins professional

Their experience helps them spot any potential risks not visible to the unexperienced and they will make sure that all potential hazards to a roof will be prevented during winter.

  1. Repairing the damage

Exposed and damaged areas are very vulnerable to the extreme conditions during winter and they should be immediately repaired. Poor installation or deterioration of the flashings should be taken care of, as well as the drainage system itself.

  1. Take other equipment into account

HVAC equipment, if present on the roof, should be properly-y inspected by a qualified technician and also perform some maintenance checks. Replacing the air filter, cleaning out the ducts and also inspecting the vents before the cold season hits are recommended.

Keeping Your Flat Roof Protected from the Elements

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Flat roofs can stand up to a lot, but they also need help from their owners to be able to protect the buildings underneath for a long time. The best way to protect your flat roof from the elements is surely through regular maintenance and immediate repair for any roofing problem detected between scheduled maintenance sessions – here are some of the most important things to take care of:

  • Regular maintenance – getting the roof inspected and cleaned by a professional roofer is essential for catching roofing problems when they are still small and easy to repair. While you can inspect the roof yourself, some roofing problems, such as thin cracks or signs of shrinkage, can be more efficiently noticed by the trained eye of a professional;
  • Timely remedy for the issues detected – whatever fault is detected, you need to get it repaired as soon as possible to avoid the aggravation of the issue and to keep repair costs at the minimum;
  • Repairs for any other issues – roofs can get damaged by storms, hail, excessive rain, snow or wind and wide temperature variations can also be harmful, so if you notice any roofing problem between two maintenance sessions, don’t wait until the next scheduled roofing visit, call a commercial roof repair Fort Collins roofer and get the issue repaired at once.

Why Inspect Your Commercial Roof During the Summer

Summer weather usually comes with strong sunshine, storms, high winds, often hail and periods of heavy raining, too, all posing challenges to your commercial roofs. While roof maintenance schedules usually include two inspection and maintenance sessions per year, one in spring and one in fall, extreme weather can cause roofing damage that should be addressed right away, therefore it is recommended to get your commercial roof inspected by commercial roof repair Fort Collins pros after each period of harsh weather. Here is what summer inspections should include:

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  • A complete walk-around – though the damage suffered by flat roofs is not visible from the ground, gutter and siding damage can be easily detected from down there, too;
  • Inspection performed at roof level – the inspection should involve checks from roof level, too. Climb up on a ladder to the edge of the roof to take a closer look at the roof flashing, the gutters and the vents and to see whether there is any ponding water that needs to be removed. Inspect the roof standing on the ladder, without stepping on the roof surface to avoid accidents;
  • Timely repairs – Call commercial roof repair Fort Collins pros to address whatever roofing issue that you detect right away to avoid the aggravation of the problem and to preserve your roof in good shape.

Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Roof

roof maintenance and inspections by commercial roof repair Fort Collins contractors

Commercial roofs are strong, resistant and durable building components, designed and constructed to stand up to the elements, but because they work so hard all the time, they need to be properly maintained, too. Here are some of the activities related to commercial roof repair Fort Collins contracted roof maintenance:

  • Six-monthly inspections – get your commercial roof inspected by a professional each year in spring and in fall. Special attention needs to be paid to sensitive areas, such as the roof valleys or the seams, areas around the roof vents, the flashing around the chimneys or the skylights and the sides of the roof, where shrinkage is likely to cause problems;
  • Timely repairs – fixing any issues detected during the roof inspection is also essential for the health of your roof;
  • Gutter cleaning – maintenance is also important for the components adjacent to the roof, such as the gutters and the downspouts – without it, water will accumulate on the surface of the roof and will damage the surface in no time;
  • Protective coating – modern coating products can protect your commercial roof against rust and fading. Most coating products need to be reapplied every 3-5 years, so make sure to include coating into the regular roof maintenance schedule.

Is Gravel or Tar Better for a Flat Roof?

Many flat roofs today are made either from tar paper or from a combination of special rolled out material and gravel, the latter being called simply gravel roof. Both commercial roof repair Fort Collins solutions come with pros and cons that need to be taken into consideration prior to choosing one of them over the other – here are some details:

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  • Tar paper is a versatile roofing material, appreciated for its resistance to UV radiation, wind and water. However, tar is considered to be an unsustainable material that may give out noxious fumes during the installation and the curing process and the installation also requires special attention to avoid injuries caused by working with the hot material, therefore it must never be worked on without proper protective equipment that includes a face mask and heat resistant work gloves;
  • Gravel roofs get their name from the topmost layer of the roof, created spreading small river stone or ballast. The gravel is used underneath the topmost layer as well – gravel roofs usually consist of alternate layers of sheet or membrane and stone. Gravel roofs are even stronger and more durable than the roofing systems that use only tar, but the stones on the surface make maintenance and the identification of roofing issues, such as leaks, somewhat more difficult.