Myths About Storm Damage Roof Repairs

Storms cause millions of dollars of damage on roofs across the country and many owners of buildings that have suffered roof damage caused by storms fail to address the problem properly or receive the right amount of insurance compensation because their actions are informed by misconceptions.

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Here are some of the most common myths about storm roof damage repairs that you should not believe:

  • If there are no missing components, I don’t need repair – missing roof components, such as shingles or tiles that have been swept off, are the most obvious, but not the only sign of storm damage. Storms might cause leaks or other forms of structural damage without sweeping off parts of the roof, so if you suspect your roof is under such stress, you will need to get the roof inspected by a professional storm damage repair Colorado Springs roofing company;
  • Storm damage on my roof is covered by manufacturer’s warranty – most manufacturers exclude the damage caused by hail and storms from the coverage and so do most roofers;
  • The damage on my roof is very small, therefore I should not file an insurance claim – you should file a claim for any damage that is covered by your policy, no matter how small it is. Roof damage can aggravate quickly, so any issue needs to be addressed in a timely manner and why pay for it if you can get compensation from your insurer?

What is Tapered Insulation?

Most commercial buildings are flat, and the lack of slope is a risk of standing water and infiltrations that add a big stress to the roof and void warranties. Here comes the role of tapered insulation: it has been designed precisely to create artificial roof slopes and eliminate ponding water from the surface of flat roofs.

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A tapered roof system can be installed much easier than adding a layer of screed on top, which saves about 25% on roofing costs. It is lightweight, so it can be handled with ease and does not load the structure of the building.

Design is tied to its performance. In most of the cases, Colorado Springs roofing company specialists use polyisocyanurate insulation, which is rigid foam insulation, commonly used in flat roof construction, being compatible with any roof membrane. There are different potential slope designs that can be created, but roofing specialists must consider each building’s layout, the presence of HVAC units, drainage locations, as well as specific concerns each client may have.

Tapered insulation also has superior R-values. The level of insulation is directly responsible for the energy costs for heating & cooling, so adding tapered insulation to your flat roof will allow you to pay less for energy bills.


Tips for Detecting Structural Roofing Issues

Structural roofing issues are problems that affect the support structure of the roof. They can be caused by a building or design defect, by leaks that have gone undetected and therefore neglected for a long time, by the excessive weight of snow that has spent too long on the roof, by pest attacks and in the most severe cases, they pose very serious safety concerns for the building and for the entire household.

Colorado Springs roofing company repairs structural roof damage

Here are some of the major symptoms of such structural issues:

  • Roof ridge bending or sagging – a sagging or uneven ridge can be detected from the ground, by simply looking up at the roof; A reputable Colorado Springs roofing company will easily spot structural roofing damage, and provide necessary repairs.
  • Excessive moisture in the attic – wet beams, rafters and soaked or damp insulation are clear signs that moisture has penetrated through the roof and has soaked into the roof’s support structure, damaging and weakening it;
  • Signs of structural roof damage inside the house – any deformation or major deterioration of the roof affects the structure of the building underneath as well. Cracked plaster, windows and doors that no longer open and close properly, ceilings that start sagging, cracking or warping, severe leaks that keep recurring are all signs that the roof is affected by unwanted structural changes.

How Long Is the Typical Life of a Roof

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The lifespan of your roof depends on many different factors – here are some of the most important aspects that influence roof longevity:

  • The roofing material – some roofing materials are longer-lived than others. Plain, 3-tab asphalt shingles last around 20 years, architectural shingles live for 25-30 years, metal panels can stay on your building for around 30-50 years, while clay tiles can last for a century;
  • The climate – your roof is continuously exposed to the elements, which means that the roofs in harsh climate areas need to withstand more beating from the weather than the roofs in milder climate zones;
  • Care and maintenance – you can prolong the life of your roofing with regular maintenance and timely repairs. Ideally, roofs need to be cleaned and inspected professionally by Colorado Springs roofing company experts every six months and whatever fault is detected during the inspection needs to be corrected in a timely manner, before it aggravates;
  • Roof sloping angle – high-pitched roofs usually last longer than flat roofs because ponding water does not affect them and snow will also slip downwards on the sides, without pressing hard and damaging the surface. However, you can also make sure that your flat roof stays strong by removing excess snow and regularly removing excess water from the surface.

Why You Shouldn’t Procrastinate on A Roof Replacement

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Roof replacement is a major investment that requires planning and financial efforts. However, postponing the replacement for too longer after you have found out that it is the only way to get proper protection from the elements in your home is not the best idea – here is why:

  • Roofs that need to be replaced can cause various other forms of damage to your building – roofing components might fall of the roof and large leaks can develop quickly, posing the risk of injuries around the house and causing issues, such a leaks, the appearance of mold and mildew inside the house, the elimination of which will only to the already huge costs of roof replacement; It is important to contact a reputable Colorado Springs roofing company for an inspection and repair before additional damage is incurred.
  • Roof collapse – roofs that need replacement are usually weakened and can collapse anytime. Roof collapse can completely ruin your home, requiring you to invest not only into a new roof, but into other types of restoration as well;
  • The sooner you can put all that stress behind you, the better – roof replacement work involves disruption in the daily life of your household, so the sooner you start it, the better because the sooner it can get finished and the sooner you can forget about it all.