Residential Roofing Tips for Larger Homes and Buildings in Colorado Springs

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Homeowners have little more headaches than those who live in apartment buildings. One of them refers to their roofs that must be in very good condition at all times. The bigger the roof, the more maintenance effort is needed.

Here are some useful residential roofing tips from an excellent Colorado Springs roofing company:

Pay attention to quality!

Although the roof is one of the most expensive elements of a house (and it will be all the more expensive, the larger its surface!), you still do not have to compromise on quality, choosing cheap materials. If you think that you will reduce your expenses, the risk of paying much more money later for repairs is very high.

Ensure ventilation and insulation of the attic

If you have an attic, you must pay attention to certain details so that it does not have a negative impact on the roof. Temperature variations in the attic can affect the supporting structure of the roof. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure adequate thermal insulation using mineral wool or other efficient material. It will also act as a barrier against highly high roof temperatures on hot days. At the same time, to maintain optimal thermal comfort and prevent moisture build-up in the attic, you must also ensure proper air circulation.

Do not neglect regular maintenance!

Make sure your roof is inspected by professionals at least once a year and, if you notice any defect, fix it promptly! In this way, you will prevent considerable expenses later for significant repairs.

Tips for Preparing the Space Around Your Home Before Your Roofer Arrives

If you are planning a roof repair or roof installation project on your home and you already have the date when your roofer will come to do the job scheduled, you should know that preparing the space around your building for the roofing work is essential to maintain the beauty of your landscape and to keep your items safe.

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An attentive Colorado Springs roofing company recommends you complete these important tasks before your roofer arrives:

  • Remove the items from the immediate proximity of the building – whatever type of roofing work your contractor will perform, objects will inevitably fall from the roof. To avoid any damage caused to your valuables by falling debris or falling roofing elements, make sure to remove anything that can be moved from the area.
  • Cover the vegetation – roofing work also involves the generation of lots of dust that might damage the plants in your landscape if it settles on the leaves and flowers. The nearby garden store surely sells a variety of foil and mesh products manufactured specially to prevent such damage to the vegetation, so just get the right amount and cover your plants.
  • Cover the windows and the walls – foil is useful for protecting the walls, the windows and doors of your house from dust and debris and for making the cleaning easier after the roofing process is complete.

The Dangers of Waiting Too Long Before Hiring a Roofer

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When it comes to roof repairs, time is a very important aspect. The more you postpone professional roof repair, the more difficult and costlier it will be to remedy the problem. Here are some of the dangers of waiting too long before finding a qualified Colorado Springs roofing company;

  • A minor problem quickly turning into a major one – your roof is continuously exposed to the elements. This means that even if your roof is built from the strongest materials, if those materials are already a little damaged, that damage will quickly expand.
  • Costs exploding – getting a repair for a minor roofing issue, such as a cracked component, is always much cheaper than having to fix damage that has already extended to multiple components. If you wait too long to get that initial minor damage fixed, you can be faced with the deterioration of multiple surface elements, and with damage that might affect the structure of the roof. This will make the repairs even more complicated and costly.
  • Compromised comfort of your home – one of the most common types of roof damage is leaks- that is, holes or cracks on the roof through which water penetrates the building and enters the attic or your rooms. Besides ruining the aesthetics of your rooms, water dripping or pouring through the ceiling is a nuisance that will ruin the comfort of your home.

Are Residential Roof Repairs Harder Than Commercial Repairs?

Roof repair, whether of a residential roof or a commercial structure, is a set of operations performed in order to restore the strength and integrity of the roof. It is not more difficult to repair residential roofs than commercial ones, just different.

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Here are some important things to know about the two processes:

  • Moving around on the structure – while residential roofs are usually sloping structures, commercial roofs are flat, which means that it is much easier to move around on a commercial roof. It is also much easier to take all the tools and devices needed for performing the repairs onto a commercial roof.
  • Size – commercial roofs usually feature larger square footage than residential structures. A Colorado Springs roofing company near me explains that the area that needs to be maintained and checked for damage is larger as well. Larger size usually means more roof features to be checked.
  • Commercial roof checks involve only the external surface – while residential roof inspections need to include checks from the inside by standing on the attic floor, flat commercial roofs can usually be checked only from the roof’s exterior surface. If the commercial building has an attic though, the roof must be checked the same way as residential roofs.

3 Reasons to Hire a More Experienced Roofer for Slate Roof Installations

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If you are currently in the process of getting your roof replaced and the material that you consider the best for your building is slate, you must know that the material needs special techniques during the installation – techniques that not all roofers master. Here is why it is very important to get your new slate roof installed by a GAF Master Elite Colorado Springs roofing company who has experienced with handling stone roofs:

  • a brittle and heavy material – slate roofing materials are practically slabs cut from larger pieces of stone. While slate is definitely one of the most durable and strongest roofing materials available today, the natural stone is also very brittle and breaks and chips easily if accidentally hit or dropped. To be able to get your roof installed without wasting precious material, you need a roofer who is aware of the importance of handling the slabs with gentle care;
  • special fastening techniques – slate roofs are installed one slab at a time, the process requiring the use of special fasteners and special, gentle, yet efficient movements. The roofer in charge of installing your new roof must also be familiar with the ideal overlap to prevent leagues under the roof faults;
  • Great tastes need some help from dexterity – slate roofs are made up from many smaller pieces of stone. Being cut from a larger rock, no two slabs look the same, which also means that achieving the best appearance requires some experience in terms of how to combine the grains and the hues.

Pitfalls to Avoid When You Want to Upgrade to an Energy Efficient Roof

One of the largest, if not the single largest surface through which energy can slip out from inside your home is surely the roof, that is why replacing your old, worn and leaking roof with a new structure made from some sort of energy efficient modern material is so beneficial for your energy bills. However, the process also has some pitfalls that you should know about and avoid:

  • Not choosing the right material – there are many great energy-efficient roofing materials available on the market today. Two options that stand out in terms of lifespan attractive appearance and thermal performance are clay and cement tiles. If the two materials are to your liking, be aware that both are very heavy, therefore suitable only for solid buildings;
  • Not installing insulation – an energy efficient roof is usually not just a roof consisting of just a surface material such as asphalt shingle or metal, but a roof that consists of multiple layers including adequate insulation. Failing to install that insulation is a costly mistake that is very difficult to remedy later;
  • Not removing the old layer of roof – many homeowners choose to install their second layer of metal roofing on top of the old one in hope of obtaining better thermal performance. The decision is wrong from many points of view, first of all because a roof consisting of two layers is usually more unsafe then the old shabby roof used to be on its own.

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Learn from the best! Contact a full service Colorado Springs roofing company for the latest advancements in energy efficient roofing.

How to Know if Your Home’s Old Metal Roof Needs Repairing?

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Metal roofs are today among the most appreciated and most popular roof types, systems that are equally common on commercial and on residential buildings as well. However, even these extraordinary, strong structures can get damaged – after all, they are exposed to all the vicissitudes of the weather 24/7 and year around. here are some signs to indicate that your strong metal roof needs some repair:

  • Signs of rust and corrosion – most alloys used for making metal roofing materials are resistant to corrosion and rust. However, the rain in most places today contains so much acid and other chemicals that even the strongest metal sheet or panel is sooner or later affected. If you see spots of rust appear on the metal panels of your roof call an adept Colorado Springs roofing company right away to address the problem while it is still small
  • Loose seams – metal roofs today come in standing seam varieties as well as in seamless versions. If you see that the seams on your standing seam roof have become lose or damaged it is another sign that your roof needs repair quickly;
  • Leaks – the problem is common and it can affect any roof what are made from metal or not usually the source of the leak is quite obvious but Even so you will need a professional to perform the necessary repairs.

How Often Should You Inspect a Brand-New Slate Roof?

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Slate roofs stand out not only with their unique beauty, but with their durability as well – the roofs built from thin pieces of natural stone can last for over a century even among harsh climate conditions. However, even these durable structures need regular inspections to maintain their strength – here is how often you should get your new slate roof checked:

  • Regular inspections in spring and in fall – winter and summer are the two harshest seasons for roofs, which means that your roof and the drainage system attached to it will need to be checked and cleaned before that, in spring and in fall, to find any faults that could compromise the structure’s strength. The inspections need to be followed by timely repairs to restore the roof before the summer storms and the fall rains put it to the test;
  • Additional inspections after major weather events – heavy rains, strong storms, intensive snow and harsh winds can all damage your roof, even if you have done everything you could to maintain its strength. To prevent any roofing issues, have a top Colorado Springs roofing company perform a roof and gutter inspection after each major weather event and clean the debris that you find on the roof surface as well as in the gutters.

Is Metal Roofing Regarded as an Economic Choice Over Time?

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Metal is among the strongest and most versatile construction materials, a material that is extensively used for manufacturing roofing panels, tiles and shakes. Metal roofs enjoy great popularity these days, being a very common choice for commercial applications as well as for residential buildings, one of the qualities that account for that popularity being affordability. Here is how metal roofs save money not only due to the convenient pricing of the material, but through other features as well:

  • Low maintenance needs – metal roofs need only occasional inspections and cleaning, no special maintenance operations are required for keeping metal roof in good condition;
  • Durability – metal roofs can last for 40-60 years even in harsh climate zones, their longevity ensuring low ownership costs;
  • Recyclability – metal is 100% percent recyclable, which means that the metal roofing components removed at the end of their lifespan are not waste, but valuable materials;
  • Quick and easy installation – recommended Colorado Springs roofing company professionals confirm that metal roofing materials are easy to install, which means that the installation process does not add significantly to the costs of getting a metal roof;
  • Insignificant depreciation – the value that you add to your home when you get a metal roof is almost completely maintained throughout the lifespan of your metal roof.

How to Find Trusted Storm Restoration Roofing Contractors

Storms are devastating forces of nature that destroy thousands of roofs each year and cause millions of dollars of damage. One of the first and most important things to do in case of storm damage sustained by your roof is to find the right restoration specialist to mitigate the damage and to reconstruct your roof.

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Here are some tips to make it easier for you to find the right Colorado Springs roofer:

  • Look for local Colorado Springs contractors that offer emergency repair services – fast response is essential in the case of storm damage, so just jump online and look for a Colorado Springs roofing company providing emergency repairs. Try to identify at least three or four roofers and check their websites to find information about their exact field of experience and licensing status (even in an emergency, you should only work with a roofer that is properly licensed and insured);
  • Call the roofers on your list – if your roof got damaged in a strong storm that affected your entire region, you should be prepared that roofers might be already busy working on emergencies. However, you should stick to your list; if all the roofers on it are busy, you should keep looking for other verifiable contractors, but you should not work with roofer who show up at your doorstep and try to make you let them in.