Your Roofing Contractor Checklist – How to Spot the Best Contractors to Hire for Your Projects

Managing a complex roofing project is no easy task, and it’s no secret that not all contractors are up to it. If you ask some homeowners and business owners, you will hear horror stories of how they hired a contractor that seemed professional, only to have to spend double the cost on a roofing installation job that should have gone smoothly and be done within a few days.

To avoid such issues, it’s a good idea to have a roofing contractor checklist that will help you determine who to hire:

  1. Define the project or job you need help with in as much detail as you can. For example, if you want a new roof, do some research on the type of roof you have and the type you want to install, and consider all the details and ramifications of the installation job.
  2. Look up some of the best local Colorado Springs roofing companies who claim to specialize in the type of job you need help with. Make a list with their company names and contact details, and begin asking your neighbors and colleagues if they know about them, doing a background check on the legitimacy of their claims (including looking up reviews) and, of course, calling to see if the information they give you is legitimate and matches your findings.
  3. Meet up with each roofer you’re thinking about hiring, and talk to them about your project. You will want as many details as possible about how they can help you, before making your final choice.

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How to Detect and Repair Roof Mold Damage – DIY vs Professional Roof Repair

DIY roofing is great when you want to make sure that you don’t spend too much money on your roof repairs. However, in many cases, DIY methods don’t take into account the complexities of a roof repair job, especially when you’re looking to fix up an area of your roof that has been affected by mold.

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The trick is that mold can appear because of a variety of reasons. Sometimes, the roof is simply old and tattered, and the mold has arisen as a result of structural damage and removed coating. In this instance, it may be possible to use DIY solutions to simply scrape off the mold and repair the roof without calling in the professionals. However, in other cases, the damage and the mold itself can also extend to internal areas of your roofing structure, literally eating it away from the inside. In this case call mold removal Colorado Springs roofing companies asap.

To make sure that your roof’s interior structure hasn’t been affected, and to ensure that you are taking every necessary steps to deal with it if it has been, call on your local roofing experts for a detailed roof inspection. You can then discuss what the next step should be and how much you should consider investing in professional roof repair, based on their findings.

The Importance of Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning the gutters often is a messy job, but it is important to do it. There a several issues that can arise from clogged gutters, especially if the water wouldn’t be able to flow away from the house because of the debris gathered over time. This is why cleaning the gutters should be a basic routine for home maintenance.

Colorado Springs roofing companies clean and repair gutters

Cleaning the gutters extend the lifetime of your home and roof. It also prevents the roof damages. When a gutter is clogged, water has nowhere to go and to drain, so it will be flooding over, causing water leaking, mold, and humidity into your walls. If the water is not able to flow away from your house, in case of heavy rain, it can lead to basement flooding. Also, a clogged gutter can damage the fascia and shingles, because of the overflowing water. You will want to have accomplished Colorado Springs roofing companies do an annual inspection to ensure your roof and gutter system is operating as is should to protect your home.

Debris and overflowing rainwater can also damage gutters themselves. Organic materials and water cab corrode the aluminum, the main material from which they usually are made, leading to the necessity of replacing it.

All this bunch of dead leaves and dried branches can make the perfect nest for birds, mice, and bugs. But a clean gutter will keep away all these creatures.

Budgeting for Roof Repairs

Having a plan for your basic home repair or maintenance might helps you keep your home safe. But when it comes to your roof repairs, things might be more challenging, especially if we are talking about the budget. It is hard not to worry about your finances, but a lot of people are in your situation.

This situation isn’t always so dramatic. If you get the numbers on paper, budgeting does not have to be confusing. Quite the contrary, it can help you keep the project under control. The cost for the different repairs, also taking into account the type of roof, might range from $200 to $1,700. Take a list of all the repairs that your roof needs at the moment or it might need in the close future. Checking with honest Colorado Springs roofing companies may give you a better idea on potential costs.

Colorado Springs roofing companies can help you navigate the expenses associated with roof repairs

One of the most common roof repairs is the leaking, that can happen from lots of reason. The cost depends on the extent of damage, but the average amount of money is $200 to $450. After this, it is the physical roof damage that can occur any time, especially if the roof is old: blistering, spilling, broken shingles or roof membrane and cracks. To cost to replace or to fix these problems can go between $100 and $400, depending on the extent of the damage.

Besides these common problems you should also take into consideration the unexpected, such as the permit that a roofer must obtain before he performs repairs on a roof, for which you may pay even  $400.

Popular Residential Roofing Styles

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If you are in the process of building your house, one of the choices you will have to make concerns the style of the roof. You surely have your own preferences and ideas on how the roof should look like, but you must definitely take into account the advice of Colorado Springs roofing companies, because, although theoretically a house can be covered by any type of roof, in reality some roofing styles will match your building`s particularities better than others.

The basic choice is between a flat roof and a pitched roof. Next, the roofing style will mostly depend on the materials you opt for. The most common residential roofing materials are asphalt shingles, ceramic tiles and metal.

Asphalt shingles represent the least expensive option and it also provides a fair price-quality ratio – hence their great popularity (asphalt shingles are still the most common materials used for residential roofing across the U.S.!).

Ceramic tiles, on the other hand, are significantly more expensive, but a ceramic roof is also much more solid, durable (50 to 70 years lifespan) and provides great energy efficiency. In terms of appearance, a ceramic roof is also one of the most beautiful options.

Metal roofing is gaining a lot of popularity lately, as such a roof is lightweight, easy to install even on an existing roof, low maintenance, resistant in any type of weather and with an expected lifespan of 50 years and even longer.

Benefits of Replacing Your Roof

Replacing your roof is one of those projects that nobody is eager to start because it involves a lot of preparations (budgeting, finding a good roofing company etc.) and your home and yard will look like a worksite, for a couple of weeks.

However, replacing your roof is a smart improvement that will come with significant benefits, if the installation of the new roof is performed correctly and you opt for quality materials.

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Even if it is a big investment, it makes sense to do it, especially if your existing roof is close to reach the end of its lifespan. With a new roof, installed by exemplary Colorado Springs roofing companies, you will be protected for a very long time and there is nothing like having peace of mind knowing that your house is well-protected from the elements.

Some other benefits you get for investing in a roof replacement:

A new roof is more energy efficient

Modern roof systems are made from improved materials and insulation that provide a strong seal against the weather. You will sense the difference in your lower energy bills and the increased thermal comfort in your home.

You get warranties

For a new roof system, you must get manufacturer’s warranty (some materials come with 40-50 year warranties!) and also workmanship warranty.

A new roof improves the aspect of a building

There are many beautiful materials to choose that come in different textures and colors. You can match them easily with other details of the house to create a style and an overall nice and neat appearance.

All in all, a new roof brings high return on investment, because the resale value of the building is greatly improved.

Can Roofers Help with Roofing Damage Insurance Claims?

When disaster strikes and your roof gets damaged, it is time to make an insurance claim. However, many homeowners are reluctant about this because they either think making a claim will raise their premiums, or they will not get the right amount of compensation to do the necessary repairs. However, hiring a reputable Colorado Springs roofer to assess the damage can help you with the insurance claim.

Colorado Springs roofing companies can help with insurance claim damage assessments

First, good Colorado Springs roofing companies have a reputation among local insurance agents and claim adjusters, and you will have peace of mind that your claim will be considered valid and the work will be done correctly.

You can also transfer a lot of detail work to your roofer when it comes to deciding if the claim should be made at all, getting accurate estimates, meeting with the claim adjuster to detail the damage and the necessary repairs, as well as completing paperwork.

An accurate estimate is the most important thing to base your insurance claim on. When the roofing company knows the insurance claim process, things will go smoothly for you, without wasting your time or the opportunity to receive the right amount of compensation and repair your roof as quickly as possible.


How the Winter Effects Roofs

Winter has not yet fully taken over, but we are already concerned about the low temperatures we have to cope with, the cold, the ice and the snow. Homeowners have even more things to worry about, because ice dams and snow are the enemies of roofs, gutters and downspouts.

Colorado Springs roofing companies can help winterize your roof

Fortunately, there are solutions so that winter does not affect your roof. De-icing systems can be installed before the arrival of the cold season, so that you can stay safe and have peace of mind all winter long. With a de-icing system, you will not have to worry about cleaning the snow from the roof or find safe ways to melt the ice dams. It will keep you away from the specific problems of the cold season that affect the roof:

  • Preventing the accumulation of snow and ice on the roof and the damage they cause
  • Preventing the infiltration of water below the roof
  • Preventing accidents caused by falling icicles
  • Keeping the roof clean and dry throughout the winter, allowing heat and light to play their role without hindrance from the thick layer of snow on the house

Beyond these aspects, however, de-icing systems also come with a number of long-term and very long-term benefits that go beyond functionality. For example, professionally installed by Colorado Springs roofing companies, they do not require maintenance or involve maintenance costs; on the contrary, in the long term, such a system can help you save money, time and effort, as there will be no need for annual roof repairs, facade restoration, changing the tiles cracked because of frost-thaw cycles etc.

How to Decide Between Metal and Asphalt Roofing

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Among the most important parts of the home is the roof. Each material used for roofing comes with its pros and cons. Asking people which of them to use for roofing a home will result in different answers. Asphalt shingles are known to be used by the majority and are very popular among homeowners. However, there are other options for those looking to try something different.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs, for example, are a great choice for homeowners looking into different roofing materials. They are known to be energy efficient and can withstand for many years with little maintenance needed. An average lifespan of a metal roof is about 40 years and because they last a long time, it will probably be the only roof that one will have to replace during their lifetime.

Metal roofs can be a viable option for homeowners but commercial building owners as well. They can also be customized as their design can come in many different styles and colors, giving the building a unique appearance. An example of a popular material used for metal roofing is aluminum. Aluminum metal roofs can withstand other deterioration that can affect asphalt roofs in general such as fungus, moss, and mold and it is not affected by pests.

Asphalt Roofs

Asphalt roof shingles are common for most residential properties. They come in two forms: organic and fiberglass. Both of them offer good protection against exterior elements. Fiberglass is considered higher quality than organic, as it offers better protection such as doing a better job at waterproofing and has better resistance to fire. Overall, asphalt shingles are still a good choice for new homeowners. Not only do they offer excellent protection, but the material itself is very affordable. Asphalt offers many colors choices to choose from and in comparison to metal, they do a better job in improving the curb appeal of the property.

How to decide between metal and asphalt roofing does not rely solely on preference, but climate zone, the structure and also the owner’s budget. In hot climate zones, metal roofing will do a better job of protecting the building by reflecting a part of the energy coming from the sun, maintaining a cooler overall temperature in the home. When it comes to appearance, metal does not compare to asphalt roofs and it is more affordable for most people, however, it does not last as much and it requires a bit more maintenance. Consult with trusted Colorado Springs roofing companies to decide what roof is best for your home and budget.

Do the Seasons Impact Roof Repairs?

Best time for Colorado Springs roofing companies to preform roofing services

People often wonder why Fall is the best season for repairing a roof and how different weather conditions have an effect on repairs. Having roof maintenance in the Fall is ideal for having maintenance work done on the roof because of the ideal temperatures and little humidity.

Roof Repairs During Spring and Summer

Spring brings back the mild temperatures of Fall and can also be an ideal time for a roof maintenance project. Also, the availability of roofing contractors is a huge benefit and people can save a lot on material prices. However, spring is known to have mild showers from time to time, making it a bit difficult to find the right moment to begin the maintenance.

Because of the extreme temperatures, Summer is not ideal for roof maintenance, especially for workers. Spending too much time on the roof, under the hot summer sun can cause a lot of issues for the workers. Weathers in Summer can be unpredictable. One moment the sun may be shining and the next, there is a thunderstorm, impeding any progress made on roof repairs, while the home remains exposed to the elements.

Roof Repairs During Fall and Winter

Extreme weather conditions such as the high temperatures of summer, or the frigid conditions of winter can hurt the repairs, as well as the workers that do the work. Late Summer and early Fall is ideal. The temperatures begin to cool a bit and the rainy days of Fall are a bit further away. A major disadvantage of Fall is that Colorado Springs roofing companies are in high demand during this season, and finding available one can prove a bit of challenge.

Same as in the summer, winter working conditions are not ideal. Not only will the worker be less productive due to the frigid weather, but the materials and work itself may also suffer. Sealants won’t adhere correctly, making it more difficult to install new shingles. If there is no emergency present, roofing maintenance in the Winter should be avoided.