How to Look for Hidden Leaks and Roofing Damage


One of the most important things when you are trying to take care of your residential roofing system is to look out for leaks and any other types of water infiltration that can occur. That’s because small leaks can turn into big ones that can cause very serious problems. One way of checking for leaks is to use light to check for any small spaces between the tiles, sheets, shingles or slates of the roof. Just go up under the roof on a sunny day and watch where light is coming in from. Follow the beam and you will find your leak.

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Another way of checking for damage in your residential roofing system is to have it scanned using an infrared camera attached to a drone. Innovative Colorado Springs roofing companies use improved technology to complete roof inspections, in order to find any potential hotspots that can in time damage the roofing materials or dips in the materials used. If materials have shifted, even if you can’t see it with the naked eye, it can cause some serious problems. That’s because shifted materials can cause water to flow unnaturally and even puddle atop of your roof. That can lead to infiltrations and even cause corrosion on some of the roof’s components.

Should You Try Installing Your New Clay Roof on Your Own?

A lot of home owners think that a clay roof is a pretty good solution for their homes. And they are usually right. That’s because besides the fact that a roof out of clay tiles looks good, it has several advantages to it. But what people should never attempt is installing that roof on their own. Installing a roof should always be left to knowledgeable Colorado Springs roofing companies that know how to handle delicate materials, such as clay tiles. Although they can withstand different natural elements, these tiles are quite fragile until they are installed, and need to be handled with great care.

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Another reason why installing a clay roof on your own isn’t a good idea is that when installing any type of roof, special safety measures have to be taken. This goes extra when dealing with a sloped roof covered in slippery tiles. In order to make sure that the tiles are properly installed, roofers have to climb onto the roof and actually walk on them from time to time. That can be quite dangerous, if they are not wearing protective gear and they don’t take the proper safety precautions. That’s why installing a roofing system on your own is never a good idea.

Roof Maintenance and Repair – Tips for Home Sellers

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Many prospective buyers do not want to buy a home that needs immediate renovation. This is why you have to consider some home improvements before you can sell it. Make sure you take into account both aesthetic and economic renovation works. If a home seems in need of urgent repairs, buyers tend to worry that they will be very expensive and time consuming. And when it comes to the roof, they are right!

The roof is that element of a house that can make or break a real estate transaction. That`s because of its high visibility. The roof is the first exterior element of a house that people notice, so it can make a great impression if it looks intact and clean. On the other hand, people do not like to see a roof affected by wear and tear, as it makes them think of indoor discomfort and other problems associated with humidity and lack of energy-efficiency.

If you want to have better chance to sell your home fast and for good money, you should definitely consider calling reputable Colorado Springs roofing companies for an inspection and roof renovation. It will cost you only a fraction of the home selling price and it is a well-worthy investment, especially in a real estate market flooded with houses that tend to have impeccable-looking roofs.



HOA Decisions and Large Scale Roof Installation

When it comes to a large-scale roof installation, you will have to take into consideration different aspects, one of them being to plan your project according to your HOA`s guidelines.

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Don`t worry, nobody will mind you getting a new roof, but you may have to comply with certain styles or materials, which are set to ensure a uniform look and feel of the neighborhood and respect certain safety requirements. It is not about identical homes, so you will have plenty of room to express yourself as you wish, even while respecting your HOA`s set of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions.

So, preferably, you should start with reading these guidelines carefully before talking to your HOA recommended Colorado Springs roofing companies. Keep in mind that you had essentially signed up for them when you purchased your home in your HOA neighborhood.

Certain roofing materials and styles may not be mentioned at all in the CCRs. If the roof you want to install on your house is not specifically prohibited, you may be able to get it, but first you will have to ask your HOA to make an allowance, and the board will analyze your wish.

A large-scale roof installation represents a big project, and it is essential to follow the proper procedures and make your communication with your HOA leadership as proactive as possible.

3 Reasons to opt for a Professional Roofer for Basic Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance is the process of regularly inspecting and cleaning the roof structure with the purpose of revealing the faults that affect it and of prolonging its life span by removing any dirt and debris that could damage it. The process can be handled by amateurs, but amateur roofing work usually causes more harm than good, so the best way to get it handled is by hiring Colorado Springs roofing companies with attention to detail for the job.

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Here are some arguments that will convince you to:

  • Safety – any type of work performed on roofs, including roof maintenance, holds dangers, especially for people who are not experienced in performing work at heights. Professional roofers are used to moving around on roofs and performing difficult work in awkward positions and they are also familiar with the necessary safety gear so they can perform the maintenance of your roof respecting all safety related rules.
  • A trained eye to perform the inspection – professional roofers have experience in detecting even the tiniest roofing issue, therefore hiring a specialist to maintain your roof will help you tackle issues when they are still easy to solve.
  • Warranty – the best roofers stand by their work; therefore, the maintenance process that they perform will come with a warranty.

How a Brand New Roof Can Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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A new roof that is properly installed by distinguished Colorado Springs roofing companies and made from a carefully chosen material comes with many benefits. One of them is to improve the curb appeal of your home. Here is how your new roof will improve the aesthetics of your entire property:

  • A color harmonizing with the rest of the architecture – roof color chosen to match the accents or the principal wall color can pull the design of the entire building together. It can confer on your entire property a harmonious appearance that is a pleasure to look at.
  • Blending into the environment – the roof color is an essential element that will integrate your building into the environment made up by the other buildings surrounding your property. It can also make your home stand out.
  • Complementing or contrasting your landscape – the color chosen for your roof will also work together with the landscape you have around your building, either by creating an organically unified appearance or by creating contrast for your building. To improve the desired effect, you can choose to have one single color on your roof or you can opt for a material that comes in a variety of colors, or in a variety of hues of the same color.

Are Asphalt Shingles Still Popular in Colorado?

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The market of roofing materials is extremely varied and diversified these days, but asphalt shingles still seem to maintain their leading position when it comes to popularity in Colorado. Here are some of the features that make the option so great for the region:

  • variety in terms of quality levels – asphalt shingles are no longer just the thin pieces that are suitable only for buildings in milder climates. Asphalt shingles offered by leading Colorado Springs roofing companies today come in a variety of quality levels, from plain and simple varieties to really sturdy, impact resistant varieties that can stand up to gale-force winds as well as to the impact caused by even the largest hail;
  • Attractive appearance – asphalt shingles come in such a large variety in terms of appearance that there is surely at least one product suitable for any building. Asphalt shingles also come in a wide range of colors, a feature that also gives building owners the freedom to choose the style that meets their architecture’s features;
  • Easy installation and care – asphalt shingles are quick and easy to install and extremely easy to take care of. All you will need to do to ensure that your asphalt roof is in the best condition at all times is to clean it and to inspect it, want to address any fold that you detect during the check.

Is There a Shortage of Roofing Materials in Denver?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all segments of the industry in many ways, including the construction segment and the roofing business in particular. One of the harmful effects of the global health crisis is the shortage of building materials of all types, including roofing materials and the resulting increase in pricing that has been slowing down the pace at which construction projects can be accomplished.

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The problem of the disrupted supply chain and of hiking prices is not unique to Denver, to Colorado or to the USA – the lockdowns have led to material and labor shortages as well as to increasing tariffs all over the world. To help the companies and individuals engaged in building projects plan for the next phase in their project, many professional organizations now publish official information about the availability of the most common building materials, but the secret to being able to finalize those projects while also minimizing the related stress lies in flexibility, patience and the ability to reschedule processes. Professional organizations hope that the crisis will resolve soon, but until then, they also recommend building companies and clients to try and prolong the deadlines for their project milestones for as long as possible.

Talk to principled Colorado Springs roofing companies to find out how supply chain problems have impacted roofing completion.

Tips on Choosing the Best Upgrades for Your New Roof

If you have made up your mind to get a new roof and the new structure will be similar in type to the old one, you might still want to implement some upgrades to make your new roof more efficient than the old one used to be. Here are some of the best most efficient upgrades that are certainly worth your money:

  • Adding chimneys with chimney caps – the chimney is an often neglected roof feature, but an incomplete or incorrectly working chimney can waste your money by wasting precious energy make sure that your new roof is installed with modern chimneys fitted with adequate chimney caps;
  • Adding roof vents – roofing ventilation is another often neglected aspect of how roofs work. According to residential Colorado Springs roofing companies, to be able to maintain your roof in good condition for a long time and to ensure that it is as energy efficient as can be, you need to ensure that the air can circulate properly underneath the roof. To achieve that you need at least one vent at the base of the roof and another one at the top right under the ridge or, if you have a flat structure, you will need adequate vents installed in important points.

The Main Environmental Stressors to Guard Your Colorado Springs Roof Against

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Colorado Springs is a wonderful city, but it is also one that gets nasty weather often. The roofing component that protects buildings from that nasty weather is the roof, but it also needs protection from those elements – here are the most important environmental stressors that your Colorado Springs roof needs protection from:

  • Thick snow in winter – snow is very heavy and is among the common causes of severe roof sagging as well as of roof collapse. The best way to prevent that is through regular roof cleaning – you can either hire dependable Colorado Springs roofing companies for the job or get a roof rake and remove the snow from the roof whenever the snow blanket becomes too thick;
  • The heat of the summer – the UV radiation that comes with summer can also be harmful for your roof, the best way to protect your roof from that being with the help of UV protective roof coatings;
  • Storms and winds – while regular, professional maintenance can strengthen your roof and can enable it to stand up to storms more efficiently, if you think that even more protection is needed, you can install special brackets to protect the roof from being lifted up by the wind.