Is There a Shortage of Roofing Materials in Denver?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all segments of the industry in many ways, including the construction segment and the roofing business in particular. One of the harmful effects of the global health crisis is the shortage of building materials of all types, including roofing materials and the resulting increase in pricing that has been slowing down the pace at which construction projects can be accomplished.

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The problem of the disrupted supply chain and of hiking prices is not unique to Denver, to Colorado or to the USA – the lockdowns have led to material and labor shortages as well as to increasing tariffs all over the world. To help the companies and individuals engaged in building projects plan for the next phase in their project, many professional organizations now publish official information about the availability of the most common building materials, but the secret to being able to finalize those projects while also minimizing the related stress lies in flexibility, patience and the ability to reschedule processes. Professional organizations hope that the crisis will resolve soon, but until then, they also recommend building companies and clients to try and prolong the deadlines for their project milestones for as long as possible.

Talk to principled Colorado Springs roofing companies to find out how supply chain problems have impacted roofing completion.

Tips on Choosing the Best Upgrades for Your New Roof

If you have made up your mind to get a new roof and the new structure will be similar in type to the old one, you might still want to implement some upgrades to make your new roof more efficient than the old one used to be. Here are some of the best most efficient upgrades that are certainly worth your money:

  • Adding chimneys with chimney caps – the chimney is an often neglected roof feature, but an incomplete or incorrectly working chimney can waste your money by wasting precious energy make sure that your new roof is installed with modern chimneys fitted with adequate chimney caps;
  • Adding roof vents – roofing ventilation is another often neglected aspect of how roofs work. According to residential Colorado Springs roofing companies, to be able to maintain your roof in good condition for a long time and to ensure that it is as energy efficient as can be, you need to ensure that the air can circulate properly underneath the roof. To achieve that you need at least one vent at the base of the roof and another one at the top right under the ridge or, if you have a flat structure, you will need adequate vents installed in important points.

The Main Environmental Stressors to Guard Your Colorado Springs Roof Against

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Colorado Springs is a wonderful city, but it is also one that gets nasty weather often. The roofing component that protects buildings from that nasty weather is the roof, but it also needs protection from those elements – here are the most important environmental stressors that your Colorado Springs roof needs protection from:

  • Thick snow in winter – snow is very heavy and is among the common causes of severe roof sagging as well as of roof collapse. The best way to prevent that is through regular roof cleaning – you can either hire dependable Colorado Springs roofing companies for the job or get a roof rake and remove the snow from the roof whenever the snow blanket becomes too thick;
  • The heat of the summer – the UV radiation that comes with summer can also be harmful for your roof, the best way to protect your roof from that being with the help of UV protective roof coatings;
  • Storms and winds – while regular, professional maintenance can strengthen your roof and can enable it to stand up to storms more efficiently, if you think that even more protection is needed, you can install special brackets to protect the roof from being lifted up by the wind.

What Should You Do When Fixing Your Roof Is Much Too Expensive?

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Getting a roof repaired or replaced are expensive home renovation projects, for some homeowners, these two types of fixes are actually the two costliest and most dreaded upgrades they will ever have to face. If you have requested several quotes for the fix you need and all seem out of reach financially, you must know that there are several good ways to make the roof job affordable. Here are some:

  • Shop around for materials – the market of roofing materials is very rich and the quotes you have received from local Colorado Springs roofing companies are likely to provide the prices provided by the particular suppliers that the roofers work with. Try to find more options online – whatever material you need, it is probably offered for discounted prices somewhere;
  • Schedule the fix for off-season – most roofing jobs can be safely performed outside the peak season, too. Roofers usually work for lower labor rates between fall and spring, so try to get your fix scheduled for that period;
  • Do some of the work yourself – you should not attempt complicated repairs or roof replacement on your own, but you might try replacing that damaged shingle or gutter section safely to save some money.

Re-Roofing Your Home – The Key Points You Have to Know About

Getting your old roof removed and a new one installed is a difficult and costly project that you should plan carefully and the steps of which you should be familiar with. Here are some essential key points:

  • The importance of using the right materials – the material that your new roof will be made from will determine not only the amount of money that you will have to spend on the roof, but the durability and the appearance of the new structure as well. You need some research to be able to make the best choice, so take the time to find the material that is suitable for your climate area as well as for the style of your building;
  • The condition of the roof frame – another important thing to decide is whether you should replace only the roofing cover or the deeper layers also need to be replaced. To be able to make the best decision, call a professional roofer to check the old roof;
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  • Choosing the right contractor – you need knowledgeable, experienced and reliable Colorado Springs roofing companies who are properly licensed and insured. You will also want a roofer who specializes in installing the type of roofing that you have on your home.

Reasons to Invest in Slate Roofing

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Slate is an attractive, natural roofing material, one of the most durable and most traditional options. Consisting of slabs of stone cut manually, slate systems are not the cheapest, they are surely heavy and their installation requires special expertise, but their incredible qualities still make the option an excellent choice. Here is why:

  • Longevity – natural stone has been standing up to the elements for millions of years, the roofs built from the material being the most durable systems, with a longevity of over 100 years;
  • Resistance – slate resists to whatever the weather brings about, including rain, snow, wind and sunshine. Colorado Springs roofing companies with extensive experience confirm that the material is non-combustible, making the perfect choice for fire-prone areas and no rodents, termites and other pests can harm it;
  • Increased property value – slate roofs are appreciated by potential buyers, too, allowing sellers to increase their asking price;
  • Unparalleled beauty – no other roofing material can match the elegance and style of slate. There are no two slabs that are completely the same and natural stone features many different shades and grains.

If slate seems like an attractive solution, you should be aware that the material is very heavy and quite brittle, being sensitive to impact.

Summer Roof Protection Tips

Summer might be the favorite season of many of us, but it is also a period that is difficult for roofs, a period of high heat, strong UV radiation and strong storms, too. Roofs being exposed to so much during the summer, they need all the protection they can get to be able to stand up to all the challenges – Colorado Springs roofing companies offer roof protection measures and maintenance tips that you can implement:

Colorado Springs roofing companies

  • Regular inspections – your roof needs to undergo two detailed, professional inspections a year, one in spring and one in fall, but it is a good idea to perform additional checks after storms and prolonged rainy periods. Stepping up the frequency of the inspections makes sure that any roof fault is caught when it is still small;
  • Trim your trees – large trees keep shade and improve the quality of the air on your property, but any limb that overhangs the roof can be broken and dropped onto the roof by winds and storms. To prevent that from happening, regularly inspect your trees and cut off any branches that seem weakened;
  • Maintain the drainage system – regularly cleaning, inspecting and, if necessary, repairing the gutters and the downspouts is essential for ensuring proper water shedding from the roof.

What is the Significance of the R-Value?

When used in the description of construction materials, the R-value is the indicator of the material’s capacity to resist heat transfer from one side of the material to the other – in other words, the value represents the efficiency of the insulation provided by the material. As a general rule, the higher the R-value, the higher the efficiency of the insulation provided by the rated material.

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Every material and every substance can be rated based on its resistance to heat transfer, air just as well as cement or fiberglass. The value usually becomes important when the materials are chosen for a construction project – whether it is a residential, commercial or industrial construction, the R-value of the materials chosen will determine how energy-efficient the building is from top to bottom, how much money the building owner will have to spend on heating and cooling the building and how large the building’s environmental footprint will be. The building materials and products for which the R-value is an important feature include wall and roof insulation, siding panels, flooring, doors and windows. Whatever the product type that you need, it is recommended by quality conscious Colorado Springs roofing companies to choose the material with the highest R-value to ensure that you maximize your building’s thermal efficiency.

The 3 Most Important Benefits of Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Asphalt shingles are undoubtedly the most common and most popular materials used on pitched roofs throughout the nation and homeowners prefer the solution to many others for good reasons.

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Here are some of the most important benefits of the option:

  • Affordability – asphalt shingles come in various quality levels, but even high-end varieties are among the most affordable options;
  • A wide range of designs – Credible Colorado Springs roofing companies assure us that asphalt shingles come in an extremely wide array of designs. While some varieties display a typical asphalt shingle look, others are made to replicate high-end materials, such as wood or slate. The color options available with asphalt shingles are also very wide, from traditional colors, such as shades of brown and grey or terracotta to unusual, modern hues, such bright red, blue or black;
  • Suitability for various climates – while simple asphalt shingle varieties are recommended mostly for climate areas that are not prone to extreme events, such as hurricanes or strong hail, high-end shingle options can easily withstand harsh weather. There are options suitable even for homes in areas prone to storms and hail – impact resistant shingles are extensively tested among laboratory circumstances to ensure their suitability for regions frequently hit by large hail and the often get high winds.

Spring Residential Roof Maintenance Tips

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When spring comes, it is time for cleaning not only inside the house and for your landscape, but for your roof, too. Esteemed Colorado Springs roofing companies affirm that spring roof maintenance is an essential task for ensuring that your roof is strong enough to withstand the heat, the strong UV radiation and the storms that usually accompany the summer months – here are the tasks involved:

  • Roof cleaning – even the mildest winter leaves behind some debris on the roof surface and in the gutters. When removing all that dirt, start working at the top of the roof and progress towards the gutters. You can use a broom on a long stick or a garden hose, but stay away from the pressure washer, for the strong jet might damage the roof surface;
  • Gutter cleaning – when the roof surface is clean, it is time for the gutters. Use a scraping tool to remove all the debris and dirt that can cause clogs and collect everything in a bucket to prevent the mess;
  • Inspections – inspect your roof surface and the gutters to find any damage. Look for small signs as well and pay special attention to the sensitive areas, such as the flashing in the roof valleys;
  • Repairs – the issues that you find need to be fixed right away.