Spring Residential Roof Maintenance Tips

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When spring comes, it is time for cleaning not only inside the house and for your landscape, but for your roof, too. Esteemed Colorado Springs roofing companies affirm that spring roof maintenance is an essential task for ensuring that your roof is strong enough to withstand the heat, the strong UV radiation and the storms that usually accompany the summer months – here are the tasks involved:

  • Roof cleaning – even the mildest winter leaves behind some debris on the roof surface and in the gutters. When removing all that dirt, start working at the top of the roof and progress towards the gutters. You can use a broom on a long stick or a garden hose, but stay away from the pressure washer, for the strong jet might damage the roof surface;
  • Gutter cleaning – when the roof surface is clean, it is time for the gutters. Use a scraping tool to remove all the debris and dirt that can cause clogs and collect everything in a bucket to prevent the mess;
  • Inspections – inspect your roof surface and the gutters to find any damage. Look for small signs as well and pay special attention to the sensitive areas, such as the flashing in the roof valleys;
  • Repairs – the issues that you find need to be fixed right away.

Reasons to Select a BBB A+ Rated Roofer

If you are currently planning a large-scale roofing project, such as a partial or complete roof replacement, you surely want to make sure that you work with a reputable roofer, whose work is highly appreciated by previous clients. One of the best ways to find out about roofer reputation is to check the list of the Better Business Bureau website and to pick an A+ rated company.

Colorado Springs roofing companies

Here are some things that you should know about BBB and their A+ rating:

  • What the BBB is – BBB is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting market trust since 1912. They have two major areas of activity: rating the performance and the reliability of businesses based on a large set of criteria and the facilitation of resolution in the case of disputes;
  • How BBB rates businesses – the BBB rating system uses categories marked with letters, A+ being the best rating and F being the worst. Colorado Springs roofing companies with an A+ rating (the rating that you should be looking for with your roofer) have obtained at least 97 points out of 100 during the BBB evaluation, which means that you can be confident that the services you receive will be the very best.

Patching vs. Reroofing

After a while, every roof needs replacement or at least some repairs. The roof’s health has a major impact on the safety of the people living under it and the building itself, so all defects or problems must be dealt with swiftly.

When you notice that the condition of your roof has become questionable, you must carry out a careful inspection, which will help you to decide whether the roof needs to be replaced, or some repairs will do. This inspection should be done by roofing specialists, who know what to look for, due to their technical knowledge and experience.

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Most problems can be repaired if the damage is not too extensive, and the roof – not too old. Patching leaks and replacing broken tiles are common operations that must be done as soon as the problem occurs, precisely to prevent bigger damage that would require reroofing. However, when disaster strikes and a large area of ​​the roof gets damaged, experienced Colorado Springs roofing companies confirm that patching repairs may be inefficient and, in this case, your roofer will recommend you a system replacement. If you will keep repairing an inefficient roof (because you WILL have to repair it very often!), you`ll end up paying more than for replacing it, not to mention the discomfort you will experience, poor energy efficiency etc.

Reroofing is also recommended when the roof is old.

Key Reasons to Have a Home Inspection Before Buying a Home

If you have found a home that seems suitable for your needs and requirements, you have the right to have many types of inspections performed by professionals to ensure that the systems and components of the property are in the condition that the seller says they are.

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There are many reasons why home inspections are highly recommended before committing to the purchase – here are some:

  • Peace of mind – buying a home is a huge investment and a huge responsibility. A home inspection performed by an expert can ensure that your new home is safe and solid or it can reveal hidden faults that you should know about to be able to make an informed final decision;
  • Giving you a better negotiation position – the home inspection might reveal issues that you might consider easy to solve, but that can give you arguments to lower the buying price. For example, if the inspection reveals a minor roofing issue and you know of good Colorado Springs roofing companies that can fix it, you can negotiate a better price knowing that the problem can be solved easily;
  • Forecasting future expenses – the home inspection might reveal issues that are not yet serious, but need to be addressed soon. Knowing what you will need to repair on your new home soon will help you prepare for the related expenses and to be prepared for the unexpected.

Pros and Cons of Residential Copper Roofing

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When it comes to metal roofing, copper is one of the materials that can be used. A copper roof is bold and shiny and comes to be chosen due to its particularly beautiful aspect.

For centuries, copper roofs have covered the most famous architectural masterpieces in Europe. If you decide to choose this roofing solution, you should know that its value will not decrease, which means that you will never lose your investment. Also, a copper roof is recyclable.

Other benefits:

With a copper roof, maintenance and repairs are almost non-existent. You probably know from personal experience or have heard from others that roof maintenance and repairs can be time consuming, frustrating and expensive, at least in the case of certain types of roofs. With copper roofs you will not have such hassles. In addition, in demand Colorado Springs roofing companies confirmed that such a roof will withstand even the most severe weather conditions, year after year; it will not catch fire, rust, corrode, nor require additional coating and repainting.

The only disadvantage of a copper roof is its price. The costs will be quite high, but this is only a relative disadvantage: the money will be recovered due to the durability of the roof and the savings in terms of maintenance and repairs.

What Kind of Roofing Materials Offer Energy Efficiency

Contemporary buildings are more than just bricks and mortar. Today’s designers and builders can choose from a wide range of energy-efficient materials to create buildings that combine interior comfort with low energy consumption costs and low environmental impact. This also applies to roofs.

The roofs receive solar energy every minute, which is why you must also consider purchasing an energy efficient roof. In this regard, you must consider the following aspects: materials, colors, insulation and ventilation.

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The most energy efficient roofing materials installed by Colorado Springs roofing companies are natural materials such as ceramic tiles and wood shingles, but we can also add metal shingles and we are going to explain why. But let`s take them one at a time.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are made of natural ingredients, being a mix of earth, water and fire. This type of roof provides natural insulation, which means that it maintains indoor temperature constant, in any season, reducing both heating and cooling costs.

Wood shingles and shakes

Wood is another natural material excellent when it comes to thermal insulation properties. A wooden roof can keep the heat in during the cold season and also acts as a barrier against the sun, preventing the house from getting too hot in the summer. It also has great humidity and moisture control properties that contribute to the overall energy efficiency.


Metal roofing is energy efficient especially in warm and sunny climates, due to its natural reflective properties. A metal roof reflects the sun rays, so it does not absorb the heat – which can significantly reduce the cooling costs.

Tips How to Identify and Prevent Snow Damage to Your Roof

Colorado Springs roofing companies protect your roof from snow damages

Snow and ice are natural occurrences in winter, things that we look forward to and many of us love, too. However, winter weather brings much less happiness for roofs – both snow and ice can press hard on roofing surfaces and on gutters and freezing temperatures can also be harmful. Identifying snow damage in time and damage prevention measures are essential for preserving the health of your roof, so here are some tips for you:

  • Prevention – the only way to prevent winter roof damage is to prepare and to fortify the roof before the first frost. Clean the roof and the gutters from any debris, such as dust, twigs, fallen leaves, feathers and other debris, then inspect the structures for any damage that needs attention. Whatever issue you find, fix it or get it fixed right away by recommended Colorado Springs roofing companies to ensure that your roof is at its very best when snow and ice come;
  • Free your roof – both snow and ice dams are very heavy and harmful for roofs, therefore they should be removed from your roof. You can use a roof rake to get snow off the roof, but ice dams are best removed manually, with gentle movements to prevent hurting your roof;
  • Insulate your attic – proper insulation underneath the roof can prevent the formation of ice dams and will also improve the energy-efficiency of your entire home by preventing energy exchange.

The Anatomy of the Roofing System – It’s More than the Shingles!

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The shingles on your roof make up only the outermost, visible layer of the topmost structure on your building – as a matter of fact, any roof consists of much more than the roof covering materials. Here are some of the other major roofing components:

  • The roofing underlayment – this is a layer of roofing felt immediately under the shingles. The underlayment serves the purpose of repelling moisture and of protection against water infiltration;
  • The roof deck – this is the structural support system of the roof. It is usually made from wood or from plywood;
  • The roof ridge – this is the topmost line of sloping roofs, the place where two roof slopes meet at the top;
  • Roof vents – these openings found right under the ridge and at the base of the roof enable roof ventilation by facilitating the movement of air underneath the roof. In demand Colorado Springs roofing companies acknowledge that venting is essential for preventing condensation and roof overheating;
  • Roof valleys – the place where two roof sections meet;
  • Roof flashing – flashing is the term used for the stripes of durable material, such as metal or rubberized materials, installed around roof openings or wherever two roof sections, on the roof valleys meet to strengthen those areas and to prevent the penetration of water.

How to Find the Best Local Roofing Companies to Help You With Common Repairs

Roof replacement experts are relatively easy to spot. All you have to do is ask your neighbor who installed their shiny new roof, and you’ll already have a lead. However, with roof repair it can be a little trickier, since not all roofers who specialize in a certain type of roof are the best at fixing it, and many of those who can do the best job fixing a roof don’t advertise themselves as much as larger roofing companies.

What you should be looking for is a small, family owned roofing business that handles primarily smaller projects. These roofers, even though they are certified and licensed, and they may have been part of the industry for years, focus primarily on helping people out, rather than trying to make huge profits.

They are the ones who will be friendly from the start, advise you on fixing your roof – if possible –rather than replacing it, and give you an honest, written assessment of how much the project will cost.

Colorado Springs roofing companies

You can frequently find Colorado Springs roofing companies online, promoting their services either on social media or on the local map directories. Talk to a few of them, get their quotes, and do a quick background check on each to select the roofer that not only specializes in the type of work you need them for, but can also provide you with an assurance that your roof will be fixed properly.

What Is the Main Difference Between Residential and Commercial Roofing Systems?

When it comes to installing a new roof, it’s important to make the distinction between residential and commercial roofing. While one of them has to do with homeowners and the roofing systems they might install on their homes, the other term refers to roofs that are typically used by business owners for stores, office buildings, warehouses and other commercial buildings.

Of course, a commercial roof doesn’t have to be a flat roof. If you hear that commercial roofers typically specialize in flat roofing systems like built-up roofing or EPDM, that’s simply because those are some of the types that you’ll encounter the most. However, it is possible that a modified house be used for business or that a residential home located in a residential neighborhood have a flat roof and look like most commercial buildings.

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If you want the support of expert Colorado Springs roofing companies who know about both commercial and residential roofing systems, your best choice is to contact a commercial roofer who also does residential roofing on the side. That is because most commercial roofers have started out with small residential roofing projects, and they can still help you out with most of the issues revolving around those types of systems, especially if they still handle residential projects from time to time.