Best Commercial Roof Materials for Colorado Snow

A snow-resistant roof is, first of all, a properly dimension roof. If the roof structure is under-dimension and there are no snow guards, the snow that accumulates on the roof can cause serious problems and significant damage. A layer of 20 cm of snow deposited on the roof causes an additional load of approximately 22 kg /sq m.

snow on roof

Although we tend to ignore the weight of snow because we consider it insignificant, in reality, an incorrect dimension of the roof structure and the use of poor quality materials may have very unpleasant consequences when it snows heavily, such as deformations of the covers and the apparition of cracks. When these problems appear, the only long-term viable solution is to have commercial roofers in Denver restore roof structure and replace the cover, otherwise the deterioration of the roof structure can ultimately lead to its collapse, causing serious damage to the entire building.

Therefore, when installing a commercial roof to resists the Colorado snow it is good to consider lightweight and durable materials. Perhaps the best solutions are TPO and EPDM membranes. These modern materials are very efficient in preventing problems caused by snow, due to their great sealing properties and flexibility in any temperature and weather conditions.

What are the Different Commercial Roofing Options?

Interstate Roofing

Flat roofs vary according to inclination and functionality. Some have a higher pitch than others, and some may have a special complex shape. They can also be used for several purposes. In summer, for example, they can host terraces and some owners even choose to turn them into small gardens. On a flat roof one can also store things such as exterior units of air conditioners.

There are different flat roof options and modern materials provide great protection. Flat roofs were long time covered with a mixture of concrete and gravel, but this solution is not so durable. This type of asphalt becomes fragile over time and cracks are a common occurrence. In addition, this solution is not considered a sustainable one because, during production and installation, chemicals may be released into the atmosphere.

The good news is that Fort Collins Interstate Roofing has new and improved flat roof options, such as a variety of polymer-based composite liquids. They provide a significantly increased efficiency by creating a flexible and resistant membrane that seals the roof.

A flat roof covered with adequate materials is a wise choice for many buildings, being a relatively easy-to-install and low-cost option that offers multiple possibilities for using the space. Its aspect is also an advantage if you want a modern, minimalist house or simply a more particular design.


Understanding Your Roof Warranty

Getting a warranty from Colorado Springs roofing companies for a roof installation is one of the most important aspects of the entire process, considering that a new roof is an expensive investment that must be protected.roof warranty

What can go wrong with a new roof? Modern roofing materials are of high quality, due to the current standards of the manufacturing process. However, many things can go wrong with a new roof, from improper installation to damages caused by severe weather phenomena that we can do nothing about.

As a homeowner, you need to understand that there are two types of standard roof warranties:

  • The product warranty, offered by the manufacturer and providing coverage against defects in roofing materials
  • The workmanship warranty, provided by the roofing contractor and covering workmanship errors

These two types of warranties are completely separate and do not depend on each other. Warranties provided by manufacturers also vary according to the roof materials. There are very durable materials that come with a lifetime-warranty against manufacturing defects, while others carry a limited warranty, so it is good to ask questions before purchasing roofing materials, and have all the important information about them. In some cases, the manufacturer warranty may also be transferable once.

Can Businesses File Storm Damage Claims?

Shortly, yes. Business properties are insured just like private properties and, in case of a natural disaster, owners are perfectly entitled to file a claim and receive compensation from the insurance companies they work with.

A storm may cause different types of damage and interrupt your business. Nobody wants to go through this, but it is best to be prepared, no matter what. Filing the claim is typically followed by scheduling an appointment with an insurance adjuster, who will inspect the damage, review your policy and determine the coverage.  There may be more adjusters involved in the process, if the storm damage is extensive and involves structural damage, loss or property, car damage etc. Adjusters are specialized in different types of damage, so there may be different professionals assigned.

storm damage roof repair

Business owners must be ready to supply as many information about the damage as possible, so they should collect relevant records to prove the value of the damaged structures, inventory or equipment. If your business is put on hold because of the storm damage, prepare financial documents to prove the amount of income lost.  If necessary, have storm damage expert commercial roofers in Denver be ready to provide information about the costs of replacing your roof and/or conducting your business from another location, as well as expenses that continue even as your business is suspended (utilities, advertising etc.).

How to Decide if You Should Repair or Replace Your Roof

Having a good roof above your head is something that everyone wants. The more resistant the roof, the better protection you will get. Considering that winter is close, it is advisable to make sure that your roof is ready to withstand snow and cold temperatures.

roof replacement

Replacing a roof is a long-term investment that even your grandchildren will benefit from. If you hire a team of roofing specialists, you will get the comfort and safety you need.

Unlike a hole in the floor that you likely notice immediately, the wear of the roof is unfortunately not so obvious. Have Colorado Springs roofing companies inspect your roof every season and also schedule a professional check-up twice a year, before and after the season with the most severe meteorological phenomena.

Look for the following signs:

  • Leaks in the attic
  • Broken or missing shingles
  • Deformed shingles
  • Lack of granules on the shingles
  • Mold on the ceiling or cracked paint

If the roof is not too old and the damage has been observed on time and is not too extensive, many of these problems can be fixed. But if the repairs cannot solve the problems anymore, it is time to take into account a roof replacement. Contact a reliable roofer in your area that will make an assessment and help you make the best decision about what needs to be done.


Keeping Your Roof Free of Fall Leaves

The gutters are important for the roof and for the entire building because they are responsible with collecting rain water and evacuating it safely, away from the walls and the foundation.

However, debris accumulates in the gutters (dried leaves, twigs, feathers and excrements from birds etc.) and they may be clogged. This must not be allowed to happen and that`s why gutter cleaning is a maintenance operation recommended to be performed regularly (about once a year).

If you want to have peace of mind for a longer time, you can choose to have a Denver roofer install gutter guards. With their help, large debris has no chance of entering the drainage system. Gutter guards are available in different types and materials. Choose them according to the environment (surrounding trees, windy climate etc.) and the surface of your roof.

gutter guard installation

Gutter screens are installed above the gutters with a simple fastening system that keeps them in place. They keep debris away, but rainwater does not encounter any obstacle and can be evacuated safely.

Gutter screens made from stainless steel are among the best, due to their strength. This material is durable; the thickness is usually 0.7 mm and can be cut to the desired size. The steel does not rust and only shows small wear signs, during time. There are also plastic guards that are very popular because they are affordable, but they will deteriorate faster and, if you do not replace them on time, they will fail providing the protection you need. Another material for gutter guards is aluminum, which has the advantage of looking very good.


Why Composition Shingles are Perfect for Colorado Homes

The altitude in Colorado raises different roofing challenges than in states situated at sea level and requires roofs to meet some standards to withstand the climate, which often consists in sun exposure, ice dam formation, snow and wind. Some parts of the state experience winds at around 100 miles/ hour that may cause major damage to roofs that are not installed properly or made from resistant materials.

roofing materials

Composition shingles are a modern roofing material featuring fiberglass, mineral fillers, asphalt and ceramic granules embedded on the top surface, for extra protection. A composition roof installed by Colorado Springs roofing company experts provides many advantages compared to common asphalt shingles and even to expensive roofing materials such as metal and stone coated metal shingles.

Composition shingles are among the most affordable types of roof coatings. They are also easy to replace, which also reduces the repair costs. They are very durable, having a significantly longer lifespan than asphalt shingles (50 years, compared to 15-20 years). Composition shingles provide very good protection against UV rays, they are fire resistant and prevent the growth of vegetation on the roof. They are also energy-efficient.

From an aesthetic perspective, this roofing material comes in many styles, textures and colors, which make it suitable for different types of Colorado buildings.



The Components of a Flat Roofing System

In the past, flat roofs were predominantly used on commercial and industrial buildings, but nowadays many commercial roofing Denver CO businesses also use flat systems on residential properties.. If you are currently in the process of designing your new home, here are the components that make up flat roof systems:

Denver residential flat roof

  • A roof deck – flat roofs rest on a substrate made from plywood, planks or boards that provide the base of all the other layers of the roof;
  • A vapour barrier – this component is necessary if the roof insulation will be installed on top of the deck (insulation can go underneath the deck as well);
  • Roof insulation – this layer usually consists of a fiberglass mat of the thickness determined based on the climate conditions of the area of installation, but there are other material options available as well;
  • A protection board – this layer goes on top of the insulation if the insulation is on the deck and directly on the deck if the insulation is underneath and it plays the role of evening the surface for the next layer;
  • The base layer – this is the first layer of the actual flat roof and it usually comes in the form of large felt mats rolled out on the surface of the roof and fixed into place with a method of choice;
  • The granulated top layer – the topmost layer of flat roofs consists of special granules to weatherproof the roof and to protect it against water, wind and solar radiations.

Things to Understand About Your New Roof

The roof is one of the most important and most expensive components in any building, so the choice of the most suitable structure and materials needs to be made based on a thorough understanding of how new roofs work and the decision to replace it also needs to be made very carefully. Here are a few tips about how to get a great new roof:

roof installation

  • Go for the best you can get – whatever type of roofing material you choose, there are always several price and quality categories to choose from. Go for the best quality that you can afford – roof installation is something that you don’t want to do every few years, so try to go for the top shelf;
  • Remove the old roof – in most states you are allowed to have two layers of roofing on your home, so you are not required to remove the old roof before you install the new one, but you should. Installing a new roof on top of the old one adds weight to the structure, which can lead to dangerous situations if the old roof had structural problems;
  • Follow all building regulations – it is very important to have Denver roofing companies obtain all the permits and authorizations required for your roofing project and you also need a roofer who is licensed, insured and certified by the manufacturer of your roofing materials to be able to benefit from high quality labor and warranties.

How Impact Resistant Shingles Can Help Your Home

impact resistent shingles

Impact resistant shingles are not only what the name suggests, special shingles designed to resistant to impact, thus providing superior protection for buildings in geographical areas that are prone to hail storms – they are roofing materials that provide increased durability as well. According to leading roofing companies like Interstate Roofing in Fort Collins, here are a few ways that IR shingles can help your home:

  • Quick and easy installation – a very important feature in areas that get lots of storms. If a roof that has conventional shingles is devastated by a storm, there is usually very little time to install the new roof and expert roofers being so busy after big storm, homeowners need materials that they can install themselves;
  • Tested durability – these special shingles undergo extensive impact testing before they are sold – they are tested with high-pressure air guns, steel balls dropped from various heights and various other methods to replicate very strong storms and only when they prove to be durable enough are they sold;
  • Insurance discounts – insurance companies offer state-mandated insurance premium discounts to homeowners who replace their old roof with impact resistant shingles. Homeowners in any climate zone are encouraged to use IR shingles, but the incentives are even more motivating for homeowner in areas that are more prone to hail storms.