How Can You Tell if Your Roof Is Attracting Pests?

Pests and insects are the enemies of most roofing systems, as they have a bad habit of making their nests in some of the most sensitive areas of the roof and causing a lot of trouble. In some cases, they can even cost you a lot of money by creating enough damage that you’ll need to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars on repairs.

So, how can you tell if your roof is infested? The surest way is to have knowledgeable Colorado Springs roofing companies get up there with a ladder and have a fair idea of what you’re looking for. Depending on the type of roof you own, you can expect anything from termites for wood shakes to birds and squirrels making their nests close to the chimney and in areas where your flashing could be damaged, leading to leaks that can cause a lot of damage to the internal structure of the roof over time.

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If your roof is made of an organic material such as wood, then you can already be sure that it’ll attract a lot of pests, so you should already be prepared to deal with them. Using various coatings and advanced types of paint should help prevent most of the damage, and at the same time, you should also take a few precautions to save up, so you’ll have enough money to pay for an exterminator or Colorado Springs roof repair.

Best Holiday Decorations for Your Roof

Most people do not have luxurious interior stairs that can be decorated like in those Christmas movies, nor the fireplace where they can hang socks to be filled with presents. However, for any house there are nice and easy-to-use decor ideas.

outdoor holiday decorating

Decorating the roof is an excellent choice to highlight your house. The effort to create and mount outdoor holiday decorations can be somewhat greater, but the effect is truly extraordinary.

Best holiday decorations for the roof commonly include outdoor Christmas lights and various inflatable objects. You can highlight the edges of your roof in different ways, write Merry Christmas in blinking letters across your roof, have Santa on his sled pulled by reindeers or Santa’s legs poking out of the chimney – the possibilities are numerous!

Whatever you choose, keep in mind the safety of your roof first, because no festive decor is worth damaging the roof and paying for it in terms of money and frustration. According to a well known Denver roofer,do not decorate your roof with solid objects; they may overload it, fall down or be carried away by wind, damaging other outdoor elements. Also, even when you use inflatable decorations, make sure you secure them safely without damaging roofing materials in the process.

Alternatively, you can also consider hiring a professional to securely install holiday decorations on your roof.