The Process of a Large-Scale Commercial Roof Replacement

A roof replacement is something that nobody really looks for considering that it is a complex and costly process. However, every roof has a life cycle and sooner or later its lifespan will end and you will have to do something about it.

A commercial roof is designed to last for about 25 years. Before becoming beyond repair, you will have to start planning the replacement process and make the necessary preparations. Start by hiring a local expert commercial roofing Denver CO contractor that will do a comprehensive survey and include important information about the history of the roof and its existing condition. Then the specialists will suggest you a replacement solution that takes into account your budget, business prioritiy concerns and other important factors.

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When you set up your mind and sign the contract, the roofing team must get to work immediately. The replacement of a large scale commercial roof will take a few days. Flat commercial roof replacement options include EPDM, TPO, metal roofing, elastomeric coatings, modified bitumen, but also green roofs and solar energy solutions. The solution you choose will directly influence the costs, so educate yourself on these materials and find a contractor with experience in commercial roofing. Once the process of the roof replacement is over, make sure you also make a plan for regular maintenance and stick to it.

The Importance and Benefits of Commercial Roof Insulation

Roof insulation is just as important for the performance and durability of commercial roofs as it is in the case of residential construction – whether your commercial roofing is completely flat or it is sloping in a lower or steeper angle, whether it is made from metal, built-up layers, EPDM, TRP, PVC or other, the insulation will make it resistant to water, wind and UV radiation – here are a few more insulation details from commercial roofers in Denver about why you should insulate your commercial roof:

Commercial roofers in Denver install insulation

  • Improved energy efficiency – commercial buildings, especially large ones, are very expensive to heat and cool. Insulation seals the building from above, preventing heat exchange between the building interior and the environment and reducing heating and cooling-related energy bills;
  • Reducing the risk of interior condensation build-up – moisture trapped inside the building can lead to the appearance of mold and mildew, which can lead to health risks as well as to building damage. Proper roof installation can reduce the risk of this type of damage as well;
  • Reduced risk of leaks and of other types of roof damage – roof insulation can efficiently reduce the risk of cracks, holes and other types of structural damage on the roof, thus protecting the building against leaks;
  • Reduced maintenance needs – insulated roofs are easier and cheaper to maintain as well.

How Much Will It Cost to Replace Your Flat Roof or Buy a Residential Flat Roof Replacement?

Most experts can tell you that replacing a roof will cost you thousands of dollars. However, depending on the type of roof you own, the exact amount you’ll have to be dealing with will differ greatly. While an expensive, natural slate or copper roof can cost tens of thousands of dollars to replace, flat roofing systems are actually a lot cheaper, despite the fact that they’re designed as commercial grade roofing structures.

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According to most Interstate Roofing Colorado Springs experts, the average amount you have to pay on an EPDM rubber roof would be about $2,250 to $5,000. This translates to about $2 to $4 per square foot, which is definitely not as much as most people would expect. Depending on whether you also need a few structural upgrades and additional coatings to protect your roof against the elements, that amount might get a little higher, but it still won’t compare with the $20,000+ that you’d normally spend on a sloped roof with all the bells and whistles.

Of course, flat roofs aren’t just designed as high grade options for commercial roof replacement. Some people also prefer to install EPDM and membrane flat roofs as a residential roofing option for their home. In such cases, the costs involved will be even lower, and the choice will definitely be a practical one for people who need a budget-friendly roof.

Should You Be Worried That Your Commercial Roof Is Too Difficult to Maintain?

While it’s true that not all commercial roofing systems are easy to maintain, normally they’re much easier to take care of when compared to large and complex sloped roofing systems that have a lot more elements that you need to worry about. Aside from the exterior areas of the roof, such as your shingles or flashing, you also have to worry about unseen damage brought about by leaks and rot that could affect your decking.

All these issues will not be problem when dealing with an EPDM or metal panel commercial roof. These materials, along with most varieties of membrane roofing, are designed to be as low maintenance as possible, even if they’re not as reliable or durable as sloped roof materials such as slate or concrete.

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Commercial roofing Denver CO low maintenance construction of a good quality flat roof can also be enhanced with the help of various coatings. New chemical and organic treatments are now available to “toughen up” your flat roof and make sure it’s impervious to rain damage and more resilient in the face of fire, hail and wind damage as well.

Buy and install one of the newest versions of the roof you own today, and you won’t have to worry much about maintenance in the near future. The investment will certainly be worthwhile, since it will save you a lot of money that you’d otherwise have to spend on extensive maintenance and repair jobs.

How to Keep Your Employees Happy During a Commercial Roof Replacement Job

So the time has finally arrived for your building to have its roof replaced. Even though it might not be an overly costly or long job, it can still be disruptive when considering your day to day activities. If your office deals with a lot of sensitive data, it stands to reason that your employees might be more stressed and afraid that mistakes could be made and that the data could be affected by inaccuracies.

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What should you do to keep morale high and make sure your employees stay happy and stress free? Here are a few quick tips:

  • Host a fun party where your employees can bring their kids to work and show them around.
  • Offer a few bonuses and organize a contest or two that would repay the best of your employees.
  • Fire up your social media presence and keep in close touch with your employees, listening to their grievances and suggestions.
  • Pay close attention to your management staff, and make sure you hire only individuals who are capable of working in a dynamic environment, where their goal is to serve the company and the employees they are supposed to guide, rather than themselves.

Making sure you surround yourself with the right people is essential, as is boosting your employees’ morale and keeping communication channels open. You also want to make sure you hire commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO professionals that will respect your staff and complete the job as quickly and efficiently as possible. Do all that, and the whole re-roofing job will pass without so much as a smaller incident.

Important Things to Know About Your Flat Roof

When it comes to the design, a flat roof system is antithetical to the typical style of roofs that cover most buildings in the western area of ​​the world. Contrary to the popularity belief that such a roof is not as good as a pitched roof, this roof system actually has many benefits.

Flat roofs were originally developed in the arid climate of the Middle East, where snow accumulations or heavy rains are not a problem. For the same reason, similar systems have been developed on traditional houses in the Southwest America and Mexico.

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Today, commercial roof repair Fort Collins roofing materials offer advanced protection, so a flat roof is just as good as a pitched roof, hence its popularity, especially in the case of commercial buildings.

Among the benefits of such a system are the low costs and the efficient use of all the available space. If in the case of a traditional roof, the surface beneath it cannot be fully used because of the angular slopes and the exterior surface cannot be used at all, the installation of a flat roof will allow the entire use of the whole area both above and below the roof.  A flat roof can be used as a storage space, or to install terraces or green areas.

Different building materials are used in the construction of flat roofs. Asphalt roofs are still the most common, but there are more efficient modern materials made of polymer-based composite liquids that seal the cracks very efficiently and prevent water infiltration.

How Roofers Help HOAs with Insurance Claims

Homeowners within homeowner associations, as well as their board members must deal with insurance claims now and then, for roof damage. In many cases, they deal on their own with the complexities of denials by insurers for various reasons and this is not easy at all.

However, having a roofing contractor meet your insurance adjuster can be very helpful.

As a homeowner, when you file a claim for roof damage, a representative of your insurance company will come to assess the damage, investigate the roof and the surrounding property, review your policy, decide the right compensation in your case and give you green light to contact a roofing company and start the restoration process.

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However, sometimes the adjuster`s evaluation doesn`t seem fair and, if you want to avoid hiring a private adjuster and get into a mini-war with your insurance company you can hire a well known commercial roofing Denver CO contractor to meet the adjuster sent by your insurer, on your property. Experienced roofers will point the exact damage and costs, and you can rest assured that the insurance adjusters will not deliberately miss anything to reduce the level of compensation you deserve.

HOAs must only do the effort to find good roofing contractors, licensed and experienced to assess the roof damage correctly.


Why is it Important to Know How Your Flat Roof Works?

Flat roofs have a degree of uniqueness that is due to the diversity and creativity you can approach this type of roof. On the other hand, a flat roof is more exposed to wear and weather conditions than a classic roof. It must withstand temperature variations, shock temperatures, chemical exposure, UV radiation, traffic, rain, and many other things that may affect it. Therefore, knowing how your flat roof installed by commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO pros is essential.

There are some design requirements to be respected if you want your flat roof to work properly.

  • The slope of a flat roof should be max. 5 degrees and the minimum slope must be at least 2% over the entire roof area
  • Flat roofs must be covered with materials able to withstand corrosion, chemical action and weather conditions
  • They must comply with thermal insulation requirements and prevent water infiltrations and moisture
  • The project should contain exact details of the materials to be used, the structural resistance of the building and the technology to be used for installing the roof
  • In addition to moisture barriers, you should also consider installing double drains that must be incorporated into the roof at a minimum depth of 5 mm
  • A flat roof must be designed to withstand dynamic stress, impact and other mechanical actions throughout its lifespan. It is thus recommended to use solid materials with adequate compressive strength and flexibility.

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How to Keep Moisture Off Your Flat Commercial Roof

Besides the integrity of a flat commercial roof, good insulation is the key to keep moisture away. The basic principle in designing insulation on flat roofs is drainage, which must be one of the details to start with.


In this regard:

flat roof moisture drainage

  • each drainage area must be equipped with at least two drainage points
  • commercial roofing Denver CO drainage experts should ensure that a roof which is only provided with an internal drainage systems should be completed with emergency overflows
  • the roof sump receiver should be placed at least 1m above the structure that extends above the roof plane (attics, roof structure, chimneys, etc.). Otherwise, it may get clogged with dirt or snow, especially when it is located on preeminent parts of the exposed structure
  • these receivers must be so placed and designed as not to affect the structure under the roof
  • the height of the upper side of the receiver must be less than the adjacent level of the roof surface and, at the same time, it must be in the lowest part of the drainage area
  • when using a vapor barrier, it is necessary to have a solution that evacuates water from the vapor protection system too
  • the evacuation area must be embedded beneath the adjacent surface of the roof covering



Signs a Roofing Scam May be Targeting Your Business

things you should know about commercial roofing contractors

Roofing scams operate everywhere and you may encounter one when you least expect it. It is important to know how to identify these so-called roofing contractors and be less vulnerable to fraud.

The roof is a fundamental part of the building and the last thing you want is to have problems with it. The only thing that roofing scams offer are problems, and statistics reveal that many homeowners still fall victims to them, every year. Scammers are very crafty in their approach and execution.

As a thumb rule, you should reject any contractor that shows up at your door, promising you high quality services but asking you money up front and neglecting to offer warranties. Do not sign any agreement before taking the time to check the roofing contractor with the Better Business Bureau and other online resources able to offer customer reviews and ratings. Always look for licensed Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors.

You should also avoid roofers that go door to door after a storm or during periods when the economy is in decline. Some of them offer free inspections only to gain access to your roof and cause intentional damage or claim to observe damage that is not actually there, only to take your money.