Your Home Checklist for July!

Now that the excitement of Fourth of July is behind us it is time to spend a little time on your home maintenance. Taking preventative measures now can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Like having your roof inspected for free with Interstate Roofing. Our experts can take a look and make sure that your roof is in tip-top shape so you won’t have anything to worry about when the next storm comes through. Here are a few other tips from our friends at Houzz on what you can do to keep your home well-maintained this July!

Care for your house inside and out, and enjoy the good times of summer.

Parades and fireworks and clambakes. With summer in full swing, the month of July can seem to zip by. Make the most of your month with these 14 to-dos, covering everything from weekend guests to flag etiquette.

Things to Check Off Your List in an Hour or Less

Clean porch lights. If you have glass light fixtures that are easily removed, bring them inside and wash in a dishpan of warm water with gentle soap. If the fixtures must stay in place, turn the power off and carefully wipe the exteriors with a damp microfiber cloth; dry with a soft cloth. When finished, change lightbulbs as needed.

Check safety devices. Carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors should be tested monthly; replace batteries as needed, and replace the entire device if it is more than 10 years old. Interconnected smoke detectors (when one alarm goes off, they all sound) are the safest because it is more likely that everyone in the house will hear the alarm. Also, take a moment to check the expiration date on any fire extinguishers in the house and replace them if needed.

Clean windows inside and out. Keep that summer sunshine streaming in by giving windows a quick rinse with glass cleaner or a vinegar solution, then squeegee them dry or wipe with a clean microfiber cloth. If you want to avoid using a ladder outside, reach exterior windows with a window-washing hose attachment or telescoping window washer, or hire a window-washing service to get the job done.

Keep landscape fire-safe. If you live in an area with dry summers (such as California), it’s important to remove weeds, fallen leaves, needles and other items that could become fuel in a fire, particularly from the area immediately surrounding your home.

Check out the full list of tips here…

Get Your Home Fourth of July Ready with these 7 Tips!

One of our favorite holidays is right around the corner. At Interstate Roofing we love spending time with our families and celebrating our patriotism with a summer barbecue and fireworks. Fourth of July parties are some of the easiest to prepare for because cooking a dozen hotdogs and hamburgers is much easier than roasting a turkey and there aren’t any presents to wrap!

As your favorite Denver roofing company, we took the liberty of finding you an easy list of how to make your Fourth of July celebrations go off without a hitch.

7 Ways to Prep for the Fourth of July

A checklist to get your home ready to celebrate in a safe, fun way.

1. Hang Up a Flag

First things first: No patriotic scene is complete without Old Glory. Whether you want to install a front-entry flagpole or place an in-ground flagpole in your yard, make sure you follow the Flag Code, which states the proper guidelines for displaying the American flag.

We’ve made the Flag Code rules easy to follow: Flag Hanging Dos and Don’ts.

2. Create a Casual Spot for Entertaining
Summer cookouts are best kept fuss-free, and the one for this holiday celebration is no different. A classic picnic table is the perfect outdoor dining spot for hosting friends and family. It takes only one weekend to build your own out of rough-sawn cedar, but it will last for years.

Watch the steps: How to Build a Classic Picnic Table

3. Plan Your Menu
If you haven’t already done so this year, give your grill an annual checkup to ensure safe, efficient cooking. For details, see: Get Your Grill Ready for the Barbecue Season.

Tired of the same old burgers and hot dogs? Don’t be afraid to try your hand at cooking with a charcoal smoker. For those who are truly passionate about BBQ, the investment is well worth it.

4. Choose the Best Fuel for Your BBQ
Fast-lighting briquettes are convenient, but we prefer chemical-free options for fueling up, such as natural briquettes, hardwood lump charcoal, and hardwood logs.
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Summer is HERE, is your home ready?

It has been feeling a lot like summer for a little while now but today, June 21, is actually the first day of summer. So if you have been slacking on getting ready for summer it’s still not too late. Give us at Interstate Roofing a call and we can help you make sure your roof is ready for the summer heat and those afternoon storms. We are proud to be your favorite Denver roofers and are ready to handle all of you roof repairs from everything from hail damage to normal wear and tear

Your Summer Home Checklist

Get your house set for summer with a mix of maintenance musts and breezy room refreshes.

Get a jump-start by prepping your home and garden for warm weather, setting up the perfect drip-dry spot for beach towels, reorganizing the kitchen (hello, smoothie bar), and more. These 15 to-dos cover all the bases, so you can enjoy your month to the fullest.

Traditional Exterior by Jeff Herr Photography

1. Keep an eye on irrigation systems. A faulty sprinkler or irrigation hose that goes unnoticed can quickly cause big problems for your lawn and garden. Make a habit of checking each component once a week, especially in summer.

2. Install screen doors. If you use them, now is the time to take down the storm doors and put up screen doors to let the summer breezes pour in. Be sure to inspect screens carefully, patching holes as needed – even a tiny hole can be enough to let in a mosquito.


Beach Style Kitchen by Denton Developments

3. Reorganize your kitchen. The change in seasons is a good time to rethink how you have things arranged in the kitchen. If there are small appliances you use more in the warmer months (a blender for smoothies, perhaps, or an ice cream maker), move them to a more accessible spot, and you will be more likely to use them. Stations devoted to a certain purpose can also do wonders. If you have children on summer vacation, create a self-help station stocked with healthy snacks. Or create an iced-coffee bar or smoothie-making station for yourself with all needed supplies within reach.

4. Update first-aid kits and emergency supplies. Be prepared for everything from minor snafus to natural disasters with well-stocked first-aid kits in the house and car, plus emergency supplies for your family and pets. Not sure what to include? The American Red Cross has a helpful checklist.
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Call us today and get your roof “summer ready”

It sure feels like summer now and it is the perfect time to take care of the things you have been putting off. One of the things you shouldn’t put off is having your roof inspected for damages. If your roof has been hit by hail recently or in the past, the best time to have a professional look at it is now. At Interstate Roofing our teams of professionals will make sure that your home doesn’t get damaged the next time it rains.

stained deck
Re-stain your deck or fence this summer to preserve the wood’s lifespan. (Photo by Eldon Lindsay)

Summer means cooking out, swimming and, of course, home maintenance. If you’re not sure where to start with that last one, try one of these projects:

1. Power wash

Give your walkways and home exterior a high-power shower, but follow the sprayer’s instructions to prevent damage.

2. Re-stain deck and fence

Whether you hire or DIY, protect exterior wood from the elements.

3. Replace siding

This home facelift is best suited for warmer months conducive to outdoor work.

4. Install a ceiling fan

While inexpensive, ceiling fans provide energy-efficient cooling.

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ceiling fan

To cool off, there’s no better time to install a ceiling fan than summer. (Photo by Summer Galyan)

5. Drain your water heater

Clear the sediment to get more hot water.

MORE: How to Drain and Flush your Water Heater

6. Remodel your kitchen

The ROI for this project averages 74 percent for major redos and nearly 83 percent for minor remodels, according to the “Cost vs Value” report published by Remodeling Magazine in 2014.

7. Build an outdoor kitchen

Outdoor living spaces provide a place to cook and entertain.

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outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens have grown in popularity in recent years. (Photo by Eldon Lindsay)

8. Initiate inspections

Get a checkup on those plumbing problems or faulty electrical.

9. Correct cracked concrete

Repair your buckling walkways and driveway.

10. Invest in new windows

Old windows can leave you feeling a draft, while new ones can cut your home energy costs in summer and winter.

Most damaging hail storm in Colorado

The storm we had on May 8th is breaking records and many homeowners are now waiting to have their homes repaired. If you are or someone you know are among the people who are looking to have their roofs repaired or replaced we at Interstate Roofing are here to help you and your families. Don’t delay and call Interstate today. 

May 8 Hail Storm Breaks Records At $1.4 Billion In Damage  
According to the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, the preliminary losses from the storm are estimated at $1.4 billion.

That passes the previous record-setting storm of June 20, 2009 that cost $845.5 million and the July 11, 1990 storm that cost $1.1 billion, both adjusted for inflation to compare to today’s dollars.

During that storm, golf ball and baseball sized hail damaged homes, cars and businesses.

wheat ridge hail via ahstorey May 8 Hail Storm Breaks Records At $1.4 Billion In Damage

The largest hail pelted areas west of the Denver metro area including Lakewood, Wheat Ridge and Golden.

colorado mills closure 7pkg t890ransfer May 8 Hail Storm Breaks Records At $1.4 Billion In Damage

(credit: CBS)

Most of the Colorado Mills mall will remain closed until the holiday shopping season begins in November because of hail damage.

laradon damage 5 May 8 Hail Storm Breaks Records At $1.4 Billion In Damage

The Laradon School was damaged by a hail storm (credit: CBS)

“The enormous size of the hail hitting densely populated areas of the Denver-Metro during rush hour has contributed to the magnitude of damage caused by this storm,” says Carole Walker, Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association said in a statement. “Add to that Colorado’s population boom, escalating costs to repair high-tech cars and more expensive homes, the insurance price tag on our hailstorms can be expected to continue to rise.”

How Costly will Monday’s Hail Storm Really Be?

denverpost.comThe damage from Monday’s hailstorm was severe and widespread in the Denver metro area, breaking out windows at a university, flooding sections of a hospital and shattering windshields and pummeling roofs on scores of cars. But was the storm destructive enough to make it on to the top 10 list of Colorado’s most damaging hailstorms?

Source: Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Assoc.

“We’re still in a ‘wait and see’ mode,” said Carole Walker, executive director of the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, which tallies the financial cost of storms and natural disasters in Colorado. “But any time we start using sports terms — gold ball, tennis ball or baseball sized — we’re concerned that it’s a catastrophic event.”

A quick scroll through Twitter on Monday turned up plenty of photos from in and around Denver of hailstones that meet those oft-used size comparisons, and a National Weather Service meteorologist confirmed that the largest piece of falling ice reported was 2¾ inches in diameter. It landed near Lutheran Medical Center in Wheat Ridge.

“We got a lot of hail — and it was big and it was ugly,” said Sarah Ellis, a spokeswoman for Lutheran. “The water damage in the hospital was the main damage we had.” Read the full story here…

We know Denver was not the only city in Colorado that got hammered with hail on Monday. There were several cities within the state that fell victim to the brutal force of mother nature. As a leading roofing contractor in the state, Interstate Roofing Inc. has office’s located throughout Colorado including Loveland. Contact our Loveland roofing office for help today.


Interstate Roofing Colorado Springs gives a shout out to Touch-A-Truck event

Interstate Roofing of Colorado Springs Touch-A-Truck Evenr


At Interstate Roofing we are proud to be in the communities that we serve. There are lots of reasons we love being a part of the Colorado Springs community but last weekend, one event reminded us why.

The 7th annual Touch-A-Truck weekend came to Colorado Springs January 27-29. The event, which is hosted by the Junior League of Colorado Springs, allows children to safely explore large work vehicles that could otherwise be dangerous. There are fire trucks, tractors, and other massive construction vehicles with wheels so large even adults can sit inside.

During the event, children are encouraged to get behind the steering wheels, (the keys aren’t in the ignition of course) climb around, and let their curiosity run. All of the money from the event benefits the sponsor, Junior League of Colorado Springs to further their mission and support community programs. Check out some of the fantastic event photos by the Colorado Springs Gazette here.

We love that our community has opportunities where children can see construction vehicles up close and learn how things work. Thank you, Colorado Springs, for making us proud to be your Colorado Springs roofing company.