What Is the Most Durable Type of Roof?

While all roofing materials are designed to provide durable protection to the building they cover, not all materials can stand up to the elements for the same amount of time. Here are some of the most durable materials provided by a Fort Collins roofing company that you can use:

  • Slate – natural stone is among the longest-lived materials available today, making slate roofs the most durable type of roofing that you can choose. The material is quite expensive, heavy and it requires professional Fort Collins roofing company installation, but if you are willing to go the extra mile and to make the extra investment, you will love the unique natural beauty and low-maintenance durability of your roof;
  • Clay tiles – the second most durable roofing material can provide your home protection against the elements for 100+ years;
  • Metal roofing – depending on the metal used in the panels, metal roofs can last for 40-100 years. Besides lifespan, metal roofs come with the benefit of easy installation and low maintenance;
  • Wood shake – usually made from cedar, wood shake roofs add unique beauty and value to your home. Usually warranted for 20-40 years, wood shake roofs are also energy-efficient and resistant to pests, impact and all the elements, all you need to pay attention to being professional installation.

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What Is Roofing Heat Damage?

Fort Collins roofer can repair heat damage

Roofs are designed and built to stand up to a lot, but prolonged heat spells can cause damage in the components of any roof. Here are some of the most common signs of heat damage on your roof:

  • Damage to wood components – excessive heat might cause the wooden components of your roof to expand and crack. Expanding support beams can also stretch other components and cause damage in the flashing stripes and in the caulking;
  • Damage to the shingles – shingles tend to shrink when exposed to too much heat for too long. The process can cause the roofing nails used for the fastening to pop, which causes the shingles to develop blisters and cracks.

A Fort Collins roofer can repair heat damage through the replacement of the damaged components, but if the exposure to excessive heat continues, the issues will come back, so the best way to solve the issue for good is to replace the roof with some heat resistant, reflective material, such as clay tiles. You can also improve your heat-sensitive roof’s resistance by applying special coatings to enable your roof to stand up to heat better or you can paint it to a lighter color that reflects solar heat, thus keeping the surface of the roof cooler even in scorching heat.

How to Safely Clean Your Gutters This Spring

Gutter cleaning should be an important component of your spring roofing maintenance session – without clean, solid, clog-free gutters, your roof cannot eliminate water and excessive raining can damage the entire top section of your home. However, gutter cleaning involves work done standing on a ladder, so you need to pay special attention not only to the efficiency of your work, but also to your safety – here is how:

  • Place the ladder on even ground and fasten it to the roof, too – if the ground on which you want to place your ladder is not sufficiently hard or even, you can use a wood board to straighten it. Place the ladder on the wood board and anchor it to the edge of the roof as well;
  • Get the right tools – find a tool that you can use for scraping off even hard debris and also get a bucket in which you can collect the scraped-off dirt;
  • Wear safe clothes – non-slip boots, comfortable work clothes and sturdy work gloves are essential for your safety while you are cleaning your gutters;
  • Use your garden hose to flush off the downspouts – make sure you de-clog the downspouts, too – leaving them clogged would significantly decrease the efficiency of your gutter pipes.

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If you are uncomfortable on a ladder or do not have the tools to complete this important task, call on Interstate Roofing in Colorado for all your roof and gutter services.

How to Keep Roof Paint from Fading


Colorado Springs roofing companies paint roofsIt is a fact of life that any paint, applied on any surface, fades over time, especially if that paint is applied on a surface that is continuously exposed to UV radiation and the effects of the elements, like in the case of roofs. However, according to expert Colorado Springs roofing companies, the right type of paint, proper care and protection can maintain the attractive color of your roof for as long as possible – here is what you should know about roof paint maintenance:

  • Metal roofs are the most affected – in the case of shingle and clay tile roofs, the color is built into the material itself, therefore fading is much slower than in the case of metal roofs. Metal roofing systems are made up of panels that are painted in the factory after they are manufactured, the paint being the topmost layer on the panels, in direct contact with the elements;
  • Protection is available – metal roofs might fade faster, but they are also very easy to repaint and there are many protective coating products available for preventing the process. The protective top coat also needs to be reapplied every couple of years, but the recoating process will give your roof extra protection against rust as well.

Repairing Your Missing Shingles

Missing shingles from a roof are an unwanted but rather common occurrence, especially in areas prone to severe storms. If you inspect your roof and discover such damage, you should have shingle repair Colorado Springs roofing companies take immediate action and replace the missing shingles, to prevent the problems caused by infiltrated water. The good news is that the repairing process is not that complicated and skilled homeowners can do it themselves, if they have adequate tools and safety equipment.

Before replacing the shingles that have blown off, you must purchase new ones. Considering that older shingles can fade in color, you should take one with you to the store and choose the best color match, otherwise the patch may be unaesthetic.

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Other tools you need for shingle replacement:

  • A nail puller (or a pry bar)
  • A utility knife
  • A hammer
  • Galvanized roofing nails
  • Ladder
  • Safety equipment for working at height

Use the nail puller to remove nails and damaged shingles that may be still attached to the roof. Typically, you will notice four nails: two of them hold the missing shingle and the other two hold the shingle above it. Remove them all and put the new shingle into place. (Never put a new shingle overtop old nails, because you risk damaging it). Nail the new shingle into place, or use adhesive strips, if the shingles have them attached to the bottom.


Saving Energy with a New Flat Roof

If you are in the process of getting a new flat roof installed on your building, you have lots of great, energy-saving options that offer not only the opportunity to reduce the energy bills related to heating and cooling your building, but prolonged lifespan and resistance to the elements as well. Here are a few of your best options:

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  • Cool roofing products – traditionally, cool roofs were built using light-colored components to reflect the sun’s heat, thus reducing the heat absorbed by the roof and transferred into the building. Today, commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO shingle manufacturers offer special, cool products that reflect heat through the special materials they are made from;
  • Special roof coatings – energy savings can nowadays be efficiently achieved in an affordable manner with the help of special roof coatings that can be applied on existing roofs to improve thermal performance. The coatings are available in brush-on, roll-on and roll-out versions;
  • Single-ply membrane roofs – these roofs are installed by commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO pros using pre-fabricated sheets that are rolled out on the surface of the roof and fastened with adhesives, gravel or mechanical fasteners;
  • Built-up roofs – consisting of a base sheet, reinforcement layers made from fabric and a surface layer of small stone. Choosing white or light-colored stone for the topmost layer can efficiently reduce heat exchange between the environment and the building interior.

How to Know When It’s Time for Roof Repairs

Premature roof replacement is a major investment that is dreaded by most homeowners. Fortunately, most Denver roofing issues do not require replacement – with efficient and timely repairs, the resistance and the durability of the roof can be restored.

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Here are some of the signs that indicate the immediate necessity of roof repairs:

  • Shingle roofs – the most common sign of damage on shingle roofs include curled, cracked or missing shingles or shingles that no longer have the topmost layer of granules. The components affected by these signs need to be replaced as soon as possible;
  • Clay tile roofs – cracked, chipped and displaced tiles need to be replaced by a Denver roofer immediately and you need to install new tiles in place of the ones that have been damaged;
  • Metal roofs – dents and rust are the forms of damage that need your immediate attention.

There are signs that are common for all roof types. These signs include sagging rafters, leaks, mold and mildew in the attic area or inside the house, damp stains on the ceilings and on the walls inside the house and sagging, broken, cracked, clogged or rusty gutters are also signs that are can cause roofing damage, therefore they must also be handled immediately.

Which Are the Roofing Materials That Last the Longest?

There are a lot of roofing materials out there nowadays. Even though in the past you had to choose between a few different options for asphalt and just 1-2 for natural or synthetic slate, today Fort Collins roofing company reps offer good quality roofing products.  In addition, there are a lot of upgrades such as roof coatings and superior quality flashing, that will have your roof impervious to wind and water damage, or even capable of protecting itself against the harshest UV radiation.

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Deciding on the best type of material to get is no easy task. In most cases, you’ll have to balance it out between buying cheaper and ensuring that your roof has enough durability for what you’re looking for.

If you just bought a house that you don’t intend to keep for very long, then replacing the roof with an expensive, long lasting system such as a slate or high quality metal roof might not be the best course of action. Instead, a cheaper alternative like asphalt shingle or steel might be best.

Another thing to keep in mind is how much you’re willing to spend on repairs and maintenance. While materials like slate and asphalt need to be taken care of a lot over the years, most metal roofs are virtually maintenance-free.

Best Commercial Roof Materials for Colorado Snow

A snow-resistant roof is, first of all, a properly dimension roof. If the roof structure is under-dimension and there are no snow guards, the snow that accumulates on the roof can cause serious problems and significant damage. A layer of 20 cm of snow deposited on the roof causes an additional load of approximately 22 kg /sq m.

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Although we tend to ignore the weight of snow because we consider it insignificant, in reality, an incorrect dimension of the roof structure and the use of poor quality materials may have very unpleasant consequences when it snows heavily, such as deformations of the covers and the apparition of cracks. When these problems appear, the only long-term viable solution is to have commercial roofers in Denver restore roof structure and replace the cover, otherwise the deterioration of the roof structure can ultimately lead to its collapse, causing serious damage to the entire building.

Therefore, when installing a commercial roof to resists the Colorado snow it is good to consider lightweight and durable materials. Perhaps the best solutions are TPO and EPDM membranes. These modern materials are very efficient in preventing problems caused by snow, due to their great sealing properties and flexibility in any temperature and weather conditions.

What are the Different Commercial Roofing Options?

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Flat roofs vary according to inclination and functionality. Some have a higher pitch than others, and some may have a special complex shape. They can also be used for several purposes. In summer, for example, they can host terraces and some owners even choose to turn them into small gardens. On a flat roof one can also store things such as exterior units of air conditioners.

There are different flat roof options and modern materials provide great protection. Flat roofs were long time covered with a mixture of concrete and gravel, but this solution is not so durable. This type of asphalt becomes fragile over time and cracks are a common occurrence. In addition, this solution is not considered a sustainable one because, during production and installation, chemicals may be released into the atmosphere.

The good news is that Fort Collins Interstate Roofing has new and improved flat roof options, such as a variety of polymer-based composite liquids. They provide a significantly increased efficiency by creating a flexible and resistant membrane that seals the roof.

A flat roof covered with adequate materials is a wise choice for many buildings, being a relatively easy-to-install and low-cost option that offers multiple possibilities for using the space. Its aspect is also an advantage if you want a modern, minimalist house or simply a more particular design.