Project Manager Spot Light

“Project Manager Spotlight”

“Project Manager Spotlight”
What is a Project Manager? Well to see what that is, lets understand who are behind the titles. Meet Kenneth Oatman. Ken, is 48 years old and has been in the roofing industry since 1988. Ken enjoys scuba diving, sky diving, and fishing. Ken is almost a part of the Masonic brotherhood. Why do our customers love Ken? Well not only is he G.A.F certified as well as OSHA 40, Ken cares about our customers. Just ask Jennifer!  

We sat down with Jennifer and asked her about her experience with Ken and Interstate Roofing.

Q. How long have you lived here in this community?

A. “I’ve lived here for 21 years

Q. How did you hear about us?

A. During our last storm, Ken approached my house and introduce himself. Unlike other roofing companies who approached me that day, Ken was not only professional but extremely knowledgeable.

Q. What made you decide to go with us?

A. Well as I stated before, a lot of these storm chasers only come to our neighborhood after a storm. Ken’s approach with looking professional and his ability to explain how Interstate Roofing has been in business for 25 years and how Interstate Roofing is locally owned and operated, gave me a sense of trust. You hear all the time how roofing companies will come from out-of-state and close shop within three to six months. How are they able to offer a warranty?

Q. How was your experience with Ken?

A. Ken was honest, professional, and a true expert. His ability to keep an open communication with me always, was huge for me. Whenever I would call or text Ken, he would respond to me right away. Ken told me a crew would be at my house to start replacing the roof by the 21st of August. When I woke up that morning at 7am, that’s exactly what I saw; a crew. Not one person but an actual crew with a dumpster and everything needed to complete my roof.

Q. What do you feel that separated Ken with other roofing companies you’ve worked with in the past?

A. Well I was in the middle of refinancing my house when the storm hit. My mortgage company told me that they will place a two week hold on the appraisal inspection because of the hailstorm but the roof was a major part of the inspection. Not knowing if I was going to lose value or even be able to replace my roof in time, I was worried. Then I met Ken, I explained to Ken the situation of the refinancing and he assured me that he will be able to have everything done and replaced before the deadline. Ken kept his word.

Q. Would you recommend Interstate Roofing to your friends or neighbors?

A. I already have, there is a difference between out of state storm chasers and roofing companies that care about their community. Interstate Roofing is one of those roofing companies that cares and will be here long after the storm.

Reasons to Get a Roof Inspection this Summer

Summer has come into its own, so it is time to consider performing a roof inspection to ensure that your roof is ready to withstand UV rays and potential summer storms. Most problems can be detected by checking the general aspect of the roof.

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If you find the following issues, you should be aware that they will worsen shortly enough, because of exposure to the sun and other weather phenomena that may occur during the summer.

  • Cracked, curled or deformed shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Closed or missing ridge closure accessories
  • Mold and moss formation
  • Shingles that lose their granulation
  • Flashing problems
  • Rusty accessories
  • Dry rot spotted in the roof`s structure
  • Lose shingles
  • Problems with the pluvial drainage system

Checking the attic or the space under the roof for water infiltrations and ventilation issues is also extremely important and should be done periodically. Even some aspects that may seem minor need to be resolved immediately. Troubleshooting and maintaining the roof to an optimal performance standard is the most affordable solution to ensure the roof’s durability and functionality. If you are unable to carry out the roof inspection safely and solve the problems you have discovered, we recommend that you call specialized Denver roofing companies.

Tips for Preparing for a Residential Roof Replacement

Replacing the roof on your home is a large-scale construction project and as any large-scale construction project, it involves stress and the disruption of your daily life for as long as it takes to remove the old roof and to install the new one. However, there are many things you can do to reduce that stress and to keep the disruption to the minimum, too. Here are some tips from an established Fort Collins roofer:

  • Remove everything from the area around the house – the roof replacement process is likely to involve falling debris and your roofing team will need space for moving, for setting up ladders and for moving building materials, too, so it is a good idea to remove outdoor furniture and other items that can block the way and you should cover your plants in the area with foil to protect them as well;
  • Remove everything from your balconies, too – the plants and other items that you keep on your balconies or mounted on windows can also be affected, so move them to safety;
  • Make arrangements to keep children and pets safe – the best thing to do is to send them away for the time of the roof replacement;
  • Prepare mentally for the disruption – knowing what to expect and putting up with it will make it much easier for you and your family to go through the process.

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Are Skylights Right for Your Home?

Many homeowners decide to add skylights to their roofs to get more exposure to natural light, especially if the home is located in an area that gets lots shade because of the tall trees surrounding the building or for other reasons. Skylights are commonly installed by Denver roofers to make bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and attic rooms brighter, but some buildings use them to let natural into the staircase as well.

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The most important benefit of Denver roofer installed skylights is obviously the penetration of natural light that makes any room friendlier and more attractive, but homeowners contemplating to install skylights must be aware of a few cons as well. One of the biggest disadvantages of skylights is their relatively low energy efficiency. While roof windows let light in, they also permit thermal exchange between the room and the home’s exterior – in other words, your skylight will let heat come in during the hot summer months and warm air leave in winter. The other aspect that you need to know about before you start shopping for the best skylight is that skylights are prone for generating condense in the room they are installed in – when the warm air in your room touches the cold window in winter, the process causes condensation that can manifest either in the form of damp patches around the window or a droplets of water on the wall.