Tips for Finding a Roofer Who Gives Back to the Community

It is not uncommon for profitable businesses to start giving back to the community that has made them successful, engaging in sponsorships, donations and charity work. If you are currently in need of a roofer and you are also a responsible member of your community, finding a roofing specialist who is, just like you, dedicated to helping the community might be an idea that appeals to you.

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Here are some ways to find such a community minded Fort Collins roofer:

  • Follow local charitable events – whether you attend the events yourself or read about them in the local newspaper or through your news feed, pay attention to any news about local roofers offering their help to people who need it;
  • Check the websites of local roofers – most roofers who participate in charity events or give back to their community otherwise usually provide presentations of their charitable activities on their websites. They do that not to brag about their good deeds, but to show a positive example to follow;
  • Look on social media – networking platforms are also great sources of information about local charity events and the roofing contractors who have participated or will attend. You can use social media to find out about donation projects and the local contractors committed to these causes.


The Role of Collective Experience in Commercial Roofing

One of the most important features to look for while searching for the right contractor to hire for your commercial roof is experience – theoretically, a newly founded business with a young team can do a job that is just as great as the services provided by a long-established business, but the time spent in the industry is usually a good indicative of work quality.

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If you have started your search for the right roofer online, looking for roofing websites to check out, you have surely noticed that most roofers indicate the amount of experience they have as collective experience. The term usually refers to the number of years that the team’s members spent in the business combined – hence formulations like “over 100 years of collective experience”. The longer the period, the more experienced the team’s members and the longer the accumulated experience, the higher the number of emergencies and other problematic situations solved successfully. Many years of collective experience also means that the members of the roofing team are specialists, like these Colorado’s roofing leaders at, who provide reliable services appreciated by their clients and that they have learned the importance of professionalism in terms of communication as well as in terms of service quality.

How Do I Find the Best Commercial Roofing Company in Fort Collins?

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Fort Collins gives home to many excellent roofing companies that specialize in commercial systems – here is how to find the best commercial roof repair Fort Collins specialist for your roofing project:

  • Ask other business owners – word of mouth is still a reliable source of information. Contact other business owners and ask them to tell you about their experiences with roofers;
  • Look for Fort Collins roofers online – most roofing companies are present online and with a simple query, you can identify the roofers that provide the type of services that you need. Enter your search term, then take the time to check out the websites of local roofers one by one, looking for descriptions of their expertise and for portfolio images. It is a good idea to check the testimonials on the roofer’s website and the reviews and ratings provided by previous customers on relevant websites;
  • Contact the roofers on your list – personal contact is essential, so schedule meetings with all the roofers on your list. During the meetings, check whether the roofer carries a state-issued license and is insured, describe your project or invite the roofer to see the roofing site, discuss the process, then request written cost estimates to see the details of the roofers’ offers;
  • Pick the roofer and sign a contract with the contractor – the contract must include all the details of your agreement.

Cutting Edge Materials for Commercial Roofing

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The range of commercial roofing materials is continuously expanding, with new solutions entering the market all the time. Here are some cutting edge options:

  • Glass roof tiles – featuring a style inspired by classic, terracotta tiles and suitable for pitched roofs, these glass roof covering elements absorb the heat of the sun, but they don’t transfer that heat towards the building. The glass tiles are practically attractive solar panels that transform the sun’s heat into energy to heat the water in the building;
  • Silicone roof coatings – silicone is a material that possesses outstanding waterproofing qualities and is very resistant to impact, too. When used for strengthening commercial roofs, silicone roof coatings add all these great qualities to the already existing features of the roof;
  • Green roofs – as companies are becoming more environment-conscious, trending commercial roofers in Denver affirm that the demand for eco-friendly roofing solutions is growing. One of the most organic options of the kind is green roofing, a type of roof surface that is covered in vegetation. The solution is heavy, consisting of a layer of soil, plants selected carefully to be able to thrive on the rooftop and a special drainage and irrigation system to ensure that the plants are kept moist, but there is no ponding water.

Signs it is Time for a Roof Replacement

If periodic checks are made in time, a roof repair is usually sufficient to solve isolated problems that may arise now and then. By “isolated problems” we mean minor failures that may occur along the way, such as missing tiles, damaged flashing, clogged gutters etc.

A roof replacement is the best way to deal with more serious problems, or with those that have high potential to turn into serious problems. Signs that the roof needs to be replaced as soon as possible include:

  • Wavy shingles and curled tiles, which make the roof prone to leaks. This is a sign that the roof materials are worn or old enough to require a full replacement.
  • Sunlight penetrates the roof. What does this means? It means that light is not the only thing that can enter! Snow and rain will also make their way inside the house, if they did not already! Sometimes, such a problem is caused by only a few missing tiles that can be easily replaced. But other times, it’s about the wear of the cover materials, which should make you consider replacing the roof soon.
  • Visible structural defects
  • Installation defects

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Properly installed and roofs maintained by Denver roofing companies can last for decades – of course, with periodic inspections and maintenance. If you have problems with a roof that is very old, replacing it is most likely the wisest decision. Assessment of the condition of the roof must be done by Denver roofing specialists that will also suggest you the best course of action.

Why Choosing a Local Roofer is the Best Decision

Finding a roofing contractor can be a daunting task and, considering the very high costs related to a roof replacement, you surely want to be sure that you hire the best of the best.

Choosing a local roofer has some particular benefits that cannot be ignored.

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Knowledge of local weather and building codes

Local knowledge is extremely important when it comes to roofing, because a roof must be chosen primarily according to the local climate. Besides, building codes and permits vary from state to state, but you can be sure than a local roofer is familiar with all of these.


A local roofer will be there, supervising the job site and interacting with you directly. You will not receive that from out-of-area franchises, as they mostly work with subcontractors.

Emergency response

A local roofer will be there when you need it, readily available to help you or to respond to your questions.

Quality services

A locally licensed Fort Collins roofing company will most likely be very reliable and work with you to understand your needs and meet your expectations. That`s because local companies are a part of the community and they have a reputation to protect right there.

You help your community

Each time you opt for local services, you invest in the well being of your community.

Eco-Friendly Roofing Materials

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Some of the oldest buildings in the world are covered with slate, which is a natural stone. In some parts of England, hand-carved slate is still used.

Advantages: A slate roof is charming. This material is immortal (relative to human time) as long as the structure resists. Slate does not burn and it allows the roof to breathe.

Disadvantages: A local Denver roofer confirms that this type of roof is very expensive and requires a strong resistance structure, because slate is the heaviest roofing material.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are made of natural clay, sand and water and baked to remove the moisture and make them solid and resistant.

Advantages: This roof is energy efficient and ensures very good ventilation. Ceramic tiles are non-toxic, very resistant in any type of climate and require minimal maintenance. They do not burn.

Disadvantages: A ceramic roof is expensive and heavy. A lot of energy is consumed to manufacture the tiles.

Wood shakes

Advantages: A wood roof has a particular charm and is a very good thermal insulator. Wood shakes cope with all weather conditions, being practical in any area and at any altitude.

Disadvantages: This roof needs regular maintenance, and the wood must be treated for protection against water and fire.

Spring Cleaning the Exterior of Your Home

The arrival of spring is the best time of the year to refresh not only the interior of the house, but also the exterior. Even you may not realize, your well-being also depends on the aspect of our home, so here are a few spring cleaning operations that you should put on your check list.

Washing the windows

Windows are the elements that best reflect how much cleaning the exterior of your home needs. After a season when they withstood snow storms and frost-thaw cycles, the windows no longer shine as they used to, when you have cleaned them last time. With dirty windows, you will not be able to fully enjoy the benefits of natural light.

Washing the walls and the siding

If you think only interior walls are subject to risk factors such as moisture and mold formation, think again! Exterior walls and siding are not immune either, and besides, they are also exposed to large variations in temperature and weather phenomena. They should be cleaned using a garden hose and pressured water and, if necessary, persistent dirt can be removed in advance, using a brush and some mild detergent.

Cleaning the roof

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Hire a professional roofer from Interstate Roofing to perform an inspection and some spring maintenance operations, including roof cleaning, which has an aesthetic and functional role.

Where Can I Find a Reputable Roofer?

Shortly, everywhere! The internet is your best resource, but you should also ask people around you – someone might be able to make you a recommendation. However, you will have to do some research for ensuring that you are hiring the best Fort Collins roofer.

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You should contact a few different recommended Fort Collins roofers and ask for written estimates, to be able to compare them. Make sure you get complete estimates that detail each step of the roofing project and each important detail, including the price and payment options.

Talk to each company’s representative who looks at your roof and learn as much as you can about the services you can get from them. Do not jump at the lowest price offer and make sure to watch out for potential hidden fees. Ask for a portfolio and look for other accomplished roofing projects, similar to yours. This way, you can see if the company has enough experience to do what you want it to do about your roof. Ask for a list of previous clients and contact them; the word of mouth is often the best advertisement for a Fort Collins roofer and you can make an idea on the company`s professionalism from the level of satisfaction of its previous clients.

Check a roofing company`s license and certifications; you need to be sure that it is registered and properly insured, to avoid experiencing legal issues.


How Can I tell if My Roofer Cut Corners on My Roof Installation?

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When you plan a roofing project, the most important aspect is to choose , reputable Denver roofing companies committed to provide quality services, because if you don`t, you may end up noticing that your roofer cuts corners on your roof installation.

Here are a few warning signs:

Your roofer installs new shingles over the existing ones

This can be done safely if you opt for lightweight roofing materials, such as metal shingles, but your roofer should never do this unless you have agreed with this practice, and it is mentioned in the contract. Otherwise, the so-called specialist you have hired only tries to save time and costs for their benefit.

Your roofer reuses old flashing

Flashing is an essential element of a roof, protecting areas highly vulnerable to water infiltrations. That`s why it must be always in good shape. A new roof installation definitely requires new flashing, even if old flashing still looks decent.

Your roofer skips ventilation

Ventilation is essential for any type of roof system, although people often ignore it. Do not fall into this trap and do not allow your roofer to skip this important step, when installing the new roof, otherwise the efficiency of your roof will be reduced.