How to Keep Your Flat Roof Clean

Debris gathering on the roof is common and happens to almost every building, especially commercial ones. Many commercial buildings such as offices and retail spaces tend to have flat roofs Usually when having a sloped roof, a large portion of that debris tends to slide off with no intervention whatsoever. The same cannot be said for flat roofs.

Debris that gathers on them stays there unless it is manually removed. Besides debris, there are other factors to be aware of, such as mold, moss, dirt, and lichen. Leaving them around can cause damage to the roof over time and, in extreme cases, even leads to the complete replacement of the roof. A flat roof may need to be cleaned regularly. Cleaning debris off does not take long and could be done regularly, at least once or every two months or so. Mold and moss can be removed by using a cleaning solution made specifically for killing moss, after which, it can be easily removed.

Another way of how to keep your flat roof clean is by taking care of the surrounding exterior of the building and trimming the trees will greatly reduce the amount of debris that will form over time. The drainage is also essential on a flat roof. The three of the most common types of flat roof drainage are traditional gutters, scuppers, and interior drains.

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Each of these three come with their benefits. The type of drainage does not matter. What matters is keeping them clean. This is another reason why the roof should be regularly removed. Any excess can get inside the gutters during rainy days becoming clogged. A clogged drainage system will allow water to gather on the roof leading to other structural damage over time.

Keep your commercial flat roof in good operating condition. Make a phone call to Interstate Roofing flat roof professionals for annual cleaning and maintenance.

Deciding on a Home Exterior Color Scheme Based on Your Style

Either you want to improve the curb appeal of your home or looking forward to selling it, deciding on a new colors scheme will greatly improve the value of a home. Just like any project done to a home, repainting the exterior is a major investment and one must be sure that the right color scheme has been chosen.

Some may want to completely change the look of the home and repainting could achieve just that. There are many color choices to choose from. A good place to start before choosing a color would be by choosing the preferred shading. Do you want the home to have a darker color, mid-tone or light? The color of the roof must also be taken into consideration. When a home is being constructed, the right color scheme can be chosen from the start. However, if the home needs repainting, the chosen color should fit and complement the roof above. Experienced Denver roofing companies will have a good sense on what style, color, and materials best match your home, budget, and neighborhood vibe.

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Most people use neutral color on almost the entire house which is complemented by different accents. The different accents of colors could come from windows, doors and stutters. Their color should contrast the overall color of the home. So, if the main color of the home is a type of neutral light color, going with darker window frames and stutters could create a strong composition, having the home looking like it’s making a statement.

On the opposite end, if the majority of the home is painted using darker shades, for example, navy blue, having white window frames and stutters will create a sharp contrast, making them stand out. The main thing to avoid when choosing a color scheme is to avoid matching colors that when put together blend, giving the exterior a monotone and boring aspect.

Why Keeping Your Gutters Free of Leaves is Important

Relatively simple roof maintenance, cleaning and maintaining the roof gutters free of leaves can easily be done by any homeowner. The roof of a home tends to gather a lot of leaves and all kind of debris over time. Maintaining it clean will ensure that the roof will not be exposed to any damage or deterioration. The purpose of gutters on a house is to lead the water away from the foundation and if not working as intended can lead to a great amount of water seeping in the soil near the foundation leading to structural instability and the flooding of the basement.

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Cleaning the gutters once every few months is ideal to keep them from gathering leaves and becoming clogged. In these situations, the clogged gutters will not allow water to slide off the roof during rainy days adding to the entire weight and putting a lot of stress on the gutters themselves. This may lead the gutters to detach or even collapse entirely. The situation can get even worse during the winter. Remaining leaves that are clogging the gutters prevent the water from draining out. The cold winter temperature will cause the water and leaves inside to freeze. The best thing to do is to contact a top rated Fort Collins roofer and schedule annual inspections to make sure your gutters and roof system are in good working order. This is the best way to protect your home from unnecessary damages.

Steps to Take When It’s Time for a Roof Replacement

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A time may come when a roof replacement is needed. Replacing the roof is a huge undertaking, one that should be made when the timing is right for you and your family. Having a roof replaced is a major investment, therefore, acquiring some knowledge about the roofing process itself with proving beneficial.

Move family members elsewhere

Having children around the house can be dangerous during the roofing process. A good idea would be to have them stay either with a friend or relative until the project is completed. Informing the neighbors about the upcoming project is also a good idea.

Protect personal belongings

The exterior of the home should be cleared of any personal belongings. Moving the vehicle, any potted plants and either moving or storing any lawn ornaments would be best. Any work being done on the roof could have the potential of damaging the object underneath. By doing this, you will also clear the pathway for the people who will work on the roof. If possible, precious items stored in the attic should be cleared as well, or at the very least covered with a cloth.

Clear a path for the workers

Preparing the home for the Denver roofer and their tools will help streamline the process. Clearing any power outlets and having some extension chords at hand will greatly help the workers get straight to work without any complications. The most important step will be to choose a respectable and well-known Denver roofer, able to do a great job without being financially draining.

How Gutters Affect Your Roofing System

Any Fort Collins roofing company leader will tell you that gutters and downspouts are essential components of any roofing system. They contribute to the overall health of the roof just as much as the roof covering or other, larger or more conspicuous elements. Here is how gutter faults affect overall roof health:

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  • Clogged gutters – essentially, gutters are open channels, half tubes that tend to collect airborne and falling debris. Leaves, twigs, dust, animal feathers and small nests are the most common causes for gutter clogging – when they settle inside the pipes, they absorb moisture and form an obstacle in front of the water pouring down on the sides of the roof. When pouring rainwater and melted snow is not channeled into the ground because of the clogs in the gutter, the water pours down on the walls and finds its way into the foundation of the building, causing serious structural damage;
  • Failing gutter hardware – when the hardware that is holding the gutters in place gets damaged, the gutter pipes become loose and sagging, exposing the lower areas of the roof to wind and storms;
  • Gutter leaks – cracked or punctured leaks cannot properly channel the water, letting it through and leading to issues very similar to the problems caused by gutter clogging.

How To Spot Wind Damage On Your Roof

When it comes to roofs, the wind is among the most harmful of nature’s elements – according to the statistics, as much as one quarter of all reported roof damage is caused by strong winds. While winds can affect any part of the roof, the areas that are exposed to the highest risk of damage are the parts that stand out, such as the roof ridge, the corners and the edges of the roof. Wind can grab even components that hang as little as an inch over the edge – the moving air can get underneath the component, lifting it and ripping it off along with adjacent parts.

Denver roofing companies inspect and repair your roof

The easiest and safest way to detect wind damage on the roof is by looking at it from the ground first, then taking a closer look at the roof from up there. Grab a pair of binoculars and inspect the roof – if there is any severe damage, issues that involve torn or completely missing components, you will be able to spot the problems easily. However, wind can also cause less conspicuous damage, such as components that have been chipped or slightly displaced – to detect them all, you will need to climb up to the roof on a ladder and check the surface from there.

Better yet, count on renowned Denver roofing companies to inspect and repair your damaged roof as needed. You can trust in their experience and honest services.

Different Factors That May Affect Your Roof Repair Estimate

The total amount that you see on the cost estimate you have required from your roofer – see – has been calculated factoring in many aspects – here are the most important factors that will influence the costs:

  • The type of your roof – the repair or installation costs related to simple flat roofs or roofs that slope in an easy to work on angle are usually lower than the costs calculated for roofs that slope in multiple angles or have areas that are difficult to access;
  • The material of your roof – some materials, such as asphalt shingles and metal, are very easy to work with, while in the case of natural materials, such as slate or wood, the roofer needs to possess special expertise. All this will be reflected in the price: labor will be cheaper for roofs that use simple materials, while the roofs that use more complex covering will be more expensive;

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  • The size of the roofing job – simple repairs and maintenance will be obviously cheaper than complex repairs, partial or complete reroofing. The overall costs related to large jobs will be higher because they need more work hours and the amount of materials necessary will also be higher;
  • The presence of unique elements – chimneys, skylights and other unique or special roof components make work more difficult and therefore they also make the roofing work more expensive.


Signs That Your Flat Roof Was Hit by Hail

Some forms of hail damage are obvious, others are hidden and difficult to detect, but all of them can aggravate very quickly, so it is essential to find and fix them very soon after the hail-storm that caused them. Here are some of the most common signs that indicate hail damage:

  • Dents on the gutters – the gutters are usually made from material that is weaker than the material of the roof surface, so if the roof has suffered any hail damage, the gutters will be dented;
  • Damaged vents – look for dings and dents there as well;
  • Chimney covers – most covers are also made from metal, so the damage caused by hail is the same as in the case of the vents and the gutters;
  • The roof covering – the signs of hail damage differ depending on the material. Metal roofs show the same signs as the other metal components, foam surfaces get holes or form gaps, while PVC can get cracks. Gravel roofs are the most resistant to hail, the impact caused by the ice balls hardly affects them, but the special construction of these roofs makes damage difficult to find, so the best way to diagnose your roof is to hire specialized hail damage commercial roofers in Denver for the job.

use commercial roofers in Denver to inspect and repair hail damaged flat roofs

How Summer Heat Might Damage Your Flat Roof

repair Fort Collins commercial roofing damaged by heat

Most people consider winter to be more damaging for roofs than summer. The truth, however, is that the heat, the storms and the harsh sunshine typical for the hot season can be just as harmful to Fort Collins commercial roofing as winter weather. Here is what the summer can do to your flat roof:

  • Blistering – if the surface of your flat roof gets cracked or puncture, water can enter underneath the surface through the crack or hole. The rays of the summer sun heat the water that has penetrated the surface, causing bubbles to appear;
  • Shifting – most materials used for building flat roofs react to changes in temperature, contracting when the temperature drops and expanding when the air becomes hot again. This movement can make it easier for water to penetrate the surface and to cause problems, such as leaks;
  • Ponding water – whenever it rains, water accumulates on the surface of the flat roof, then it is drained through the gutters. If there are roof sections that start sagging or the gutters are clogged, the water cannot leave the roof and starts forming ponds. The roof areas that remain under water will sooner or later suffer serious damage and will develop leaks.

Fall Maintenance for Your Commercial Roof

Flat roofs come with specific must-dos for commercial roofing Denver CO building managers – here are some of the most important fall maintenance tasks:

  • Roof inspection and cleaning – both processes are essential for keeping your flat roof in good condition. Make sure that the roofing surface is inspected inch by inch, by an expert checking for weakened areas, punctures, holes and cracks in the roof, signs of ponding water and alligatoring (a problem that affects roof surface, making it look like alligator skin);
  • Repairs – the issues detected during the inspection need to be repaired, too. With regular, semi-annual inspections, the faults that you find are likely to be small, but roofing problems can aggravate quickly, so timely repairs are very important;commercial roofing Denver CO flat roof maintenance
  • Gutter maintenance – water drainage being of special importance in the case of flat roofs, the maintenance process needs to be extended to the gutters as well. Check the gutters and the downspouts for any faults, such as cracks, punctures, loosened hardware, rust, corrosion and also make sure that the gutter pipes are obstacle-free. Check the downspouts as well – the components responsible for directing rain and melted snow into the ground can be affected by the same issues as the gutters, inspections, cleaning and repairs being just as essential.