What are Some Common Residential Winter Roofing Problems to Look Out for

Undoubtedly, there is something magic about winter in general. However, after a few weeks of freezing cold and snow, its other aspect is revealed – an everyday, pragmatic and much less pleasant aspect.

Beyond the problems it causes with road circulation, snow can have adverse consequences on the roof of your home, in the absence of certain elements designed to prevent problems specific to the cold season: snow accumulations, ice dams, icicles – and their unwanted effects.

In this context, the installation of a de-icing system on the roof is very important. Problems that you can avoid with the help of such a system include:

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Snow falling from the roof, ice dams and icicles

In some situations, snow falling from the roof in large quantities can be a real health hazard, especially due to temperature variations that encourage the formation of ice in the snow layers. Also, the weight of the snow is another problem that may affect the resistance structure of the roof, which can lead to a collapse of this element of the house. To avoid winter roofing problems, employ Denver roofing companies to inspect your roof and remove heavy snowfall from it if necessary.

Water infiltration

Snow and ice dams keep moisture on the roof for a long time and block gutters, favoring infiltration.

How Many Years Should My Commercial Roof Last

Warranties provided by commercial roof repair Fort Collins companies that execute the waterproofing of a flat commercial roof are given on the basis of a reception report that specifies the types of membrane used as well as the verification of the quality of the work. The roofing contractor guarantees the work in conditions of normal operation and repairs the eventual defects of the waterproofing in case of infiltration and other problems that occur during the guaranteed period.

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An efficient waterproofing work has a duration of 10 years, provided for the integrity of the bituminous material exposed to the weather conditions specific to the area where it is installed: frost, heat, UV rays, pollutants etc. During this period, the material is expected to remain intact, without losing its qualities. However, the lifespan of a commercial roof will continue, in most of the cases, past the warranty period, if the roof is maintained properly and there are no mechanically perforated points in the membrane.

How long a commercial roof will last also depends on the type of the cover. Asphalt waterproofing membranes can be made of: oxidized raw bitumen (5 years), plastic additive bitumen (10 years), and elastic additive bitumen (10 years). There are also different types of synthetic membranes that are typically more durable: EPDM (30 years) and PVC (20 years).

Can I Get a Free Inspection and Estimate of my Commercial Roof?

If you ever doubted the benefits of a regular commercial roof inspection, imagine yourself inside your commercial property, never sweeping, never cleaning trash, never moping the floors etc. With such neglect, your customers will avoid you and you may not have a business for very long… So, why would you think neglecting your roof is any different?

If the roof fails to protect you, you will lose comfort, money and precious time. Besides, the reputation of your business may be affected too.

A commercial roof should be inspected by professional roofers twice a year. This way, problems will have less time to develop and you will be able to avoid costly repairs and other associated problems. Besides, your proactive attitude will be essential if you ever need to make an insurance claim (insurance companies do not cover damage caused by neglect, so you will have to make proof of regular roof maintenance).

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You can get free inspections from commercial roofing Denver CO companies, because most of them use these inspections as opportunities to connect with potential clients, to present their offers and prove their availability and professionalism. You are not obligated to sign a contract with the roofing company that offers you a free inspection, but you have the chance to discuss this possibility.

How Can a Roofing Inspection and Certification Help Me Sell My Home

If you wanted to buy a home, you would surely want to know whether the roof on the property you are bidding on is in good condition or you would need to pay for expensive repairs soon. The same goes for your buyers as well – they will be more willing to pay the price that you are asking if you can prove that your roof is in great condition.

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Roofing inspections and certification are usually not mandatory parts of the documents prepared when selling a property, but they bring many benefits – here is how an esteemed Denver roofer may be able to help you sell your home faster and for a better price:

  • Proving that you are reliable – a roofing inspection and the certificate that contains the findings of the inspection are separate from the home inspection. The certificate will list all the necessary repairs or, if no repairs are needed, it will provide an estimation of the years that the roof can spend on the building. Being open about any potential roofing issues will tell your buyers that they can really trust you;
  • You will know how to set the right price – the condition of your roof will determine the price you can ask for your property and setting a realistic price will expedite the sale process.

How Can a Professional Roofing Company Support Property Managers

Property managers have lots of tasks to handle each day – they are in charge of occupancy, they handle the issues signaled by tenants, they collect the rent and they arrange for any repairs and maintenance necessary to keep the property in great shape.

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The roof on any property is a building component that cannot be neglected, therefore the help offered by roofers to property managers is invaluable – here is how Interstate Roofing contractors make the life of properties as well as of property managers easier:

  • Roof repairs – roofing damage can happen any time and it is the duty of the property manager to solve the problem as quickly as possible. Having a great roofer on speed dial can get the work done efficiently, restoring the safety and the comfort of the property;
  • Roof replacements – every roof reaches the end of its lifespan, so the time when roof replacement becomes necessary comes inevitably. Interstate Roofing contractors can help property managers get that new roof while also minimizing disruption in the life of the property;
  • Roof maintenance – regular roof cleaning and inspections are essential for keeping any roof in good shape as well as for prolonging the roof’s life. One of the most important tasks undertaken by roofing contractors is to ensure that the roof is in proper condition through maintenance services.

Roofing Materials that Provide the Most Effective Fire Protection

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Roofing materials are rated for many features, including fire resistance, Class A being the category of the materials that are the most resistant to flames and Class C and unrated being the two lowest categories. While roofing experts agree that there is no such thing as a completely fire-proof roofing, roofing materials vary considerably in terms of how resistant they are to fire – here are the materials recommended by a knowledgeable Fort Collins roofer that work best in fire-prone areas:

  • Clay and cement tiles – both types of tiles go through fire during the manufacturing process, which makes them resistant to extremely high temperatures and impervious to flying ember. The material provides superior resistance to other issues, including pests, moisture, winds and solar radiation;
  • Metal roofing materials – the metal tiles, shingles and panels used on roofs are also very resistant to fires and they are also impervious to pests and very resistant to winds, moisture and harsh sunshine;
  • Fiberglass – this modern, synthetic material is a relative newcomer on the market of roofing materials. It is available in many variants, including products that come with Class A fire-resistance rating.

If you want to improve your roof’s fire resistance even further, consider replacing the wooden components of your roof with materials that can stand up to fire for longer.

Tips to Avoid “Storm Chaser” Residential Roofing Scams

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Storm chasers are roofers that show up at the doorstep of homeowners whose roof has been recently devastated by a major storm or by some other calamity and that are trying to use the despair of the affected homeowner to sell roofing services. While storm chasers are not necessarily scammers who take the homeowner’s money without doing any work, most of them either provide poor-quality services for exorbitant prices or they try to sell services that the homeowner does not need, therefore they are best avoided. According to trusted Denver roofing companies, here is how to avoid being scammed:

  • Ask for proof of license and a physical address – most storm chasers are not roofers allowed to work legally, therefore they usually do not possess the credentials necessary for providing roofing services. Asking them to provide credentials is a great way to make them go away;
  • Knowing what fixing your roof involves – with a little online research, you can find out a lot about the procedures used to fix the type of roofing problem that you have. Storm chasers rely on the lack of knowledge of the homeowner they are trying to scam, so proving that you know what you are talking about is likely to drive them away.

What Kind of Insurance Coverage Should my Residential Roofer Have

Residential roofers need not only a state-issues license to be allowed to work legally – they also need to be insured through the right type of policies as well. Some of the most important documents to check while you are evaluating residential Fort Collins roofing company pros available in your area for the roofing project that you have in mind are the roofer’s insurance documents – here are the types of policies required:

  • General liability insurance – this type of policy is essential for any business that provides services, roofers included. The insurance provides coverage if the activity of the roofer or of the roofing team causes damage to the client’s property or an injury to a person who is not the roofer’s employee;
  • Worker’s compensation insurance – this type of policy covers for any work-related injury or accident sustained by the roofer’s employees while carrying out work tasks.

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Not all states make it mandatory for roofers to carry the two types of insurance policies above. However, the existence of the two types of policies is great proof that the roofer you are talking to is a reliable and responsible contractor, especially if the policies are not required by the law in your state or area.

3 Advantages of Hiring Licensed Residential Roofing Contractors

Getting the roof on your home restored or replaced is a huge task that should not be done DIY fashion.

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Your best option is to hire an experienced and properly licensed roofing contractor to do the job for you – here are the most important benefits of working with such a Denver roofing professional:

  • Guaranteed safety – your new roof is an essential component of your building that needs to be installed correctly to be able to provide the safety that you need in your home and safety is an essential aspect during the roof installation process as well. By hiring a licensed Denver roofer, you hire know-how as well as the guarantee of safety;
  • Time saving considerations – having your roof by someone who knows how to handle the related processes is the best way to ensure timely project completion;
  • Money saving aspects – you might think that getting a roofer to install your new roof increases the related costs. Your roofer will work for a fee, that’s true, but hiring an expert will prevent costly mistakes, such as buying the wrong materials. Most good Denver roofers work with a tested network of suppliers and benefit from substantial discounts, so hiring a great roofer might actually save you money.

Should I Wait Until Spring to Have My Commercial Roof Replaced?

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Commercial roof replacement is a task that is best handled among comfortable temperature conditions, that is why the peak period for roofing jobs is from spring through fall. However, roof replacement is possible during the winter, too, but with some limitations. Here are some things to consider before deciding to go ahead with your roof replacement project or to postpone it until spring:

  • Roof replacement might take longer in winter – some of the great commercial roofers Denver has comment that roofing work cannot be done when it is raining or snowing, so if you live in an area that gets lots of precipitation, you should be prepared for many days when no progress can be made on your roof;
  • Not all materials can be used in winter – some materials, such as asphalt shingles, some flashing types and most adhesives, change behavior when the temperature around is under a certain level. If you are planning to use those materials, it might be a better idea to postpone your project until spring;
  • Easier availability of roofers – most roofers get less work in winter, which means it is easier to hire a roofer for your project and many roofers also practice more favorable rates to attract customers during such off-peak periods.