Why Is Tile Roofing Such a Popular Choice for Residential Roofing in Denver?

Tile roofs, whether made from cement or clay, are among the most durable roofing materials and also ones that come with many other great and important benefits as well, being just the perfect option for Denver homes. Here are some of those great benefits:

  • Durability – roofing tiles are known to have an extremely long lifespan, most tile roofs lasting for up to a century without sustaining too much damage or causing too much problem;
  • Resistance – roofing tiles are brittle, which means that they might be somewhat sensitive to really strong impact, such as a large tree limb falling on a tile roof. However, that is about the only thing that can really get to tile roofs – the roofing structures made from clay or cement are known to be able to stand up to almost any weather and to be impervious to pests and to fire as well;
  • Attractive appearance – in the past, roofing tiles used to be available only in classic shapes and classic colors, such as shades of red, brown and terracotta. The situation has changed a lot in recent years, and today roofing tiles are available in many bold designs, such as glossy textures and unusual colors, like blue green or black.

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To find out if a tile roof is right for your home, talk to Interstate Roofing in Denver for expert consultation and services.

What Is the Most Effective Way to Get Your Flat Roof Fixed?

Flat roofs are special in many ways – they are special when they provide production for the building underneath and they are also special when they need to be repaired. The problems that affect flat roofing structures are completely different from the issues that sloping roofs develop – if, for example, a flat roof starts leaking, it is much harder to detect and two correctly addressed the problem than in the case of sloping roofs that are usually covered in smaller pieces of material.

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Consequently, the best and most effective way to get a flat roofing structure fixed is by turning to a Fort Collins commercial roofing company with A+ BBB Rating for 25+ Years – here is why:

  • a trained eye that detects even the tiniest issue – the roofers who specialize in commercial roofing repairs know exactly where to search for roofing problems and they also know how to find the problem at a glance;
  • the right type of knowledge – professional roofers also have the knowledge to ensure that the roofing fix can be performed within the shortest possible time;
  • the right type of tools – commercial roofers also have the professional tools necessary for performing the repairs quickly and to ensure that the strength of the roof is restore adequately.

Pros and Cons of Replacing Your Denver Roof Before the Winter

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An old, damaged leaking roof is a serious hazard in a geographical area that gets severe winters, like Denver. The idea to have your roof replaced before winter settles in is surely a great one that will give you some solid protection from freezing weather, but the project also involves some difficulties that you should also know about. Here are some pros and cons off getting your Denver roof replaced before the first snow:

  • The pros – a new roof, whatever the material it is made from, is a structure that seals more efficiently and that will stand up to a thick layer of snow more efficiently, too. Your new roof will keep your home warmer and will also make it easier for your heating system to maintain the temperatures comfortably warm inside your rooms;
  • The cons and the risks – starting a roof replacement project with so little time left until the weather turns really cold comes with the risk of having to complete the project among conditions of severe thermal discomfort. Low temperatures also affect the way that some roofing materials respond to manipulation, asphalt shingles, for example, become very brittle and unsuitable to work with when it is very cold outside. According to conscientious Denver roofing companies that value cost effectiveness, another problem that you need to factor in if you decide to start a roof installation project now is the risk of material shortages and delivery difficulties. If the material that you have chosen for your roof is not currently available, your entire roofing project might suffer delay.

Why Residential Roof Repair Is Best Handled by an Experienced Roofer

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The roof on your home plays several, very important roles that include not only aesthetics, but also energy efficiency and safety. To make sure that your roof is able to fulfill all these roles, you need to be sure that any and every installation, repair and maintenance procedure is performed the right way – here are some more details about why you always need an experienced roofer for working on the top most structure on your home:

  • safety comes first – roofing repair jobs can be highly dangerous for the roof as well as for the person performing the repair if proper safety and technical measures are not respected. The best way to ensure that your roof is repaired as it should as well as that the person working on the roof is safe is by hiring a Fort Collins roofer with safety training who knows exactly what they are doing;
  • warranty on the workmanship – the only way to have a warranty on the repair work performed on your roof is to turn to a professional roofer. Amateur repairs threaten not only the aggravation of the initial roofing problem, but also the voiding of the warranty on the roofing materials. All this means that apparent savings that might look attractive when undertaking DIY roof repairs is just apparent – in fact, going up to fix your own roof is not worthwhile at all.

Should You Invest in a Slate Roof for Your Newly Purchased Denver House?

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Slate is among the most spectacular most durable and most energy efficient roofing materials. Consisting of unique slabs of natural stone, all handpicked for your roof, slate structures look great and they also come with all the extraordinary features of stone. However, slate roofs are not for just any building – here are some things to know before you make the investment:

  • An exceptionally heavy material – slate is heavy and so are the roofs built from the material. This means that before you go ahead with your investment into the material, you should turn to a professional roofer to make an accurate calculation regarding the weight bearing capacities of your building;
  • Installation requirements – slate is unlike other roofing materials in terms of the installation process as well. Unlike roofing shingles or the roofs consisting of metal panels, slate roofs consist of pieces installed one by one, using special, traditional techniques. This also means that you will have to hire a Denver roofer with experience in building slate roofs, that is the only way to get a slate roof that is safe and correctly installed;
  • Pricing – you should be aware that slate is not only the most attractive and most durable roofing material available today, it is also the most expensive one.

3 Types of Roofing Materials Used Extensively for Denver Homes

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When it comes to roofing materials, the homeowners in Denver have lots of great choices, the range of the materials that they can turn to for the attractive and durable roof that they want being very wide. According to Interstate Roofing of Denver, www.interstateroof.com/, here are four of the most common, most popular and most appreciated roofing materials used in the Mile High City today:

  • asphalt shingles – preferred by homeowners for its varied design, for its suitability for a variety of climate zones and for its affordability, asphalt is currently the most common roofing material throughout the nation, including Colorado. The material is available in a variety of quality levels, including special, impact resistant varieties that provide superior durability and resistance to weather extremes;
  • metal – initially used only on flat roofs, the material is nowadays available in the form of tiles, shingles and shakes designed for sloping roofs. Metal roofing systems are the go-to choice for many homeowners due to the material’s affordability, durability and variety in terms of design and colors;
  • Clay and cement tiles – the two types of tiles are very similar in terms of appearance and design and they are both appreciated for their superior durability and outstanding, classic elegance. Before you choose any of the two, however, you must be aware that both options are quite expensive and they are also very heavy materials, suitable for only buildings that are sufficiently solid.

Can the Color of Your Roof Impact the Internal Temperature of Your Home?

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The color that you choose for your roof will obviously determine the overall appearance off your building – after all, the color of the roof is what pulls together the entire design of your home. However, your choice of roofing color needs to be informed by more than just the style and the color scheme used on your building. Highly regarded Denver roofing companies affirm that the shade of the topmost layer on your building will ultimately determine your building’s energy efficiency, too – here is how:

  • A little color theory – the lighter a color, the more efficiently it reflects heat and the darker a shade, the more of the Sun’s heat it absorbs;
  • Color theory on your roof – when applied to roof color, the theory means that a darker roof, such as a structure made from terracotta, brown or black material, will absorb more ambient heat and it will also transfer more heat towards your building interior, making the work of your cooling equipment harder. All this means that the decision about the shade of your roof should be informed by the dominant climate conditions in your area. If you live in a predominantly cold climate zone, choose a darker shade for your roof to maximize the amount of heat transferred to your rooms from the roof. If you live in a hot climate, choose a light-colored roof to have a surface of superior reflectivity.

How Does the Slope of Your Roof Contribute to Its Long-Term Durability?

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Classic styled residential buildings usually feature sloping roofs, that is, roofs composed either of one slope that meets a wall at the top or multiple slopes that also meet at the top either in the form of a point or in a straight line called a ridge. There are many reasons why residential roof structures were and still are built from slopes, one of those reasons being durability. A Fort Collins roofing company with a sterling reputation told us that here is why and how sloping contributes to how long you can enjoy the protection provided by a roof:

  • efficient drainage – one of the ways that sloping gives the roofing structure durability is through efficient drainage. When it rains, the water can run off the roof efficiently, thus preventing any risk of ponding water; when it snows, the slope ensures that the roof is able to shed the snow efficiently without having to suffer under the weight of frozen water;
  • more efficient ventilation – the buildings that have sloping roofs usually have an attic space underneath the roof. Attics are, in most homes, used for storage but they have a more important role, too: they ensure proper roof ventilation. by facilitating the movement of air under the roof, sloping structures are less exposed to distress caused by humidity and condensation.

Is EPDM Really Your Best Choice for Denver Commercial Roofing?

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EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) is a modern roofing material that is efficiently used on commercial and industrial buildings that require a low sloping roof of special strength and durability. Commercial roofing Denver CO builders say that the material makes an excellent choice for the roofs on commercial facilities in Denver for the following reasons:

  • What EPDM really is – the material is practically a synthetic rubber rolled into sheets and spread on the roof surface to be fastened with methods that do or do not involve the application of heat;
  • The benefits of using EPDM – the material option comes with a very wide range of benefits. One of the features that convinces most businesses to turn towards EPDM is the material’s price – EPDM is currently among the most affordable commercial roofing materials available. The other qualities that makes the solution so popular and appreciated are resistance and durability – EPDM can stand up to a lot including harsh weather extreme temperature variations, even to chemical spills and heavy foot traffic on the roof. Another aspect that accounts for the popularity of the option is quick and easy installation – EPDM sheets are easy to spread under surface and the fastening process is also very quick and easy.

The Role of Metal in Denver Commercial Roofing Installations

The range of the roofing materials used on commercial facilities in Denver has become diversified and it now includes various synthetic and built-up options, but metal roofs still continue to be among the most popular and most appreciated solutions.

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Here it is why metal is such an important roofing material in the Mile High City:

  • Durability – the metal panels and sheets used on commercial buildings are made from various alloys, such as alloys containing copper, zinc, galvanized and stainless steel or aluminum. Depending on the alloy of choice, according to commercial roofers Denver builders recommend, metal roofs can last for around 40-50 years without developing any special problems;
  • Resistance – metal roofing can stand up to a lot, to almost any kind of harsh weather, including storms extreme temperatures and heavy precipitation;
  • Quick and easy installation – metal roofing materials usually come in the form of kits that include everything needed for the installation. Consequently, the process is quite quick and it requires no special tools;
  • Maintenance – like any roof, metal systems also require regular inspections and cleaning, but other than that they need hardly any attention. The lifespan and the resistance of metal roofs can be further enhanced with the help of roof coating products applied at regular intervals.