Tips for Preparing the Space Around Your Home Before Your Roofer Arrives

If you are planning a roof repair or roof installation project on your home and you already have the date when your roofer will come to do the job scheduled, you should know that preparing the space around your building for the roofing work is essential to maintain the beauty of your landscape and to keep your items safe.

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An attentive Colorado Springs roofing company recommends you complete these important tasks before your roofer arrives:

  • Remove the items from the immediate proximity of the building – whatever type of roofing work your contractor will perform, objects will inevitably fall from the roof. To avoid any damage caused to your valuables by falling debris or falling roofing elements, make sure to remove anything that can be moved from the area.
  • Cover the vegetation – roofing work also involves the generation of lots of dust that might damage the plants in your landscape if it settles on the leaves and flowers. The nearby garden store surely sells a variety of foil and mesh products manufactured specially to prevent such damage to the vegetation, so just get the right amount and cover your plants.
  • Cover the windows and the walls – foil is useful for protecting the walls, the windows and doors of your house from dust and debris and for making the cleaning easier after the roofing process is complete.

3 Reasons to opt for a Professional Roofer for Basic Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance is the process of regularly inspecting and cleaning the roof structure with the purpose of revealing the faults that affect it and of prolonging its life span by removing any dirt and debris that could damage it. The process can be handled by amateurs, but amateur roofing work usually causes more harm than good, so the best way to get it handled is by hiring Colorado Springs roofing companies with attention to detail for the job.

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Here are some arguments that will convince you to:

  • Safety – any type of work performed on roofs, including roof maintenance, holds dangers, especially for people who are not experienced in performing work at heights. Professional roofers are used to moving around on roofs and performing difficult work in awkward positions and they are also familiar with the necessary safety gear so they can perform the maintenance of your roof respecting all safety related rules.
  • A trained eye to perform the inspection – professional roofers have experience in detecting even the tiniest roofing issue, therefore hiring a specialist to maintain your roof will help you tackle issues when they are still easy to solve.
  • Warranty – the best roofers stand by their work; therefore, the maintenance process that they perform will come with a warranty.

Pitfalls of Commercial Roofing: How an Experienced Roofer Will Help You Avoid Them

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The roof installed on your commercial property will determine many things, from the value of your business property to the safety and comfort of your employees or tenants and from your energy costs to your insurance premiums and the appearance of your property. To ensure that your commercial roof can fulfill all these purposes, you need a great commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO contractor who is able to avoid the most common pitfalls related to commercial roofing. Here are some of those pitfalls:

  • Choosing the wrong material – the market of commercial roofing materials is very wide, with options available for any requirement and any need. The abundance of choices makes the final selection more difficult, but an experienced commercial roofer will be able to help you select the best value for your money, the material that best serves your interests.
  • Problems arising from incorrect installation – installation mistakes are also very common in the world of commercial roofs. If you choose an experienced commercial roofer, the expertise of the professional will guarantee that your roof will be free from such mistakes.
  • Warranty problems – hiring an experienced Colorado Springs professional roofer to handle all the tasks related to your commercial roof is the only way to avoid problems related to warranty, such as voiding your warranty due to incorrect handling or due to being handled by a roofer without a license.

The Dangers of Waiting Too Long Before Hiring a Roofer

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When it comes to roof repairs, time is a very important aspect. The more you postpone professional roof repair, the more difficult and costlier it will be to remedy the problem. Here are some of the dangers of waiting too long before finding a qualified Colorado Springs roofing company;

  • A minor problem quickly turning into a major one – your roof is continuously exposed to the elements. This means that even if your roof is built from the strongest materials, if those materials are already a little damaged, that damage will quickly expand.
  • Costs exploding – getting a repair for a minor roofing issue, such as a cracked component, is always much cheaper than having to fix damage that has already extended to multiple components. If you wait too long to get that initial minor damage fixed, you can be faced with the deterioration of multiple surface elements, and with damage that might affect the structure of the roof. This will make the repairs even more complicated and costly.
  • Compromised comfort of your home – one of the most common types of roof damage is leaks- that is, holes or cracks on the roof through which water penetrates the building and enters the attic or your rooms. Besides ruining the aesthetics of your rooms, water dripping or pouring through the ceiling is a nuisance that will ruin the comfort of your home.

How a Brand New Roof Can Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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A new roof that is properly installed by distinguished Colorado Springs roofing companies and made from a carefully chosen material comes with many benefits. One of them is to improve the curb appeal of your home. Here is how your new roof will improve the aesthetics of your entire property:

  • A color harmonizing with the rest of the architecture – roof color chosen to match the accents or the principal wall color can pull the design of the entire building together. It can confer on your entire property a harmonious appearance that is a pleasure to look at.
  • Blending into the environment – the roof color is an essential element that will integrate your building into the environment made up by the other buildings surrounding your property. It can also make your home stand out.
  • Complementing or contrasting your landscape – the color chosen for your roof will also work together with the landscape you have around your building, either by creating an organically unified appearance or by creating contrast for your building. To improve the desired effect, you can choose to have one single color on your roof or you can opt for a material that comes in a variety of colors, or in a variety of hues of the same color.

Are Residential Roof Repairs Harder Than Commercial Repairs?

Roof repair, whether of a residential roof or a commercial structure, is a set of operations performed in order to restore the strength and integrity of the roof. It is not more difficult to repair residential roofs than commercial ones, just different.

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Here are some important things to know about the two processes:

  • Moving around on the structure – while residential roofs are usually sloping structures, commercial roofs are flat, which means that it is much easier to move around on a commercial roof. It is also much easier to take all the tools and devices needed for performing the repairs onto a commercial roof.
  • Size – commercial roofs usually feature larger square footage than residential structures. A Colorado Springs roofing company near me explains that the area that needs to be maintained and checked for damage is larger as well. Larger size usually means more roof features to be checked.
  • Commercial roof checks involve only the external surface – while residential roof inspections need to include checks from the inside by standing on the attic floor, flat commercial roofs can usually be checked only from the roof’s exterior surface. If the commercial building has an attic though, the roof must be checked the same way as residential roofs.

How Long Does a Commercial Roof Installation Take

Commercial roofs are usually flat structures made from some type of material that is easy to handle and install. This includes roofing membranes available in large rolls, sheets or panels of metal, or tar paper and gravel for built up structures. Given that the materials are so easy to manipulate, the installation of commercial roofs is usually a very straightforward and reasonably fast process.

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Here are some things to know about these projects:

  • The general rule – it is generally said that the installation of an average sized, 3,000 square feet roof takes about four days, and you should add about one more day for every 1,000 square feet of extra roof space.
  • Factors that influence the actual duration – the above calculation can be relied on in the case of simple roofs. Premier Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors also advise that you must be prepared that every roof feature, such as chimneys, skylights, and other openings or structures will add installation time to the overall process.
  • Installation or replacement – the installation of a roof on a new build lasts only for as long as the new materials are mounted on the roof. If you are in need of roof replacement, the duration of the project will include the time needed for removing and disposing of the old materials plus the time for the new installation.

Are Asphalt Shingles Still Popular in Colorado?

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The market of roofing materials is extremely varied and diversified these days, but asphalt shingles still seem to maintain their leading position when it comes to popularity in Colorado. Here are some of the features that make the option so great for the region:

  • variety in terms of quality levels – asphalt shingles are no longer just the thin pieces that are suitable only for buildings in milder climates. Asphalt shingles offered by leading Colorado Springs roofing companies today come in a variety of quality levels, from plain and simple varieties to really sturdy, impact resistant varieties that can stand up to gale-force winds as well as to the impact caused by even the largest hail;
  • Attractive appearance – asphalt shingles come in such a large variety in terms of appearance that there is surely at least one product suitable for any building. Asphalt shingles also come in a wide range of colors, a feature that also gives building owners the freedom to choose the style that meets their architecture’s features;
  • Easy installation and care – asphalt shingles are quick and easy to install and extremely easy to take care of. All you will need to do to ensure that your asphalt roof is in the best condition at all times is to clean it and to inspect it, want to address any fold that you detect during the check.

3 Reasons to Hire a More Experienced Roofer for Slate Roof Installations

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If you are currently in the process of getting your roof replaced and the material that you consider the best for your building is slate, you must know that the material needs special techniques during the installation – techniques that not all roofers master. Here is why it is very important to get your new slate roof installed by a GAF Master Elite Colorado Springs roofing company who has experienced with handling stone roofs:

  • a brittle and heavy material – slate roofing materials are practically slabs cut from larger pieces of stone. While slate is definitely one of the most durable and strongest roofing materials available today, the natural stone is also very brittle and breaks and chips easily if accidentally hit or dropped. To be able to get your roof installed without wasting precious material, you need a roofer who is aware of the importance of handling the slabs with gentle care;
  • special fastening techniques – slate roofs are installed one slab at a time, the process requiring the use of special fasteners and special, gentle, yet efficient movements. The roofer in charge of installing your new roof must also be familiar with the ideal overlap to prevent leagues under the roof faults;
  • Great tastes need some help from dexterity – slate roofs are made up from many smaller pieces of stone. Being cut from a larger rock, no two slabs look the same, which also means that achieving the best appearance requires some experience in terms of how to combine the grains and the hues.

3 Tips for Getting a Good Flat Roof Inspection

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Flat roof maintenance is among the most essential roofing tasks that you should never neglect. Ideally performed twice a year, once in fall and one more time in spring, your roof maintenance sessions should also include roof inspection. Here are some essential things to look for during that inspection:

  • checking for the most common issues in sensitive areas – flat roofs tend to become more prone to damage in the areas where two types of materials meet, therefore it is very important to include all these areas into the inspection. The seams, the sides, the areas covered in flashing should all be checked to detect surface damage that could cause legs to appear;
  • checking the gutter systems – the drainage of your flat roof is an essential component that ensures the roofs prolonged life. A commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO Roofing Association Member confers that roof inspections should always be extended to the drainage system as well, checking the gutters for clogs, cracks, damaged fasteners and other issues such as corrosion;
  • Problems that affect the surface – blistering, punctures, cracks and sagging areas that allow for water to accumulate should all be eliminated as soon as detected, so these problems should always be checked for during roof inspections.