How to Take Care of Roof Repairs While on a Budget

Roof damage is inherent and may sometimes be quite costly. If you are on a budget, we can give you some tips so you will not be surprised by the costs and have the budget ready for it.

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None of us wants to experience roof problems. Many people deny the inevitable and try to convince themselves that they do not or will not have serious roof problems. However, the best thing is to keep an eye on your roof through periodic inspections and maintenance operations and pay attention to small things rather than to face big problems that can shorten its lifespan and make you pay a lot more.

Another important thing to consider when you are on a budget is getting insurance for your roof. This way, you are protected no matter when the problems appear and you will not have to worry about paying a large sum of money from your pocket at once.

Choosing the right time for the roof repair will also save you money. Colorado Springs roofing company technicians experienced in roofing installation and repairs are the busiest at the end of summer and in autumn, so planning to replace or repair the roof at the end of winter or in spring will likely bring you discounts, and operations may take less time.


How to Decide Between Metal and Asphalt Roofing

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Among the most important parts of the home is the roof. Each material used for roofing comes with its pros and cons. Asking people which of them to use for roofing a home will result in different answers. Asphalt shingles are known to be used by the majority and are very popular among homeowners. However, there are other options for those looking to try something different.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs, for example, are a great choice for homeowners looking into different roofing materials. They are known to be energy efficient and can withstand for many years with little maintenance needed. An average lifespan of a metal roof is about 40 years and because they last a long time, it will probably be the only roof that one will have to replace during their lifetime.

Metal roofs can be a viable option for homeowners but commercial building owners as well. They can also be customized as their design can come in many different styles and colors, giving the building a unique appearance. An example of a popular material used for metal roofing is aluminum. Aluminum metal roofs can withstand other deterioration that can affect asphalt roofs in general such as fungus, moss, and mold and it is not affected by pests.

Asphalt Roofs

Asphalt roof shingles are common for most residential properties. They come in two forms: organic and fiberglass. Both of them offer good protection against exterior elements. Fiberglass is considered higher quality than organic, as it offers better protection such as doing a better job at waterproofing and has better resistance to fire. Overall, asphalt shingles are still a good choice for new homeowners. Not only do they offer excellent protection, but the material itself is very affordable. Asphalt offers many colors choices to choose from and in comparison to metal, they do a better job in improving the curb appeal of the property.

How to decide between metal and asphalt roofing does not rely solely on preference, but climate zone, the structure and also the owner’s budget. In hot climate zones, metal roofing will do a better job of protecting the building by reflecting a part of the energy coming from the sun, maintaining a cooler overall temperature in the home. When it comes to appearance, metal does not compare to asphalt roofs and it is more affordable for most people, however, it does not last as much and it requires a bit more maintenance. Consult with trusted Colorado Springs roofing companies to decide what roof is best for your home and budget.

How to Stay on Track With Fall Home Maintenance

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Most of the home maintenance is done in Fall. During this period, there are many things tackle. So much so, that it can get a bit confusing and by preparing either a plan or checklist could result in fewer headaches during this period. There are a variety of little things to keep track of during Fall maintenance.

Developing a schedule for the work that needs doing each day could prove to be a useful tool so that no important details are being overseen that could be a problem in the future. Assigning a day to have a Colorado Springs roofing company rep inspect the roof, having another day prepared for checking the attic and another one for cleaning the exterior of the home, and so on.

Keeping track of the maintenance during Fall as well as other improvement projects on the home can be a huge benefit to making sure that the structure is in good condition and presents no issues, especially during the winter months. Keeping track of any maintenance or improvement done to the home is recommended. Every detail such as repairing or replacing the roof, cleaning the gutters, repainting the home or repairing the siding should be taken into account.

Protecting Your Commercial Roof From Debris

Over time, the roof of a commercial building, especially those that have a flat roof may gather all kinds of debris. Debris found on the ground around the building can find their way onto the roof during windy days such as tree branches and leaves, which are the most common debris found on rooftops. The best way of protecting your commercial roof from debris would be by good old fashioned cleaning. Regularly cleaning the roof is recommended by Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors to prevent the gathering of too much debris over time.

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Too much debris on a rooftop may prove hazardous, especially if left unattended over long periods. It can trap water after a rainfall which can lead to the roofing material underneath to deteriorate. Maintaining a clean environment around the building, as well as trimming the trees themselves is the best method in preventing too much debris to be blown on the roof or fall from nearby trees.

Beside organic debris, man-made components may also be present, such as objects that could break or detach during a storm. Antennas, pieces of glass, nails and other smaller man-made debris can also be found on a roof. Other areas on the roof such as the gutters are essential in keeping them clean, especially on a flat roof, so that the water may slide off and reduce the risk of forming ponds.

One cannot have full control over nature, however, one can take small steps to minimize the damage that could be done. Regular cleaning of the roof and the proper management of the surrounding area may help to greatly reduce the amount of debris and damage that can be caused to a commercial roof.

Do the Seasons Impact Roof Repairs?

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People often wonder why Fall is the best season for repairing a roof and how different weather conditions have an effect on repairs. Having roof maintenance in the Fall is ideal for having maintenance work done on the roof because of the ideal temperatures and little humidity.

Roof Repairs During Spring and Summer

Spring brings back the mild temperatures of Fall and can also be an ideal time for a roof maintenance project. Also, the availability of roofing contractors is a huge benefit and people can save a lot on material prices. However, spring is known to have mild showers from time to time, making it a bit difficult to find the right moment to begin the maintenance.

Because of the extreme temperatures, Summer is not ideal for roof maintenance, especially for workers. Spending too much time on the roof, under the hot summer sun can cause a lot of issues for the workers. Weathers in Summer can be unpredictable. One moment the sun may be shining and the next, there is a thunderstorm, impeding any progress made on roof repairs, while the home remains exposed to the elements.

Roof Repairs During Fall and Winter

Extreme weather conditions such as the high temperatures of summer, or the frigid conditions of winter can hurt the repairs, as well as the workers that do the work. Late Summer and early Fall is ideal. The temperatures begin to cool a bit and the rainy days of Fall are a bit further away. A major disadvantage of Fall is that Colorado Springs roofing companies are in high demand during this season, and finding available one can prove a bit of challenge.

Same as in the summer, winter working conditions are not ideal. Not only will the worker be less productive due to the frigid weather, but the materials and work itself may also suffer. Sealants won’t adhere correctly, making it more difficult to install new shingles. If there is no emergency present, roofing maintenance in the Winter should be avoided.

Reasons Why Your Roof Pitch Is Important

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The roof pitch, often referred to as the roof slope, is the angle of the sides of the roof, the measurement of the vertical rise by the horizontal run. The parameter is among the most important ones that are associated with roofs – the pitch will be the factor that determines the materials that can be used on the roof, the overall costs as well as the duration of the roofing process. Here are some more details related to the roof pitch:

  • All roofs have a certain pitch – there is no such thing as a completely flat roof, even the ones look flat have a small pitch to prevent the accumulation of ponding water on the surface of the roof;
  • Each roofing material comes with specifications related to the range of pitch that the material is suitable for;
  • Durability – as a general rule, steeper roofs are more durable due to the fact that they drain more efficiently. Flat roofs, on the other hand, need some help to resist for long, but with some attention to the drainage system attached to them, they will protect the building they are installed on for the expected amount of time without problem.

For more information regarding roofing service costs, contact a local family owned Colorado Springs roofing company for honest and knowledgeable support.

The Most Common Problem Areas on Flat Roofs

Flat roofs have lots of benefits, including strength and durability, but even so, they have their own typical problem areas as well. Here are the parts and components that you should pay special attention to:

  • The gutters – the drainage is one of the weak points of any flat roof. The lack of roof pitch makes the elimination of water more difficult, therefore commercial roofing building owners need to inspect their flat roofs regularly and to get rid of the water that has accumulated on the roof surface;
  • The roof surface – airborne debris, such as feathers and dust as well as debris falling from nearby trees can also accumulate on the surface of the roof and in the gutter pipes. Too much dirt and debris on the roof can be harmful because such debris tends to retain moisture and to block the path of the water, causing leaks and other forms of damage;
  • The flashing – the skylights and chimneys on flat roofs are surrounded by flashing, stripes made from strong, but flexible material, such as metal or rubberized asphalt in order to make the area around the openings stronger. If the flashing gets damaged, the area becomes more prone to developing leaks, therefore the flashing is also one of the roof components that need attention.

Use commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO specialists for roof inspection, repair, and installation.

Does the Color of Your Roof Impact Energy Efficiency?

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Roof color is among the most important features to make up your mind about, an aspect that has direct influence not only on the style and appearance of your building, but on how efficiently you will be able heat and cool the building interior as well.

As a general rule, light colors reflect heat, while darker shades absorb more of the heat they come into contact with and the more heat comes in through the roof, the more difficult it will be to cool the air that penetrates the area underneath the roof. The color of the covering material will determine the amount of solar heat reflected and absorbed, the phenomenon being something that should be paid special attention to in hot climate areas – the color of the roof will also determine the amount of heat that the roof lets through and transfers towards the building interior, but the differences in terms of heat insulation between light colored and dark roofs are less significant in winter. Colorado Springs roofing companies with industry experience will help you determine what roof is best for your home and climate.

To illustrate the impact of the color of the roof color on the amount of heat absorbed by the building through the roof, on a very hot day, the temperature in the attic of a building that has a light-colored roof can be 20-40 degrees Fahrenheit lower than in the buildings that use a dark roof in the same area. This could mean that the light-colored roof uses about 20% less energy on that day.

Myths About Storm Damage Roof Repairs

Storms cause millions of dollars of damage on roofs across the country and many owners of buildings that have suffered roof damage caused by storms fail to address the problem properly or receive the right amount of insurance compensation because their actions are informed by misconceptions.

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Here are some of the most common myths about storm roof damage repairs that you should not believe:

  • If there are no missing components, I don’t need repair – missing roof components, such as shingles or tiles that have been swept off, are the most obvious, but not the only sign of storm damage. Storms might cause leaks or other forms of structural damage without sweeping off parts of the roof, so if you suspect your roof is under such stress, you will need to get the roof inspected by a professional storm damage repair Colorado Springs roofing company;
  • Storm damage on my roof is covered by manufacturer’s warranty – most manufacturers exclude the damage caused by hail and storms from the coverage and so do most roofers;
  • The damage on my roof is very small, therefore I should not file an insurance claim – you should file a claim for any damage that is covered by your policy, no matter how small it is. Roof damage can aggravate quickly, so any issue needs to be addressed in a timely manner and why pay for it if you can get compensation from your insurer?

Commercial Roof Inspection Tips

Commercial roofs are in many respects different from residential roofs, but they are also the same, at least when it comes to their need for inspection and maintenance. Whatever the roof on your commercial property is made from, you need to get it looked at regularly – here are some tips about how to do it right:

  • Schedule two inspection sessions per year – your roof needs to be inspected by Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors in spring, to check for any damage that may have appeared during the winter and again in fall, to check for whatever the summer has done to your roof and to prepare the structure for the challenges of the coming winter;
  • Include adjacent components, too – the flashing, the chimneys, the roof windows, the components of the drainage system, including the gutters and the downspouts all need to be checked for damage;
  • Clean the roof after the inspection – roof cleaning is an essential part of roof maintenance, very important for keeping your roof in good health;

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Repair all the issues detected during the inspection – with proper maintenance, the issues that the inspection will reveal are likely to be minor and easy to fix. However, minor roof problems can turn into major problems quickly, so it is wise to see to all the repairs in a timely manner