How Does Flat Roof Maintenance Work?

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Flat roofs, whether installed on commercial facilities or used on residential buildings, are strong structures that can stand up to a lot, but even these strong building components need regular maintenance to maintain their strength. Here is how that maintenance should work:

  • Regularity is key – maintenance sessions should be carried out based on a schedule. Ideally, your flat roof and the adjacent gutters need to be cleaned and inspected twice a year, once in spring and again in fall, to prepare the roof for the two harder seasons, summer and winter;
  • Additional inspections – strong storms and other forms of extreme weather can damage even well-maintained roofs, so it is very important to check your roof after each major event;
  • The tasks involved with maintenance – maintenance visits should involve the thorough cleaning of the roof surface as well as of the gutters and the vents and the detailed, inch-by-inch inspection of the roof and the adjacent parts. Any roof faults detected during the inspections need to be addressed in a timely manner – commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO pros recommend that quick repair action is essential to prevent the aggravation of the fault and to prolong the life of the roof;
  • Coating – if the roof is made from a material that could benefit from the additional protection provided by weatherproof coatings, the coats need to be refreshed every couple of years after the first application.

What Should You Do When Fixing Your Roof Is Much Too Expensive?

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Getting a roof repaired or replaced are expensive home renovation projects, for some homeowners, these two types of fixes are actually the two costliest and most dreaded upgrades they will ever have to face. If you have requested several quotes for the fix you need and all seem out of reach financially, you must know that there are several good ways to make the roof job affordable. Here are some:

  • Shop around for materials – the market of roofing materials is very rich and the quotes you have received from local Colorado Springs roofing companies are likely to provide the prices provided by the particular suppliers that the roofers work with. Try to find more options online – whatever material you need, it is probably offered for discounted prices somewhere;
  • Schedule the fix for off-season – most roofing jobs can be safely performed outside the peak season, too. Roofers usually work for lower labor rates between fall and spring, so try to get your fix scheduled for that period;
  • Do some of the work yourself – you should not attempt complicated repairs or roof replacement on your own, but you might try replacing that damaged shingle or gutter section safely to save some money.

Is Metal Roofing Regarded as an Economic Choice Over Time?

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Metal is among the strongest and most versatile construction materials, a material that is extensively used for manufacturing roofing panels, tiles and shakes. Metal roofs enjoy great popularity these days, being a very common choice for commercial applications as well as for residential buildings, one of the qualities that account for that popularity being affordability. Here is how metal roofs save money not only due to the convenient pricing of the material, but through other features as well:

  • Low maintenance needs – metal roofs need only occasional inspections and cleaning, no special maintenance operations are required for keeping metal roof in good condition;
  • Durability – metal roofs can last for 40-60 years even in harsh climate zones, their longevity ensuring low ownership costs;
  • Recyclability – metal is 100% percent recyclable, which means that the metal roofing components removed at the end of their lifespan are not waste, but valuable materials;
  • Quick and easy installation – recommended Colorado Springs roofing company professionals confirm that metal roofing materials are easy to install, which means that the installation process does not add significantly to the costs of getting a metal roof;
  • Insignificant depreciation – the value that you add to your home when you get a metal roof is almost completely maintained throughout the lifespan of your metal roof.

Re-Roofing Your Home – The Key Points You Have to Know About

Getting your old roof removed and a new one installed is a difficult and costly project that you should plan carefully and the steps of which you should be familiar with. Here are some essential key points:

  • The importance of using the right materials – the material that your new roof will be made from will determine not only the amount of money that you will have to spend on the roof, but the durability and the appearance of the new structure as well. You need some research to be able to make the best choice, so take the time to find the material that is suitable for your climate area as well as for the style of your building;
  • The condition of the roof frame – another important thing to decide is whether you should replace only the roofing cover or the deeper layers also need to be replaced. To be able to make the best decision, call a professional roofer to check the old roof;
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  • Choosing the right contractor – you need knowledgeable, experienced and reliable Colorado Springs roofing companies who are properly licensed and insured. You will also want a roofer who specializes in installing the type of roofing that you have on your home.

Does Your Commercial Roof Need Better Maintenance?

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Roof maintenance is an often neglected task, even though most companies are aware of the importance of having a solid, well-maintained roof on their building. If you are not sure whether your maintenance routine is optimal or it can do with a revision, here is how commercial roofs should be maintained:

  • Get the roof checked twice a year by accomplished Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors – getting your roof inspected and cleaned by a roofing contractor in spring and again in fall is the best way to ensure that any fault, even the smallest one, is caught in time;
  • Do not neglect the drainage system – the gutters that surround your roof play a crucial role in preserving your roof in good condition, but they can do their job only if they are solid, correctly fastened and free from clogs, cracks and sagging. The semi-annual inspections should include the gutter pipes, too, but that is usually not enough – the pipes should be checked and cleaned after major weather events, such as storms;
  • Maintain your landscape – if you have large trees with branches overhanging the roof, you should regular check those trees for weakened or dead limbs and you should cut off those branches to prevent any roof damage caused by fallen tree limbs.

How to Find Trusted Storm Restoration Roofing Contractors

Storms are devastating forces of nature that destroy thousands of roofs each year and cause millions of dollars of damage. One of the first and most important things to do in case of storm damage sustained by your roof is to find the right restoration specialist to mitigate the damage and to reconstruct your roof.

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Here are some tips to make it easier for you to find the right Colorado Springs roofer:

  • Look for local Colorado Springs contractors that offer emergency repair services – fast response is essential in the case of storm damage, so just jump online and look for a Colorado Springs roofing company providing emergency repairs. Try to identify at least three or four roofers and check their websites to find information about their exact field of experience and licensing status (even in an emergency, you should only work with a roofer that is properly licensed and insured);
  • Call the roofers on your list – if your roof got damaged in a strong storm that affected your entire region, you should be prepared that roofers might be already busy working on emergencies. However, you should stick to your list; if all the roofers on it are busy, you should keep looking for other verifiable contractors, but you should not work with roofer who show up at your doorstep and try to make you let them in.

Reasons to Invest in Slate Roofing

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Slate is an attractive, natural roofing material, one of the most durable and most traditional options. Consisting of slabs of stone cut manually, slate systems are not the cheapest, they are surely heavy and their installation requires special expertise, but their incredible qualities still make the option an excellent choice. Here is why:

  • Longevity – natural stone has been standing up to the elements for millions of years, the roofs built from the material being the most durable systems, with a longevity of over 100 years;
  • Resistance – slate resists to whatever the weather brings about, including rain, snow, wind and sunshine. Colorado Springs roofing companies with extensive experience confirm that the material is non-combustible, making the perfect choice for fire-prone areas and no rodents, termites and other pests can harm it;
  • Increased property value – slate roofs are appreciated by potential buyers, too, allowing sellers to increase their asking price;
  • Unparalleled beauty – no other roofing material can match the elegance and style of slate. There are no two slabs that are completely the same and natural stone features many different shades and grains.

If slate seems like an attractive solution, you should be aware that the material is very heavy and quite brittle, being sensitive to impact.

How Do Commercial Roofs Resist Heat in The Summer?

Commercial roofs might not be visible from the ground, but they are surely exposed to the elements and protecting your building all the time.

The summer heat is an especially insidious enemy of flat or low-sloping roofs – here is how the extremely high temperatures and the UV radiation associated with summer weather can harm your roof:

  • The degradation caused by UV rays – ultraviolet radiation can decompose almost any material it comes into contact with by altering the chemical composition and the physical features of the materials. As a result, the material that your roof is made from can lose its oil content and moisture, becoming brittle and prone to developing cracks. Dedicated commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO contractors corroborate that UV radiation can also accelerate the aging of the roof, leading to the need to replace it before time;
  • Overheating – an unshaded roof can also absorb lots of heat from the sun. When the roof overheats, the materials used on it react with drying as well as with expansion. When the material becomes too dry to expand, but the heat still forces it to change size, the roofing surface will develop cracks and will become prone to water damage. When the heat subsides and the night comes with lower temperatures, the roofing materials that have become dilated during the day start shrinking again – a movement that can also cause cracks if the material is not sufficiently elastic.

What Is a Forensic Roof Inspection?

A forensic roof inspection is an inspection ordered by a property owner who has had a new roof installed recently and wants to know whether the roofer who did the installation followed the right procedures and executed the process correctly. Forensic inspections are usually performed by inspectors who have long years of experience in providing expert opinions. In some cases, the expert might decide to involve other professionals into the inspection, such as structural engineers.

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Forensic roof inspections usually involve not only visual checks to assess the correctness of the installation method, but taking samples of the roofing materials to test them for the presence of mold or asbestos. During the process, the expert determines whether the installation was performed in compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions, with the material specifications, whether the roof slopes are in the right angle, whether the drainage system is suitable for efficiently directing water away from the roof and whether the roof is suitable from a structural point of view. The inspection process might take a day or longer, up to several weeks, if extensive testing is needed or if there are multiple specialists involved. At the end of the process, the inspector will issue an inspection report that includes all the findings of the checks and tests.

Count on Interstate Roofing,  a trusted Colorado Springs roofing company, to provide quality work that passes any and all forensic inspection compliance review processes.

Summer Roof Protection Tips

Summer might be the favorite season of many of us, but it is also a period that is difficult for roofs, a period of high heat, strong UV radiation and strong storms, too. Roofs being exposed to so much during the summer, they need all the protection they can get to be able to stand up to all the challenges – Colorado Springs roofing companies offer roof protection measures and maintenance tips that you can implement:

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  • Regular inspections – your roof needs to undergo two detailed, professional inspections a year, one in spring and one in fall, but it is a good idea to perform additional checks after storms and prolonged rainy periods. Stepping up the frequency of the inspections makes sure that any roof fault is caught when it is still small;
  • Trim your trees – large trees keep shade and improve the quality of the air on your property, but any limb that overhangs the roof can be broken and dropped onto the roof by winds and storms. To prevent that from happening, regularly inspect your trees and cut off any branches that seem weakened;
  • Maintain the drainage system – regularly cleaning, inspecting and, if necessary, repairing the gutters and the downspouts is essential for ensuring proper water shedding from the roof.