Can Roofers Help with Roofing Damage Insurance Claims?

When disaster strikes and your roof gets damaged, it is time to make an insurance claim. However, many homeowners are reluctant about this because they either think making a claim will raise their premiums, or they will not get the right amount of compensation to do the necessary repairs. However, hiring a reputable Colorado Springs roofer to assess the damage can help you with the insurance claim.

Colorado Springs roofing companies can help with insurance claim damage assessments

First, good Colorado Springs roofing companies have a reputation among local insurance agents and claim adjusters, and you will have peace of mind that your claim will be considered valid and the work will be done correctly.

You can also transfer a lot of detail work to your roofer when it comes to deciding if the claim should be made at all, getting accurate estimates, meeting with the claim adjuster to detail the damage and the necessary repairs, as well as completing paperwork.

An accurate estimate is the most important thing to base your insurance claim on. When the roofing company knows the insurance claim process, things will go smoothly for you, without wasting your time or the opportunity to receive the right amount of compensation and repair your roof as quickly as possible.


Avoiding Storm Damage Commercial Roofing Scams

As a commercial business owner, you probably know that after a severe storm that caused roof damage, you get many visits from roofing contractors that show up at the right time, trying to convince you to sign a contract with them, because they have the best solutions for your problem. As tempting as their offers may seem, you should not fall for them.

Reputable Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors

Reputable Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors do not travel from door to door, because they are established businesses, with a good local reputation. So, those people who show up after a severe weather phenomenon is likely to be scams and they simply look to take advantage of people in distress, and the services they provide are typically sub-mediocre. Besides, you will not see these people stand behind their work; they will take the money and disappear.

Make sure you always ask for license and a business card with a legitimate address and phone number. Also ask for a written estimate and make sure to take time to study it carefully. Roofing scams are known for handing contracts with blanks that people sign only because they are too stressed out to check them carefully and want their roof fixed as soon as possible.


Types of Commercial Roofing Materials

To find out what commercial roof materials will work best for your building, you can count on the expert advice of commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO professionals.

commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO

Commercial TPO Membrane

Thermoplastic polyolefin is a new-generation of flat roof materials, which was used for the first time in 1986 and created as a more cost-effective alternative to PVC membranes.

Nowadays, it is one of the most popular single-ply membranes used to seal commercial roofs, because of the cheaper upfront costs and its characteristics that make it a good choice: flexibility, durability, lightweight, reflectivity and recyclability.

Commercial EPDM Membrane

Ethylene propylene diene methylene membrane – this is its full name. This rubber membrane has proved its efficiency during the 60 years since it is in the market. It can form-fit any roof due to being easy to stretch, it is durable and also a great choice for cooler climates, considering its darker color that absorbs heat.

EPDM membrane is the no1 material in flat commercial roofing nationwide.

Commercial PVC Membrane

Polyvinyl chloride membrane is also popular and time-tested. Its most significant advantages include durability, fire retardant properties, longevity (which also makes it cost-effective), great resistance to puncture, tear and moisture.

Metal flat roofing

Metal is an effective material, used successfully on any type of roofs. Commercial flat roofing is durable, reflective and lightweight, and can be installed fast and easy, considering that it mostly comes in large sheets.


Tips for Avoiding Roofing Scams

When you experience problems with the roof, you are definitely stressed enough to think about anything else. However, things can become even worse if you are not careful enough and hire the wrong contractor.

avoid roofing scams - hire reliable Colorado Springs roofing company contractors

There are many roofing scams out there; you can find them at your door anytime, promising you fantastic services or trying to convince you that you have a problem with your roof that you know nothing about, but they most likely appear after a big storm or other severe weather phenomena that affects an entire area, because they know perfectly well that people in such situation are vulnerable and would do anything to have their problems fixed as soon as possible. These roofing scams have no scruples and could make you sign a contract that doesn’t actually protect you, or provide you low quality services, take your money and disappear.

If you want to avoid all these, no matter in what situation you are and how badly you want your roof to be in good shape again, TAKE YOUR TIME TO FIND A TRUSTWORTHY Colorado Springs roofing company contractor.

Speak with your insurance company first, then find a few local contractors, licensed, insured, with good reputation and get their estimates in writing, to compare them. Never make verbal arrangements or sign a contract with blanks.

How the Winter Effects Roofs

Winter has not yet fully taken over, but we are already concerned about the low temperatures we have to cope with, the cold, the ice and the snow. Homeowners have even more things to worry about, because ice dams and snow are the enemies of roofs, gutters and downspouts.

Colorado Springs roofing companies can help winterize your roof

Fortunately, there are solutions so that winter does not affect your roof. De-icing systems can be installed before the arrival of the cold season, so that you can stay safe and have peace of mind all winter long. With a de-icing system, you will not have to worry about cleaning the snow from the roof or find safe ways to melt the ice dams. It will keep you away from the specific problems of the cold season that affect the roof:

  • Preventing the accumulation of snow and ice on the roof and the damage they cause
  • Preventing the infiltration of water below the roof
  • Preventing accidents caused by falling icicles
  • Keeping the roof clean and dry throughout the winter, allowing heat and light to play their role without hindrance from the thick layer of snow on the house

Beyond these aspects, however, de-icing systems also come with a number of long-term and very long-term benefits that go beyond functionality. For example, professionally installed by Colorado Springs roofing companies, they do not require maintenance or involve maintenance costs; on the contrary, in the long term, such a system can help you save money, time and effort, as there will be no need for annual roof repairs, facade restoration, changing the tiles cracked because of frost-thaw cycles etc.

The Different Components of a Flat Roof

Flat roofs are considered to be unique, diverse and allow for many creative options. Diversity has two aspects: one regarding almost all design possibilities and the other with specific requirements for thermal insulation and waterproofing.

The flat roof structure is multi-layered and includes the following elements:

  • flat base
  • vapor barrier
  • insulation layer
  • waterproofing protection (cover)

The base of a roof is usually made from reinforced concrete slabs or beam structures made of metal profiles. The composition of the roof as well as its manufacture technology depends on the type of base it has been constructed.

The vapor barrier is usually made of plastic foil, designed to prevent air vapors to rise from the living space and affect the thermal protection layer of the roof.

The covering materials represent the construction elements installed at the top, having the role to protect the entire construction against weather and water infiltrations, while contributing to the energy efficiency of the building. Traditional coverings are made of bituminous or sheet laminate materials. Modern materials include special synthetic membranes, which are more efficient, durable and easy to apply. In some cases, a flat roof can also be covered with metallic sheets. Allow top rated Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors to give you more information about the flat roof process.

Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors

What Type of Roof Decking is Best for Your Building?

Roof decking is an important process in the construction of any type of roof. The roof deck represents the area between the trusses and joists (which are the structural components) and the insulation, waterproofing membrane and coating materials. It has to be durable and strong enough to hold a certain weight of other roof layers.

commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO pros give advice on roof decking

Roof decks can be made of various materials, being suitable for different types of roofs and buildings. Choosing the materials for decking must depend on how much weight it is designed to carry (and we are not talking only about the weight of the roof, but also of air conditioning equipment or other special features built or stored on the roof, as well as of snow accumulation).

The most common roof deck for residential buildings is tongue and groove wood systems, or plywood. Wood remains a great material, which will stand up to the weight of most roofing materials placed on the deck.

In the case of commercial buildings, commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO pros mostly choose concrete, cement or steel for decking, because these buildings typically represent larger structures, carrying more weight. Besides, features stored on commercial roofs must be serviced frequently, so the weight of maintenance personnel and equipment must also be taken into consideration.

How to Take Care of Roof Repairs While on a Budget

Roof damage is inherent and may sometimes be quite costly. If you are on a budget, we can give you some tips so you will not be surprised by the costs and have the budget ready for it.

Colorado Springs roofing company technicians support home maintenance

None of us wants to experience roof problems. Many people deny the inevitable and try to convince themselves that they do not or will not have serious roof problems. However, the best thing is to keep an eye on your roof through periodic inspections and maintenance operations and pay attention to small things rather than to face big problems that can shorten its lifespan and make you pay a lot more.

Another important thing to consider when you are on a budget is getting insurance for your roof. This way, you are protected no matter when the problems appear and you will not have to worry about paying a large sum of money from your pocket at once.

Choosing the right time for the roof repair will also save you money. Colorado Springs roofing company technicians experienced in roofing installation and repairs are the busiest at the end of summer and in autumn, so planning to replace or repair the roof at the end of winter or in spring will likely bring you discounts, and operations may take less time.


How to Decide Between Metal and Asphalt Roofing

Colorado Springs roofing companies

Among the most important parts of the home is the roof. Each material used for roofing comes with its pros and cons. Asking people which of them to use for roofing a home will result in different answers. Asphalt shingles are known to be used by the majority and are very popular among homeowners. However, there are other options for those looking to try something different.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs, for example, are a great choice for homeowners looking into different roofing materials. They are known to be energy efficient and can withstand for many years with little maintenance needed. An average lifespan of a metal roof is about 40 years and because they last a long time, it will probably be the only roof that one will have to replace during their lifetime.

Metal roofs can be a viable option for homeowners but commercial building owners as well. They can also be customized as their design can come in many different styles and colors, giving the building a unique appearance. An example of a popular material used for metal roofing is aluminum. Aluminum metal roofs can withstand other deterioration that can affect asphalt roofs in general such as fungus, moss, and mold and it is not affected by pests.

Asphalt Roofs

Asphalt roof shingles are common for most residential properties. They come in two forms: organic and fiberglass. Both of them offer good protection against exterior elements. Fiberglass is considered higher quality than organic, as it offers better protection such as doing a better job at waterproofing and has better resistance to fire. Overall, asphalt shingles are still a good choice for new homeowners. Not only do they offer excellent protection, but the material itself is very affordable. Asphalt offers many colors choices to choose from and in comparison to metal, they do a better job in improving the curb appeal of the property.

How to decide between metal and asphalt roofing does not rely solely on preference, but climate zone, the structure and also the owner’s budget. In hot climate zones, metal roofing will do a better job of protecting the building by reflecting a part of the energy coming from the sun, maintaining a cooler overall temperature in the home. When it comes to appearance, metal does not compare to asphalt roofs and it is more affordable for most people, however, it does not last as much and it requires a bit more maintenance. Consult with trusted Colorado Springs roofing companies to decide what roof is best for your home and budget.

How to Stay on Track With Fall Home Maintenance

Colorado Springs roofing company rep will complete roof inspections

Most of the home maintenance is done in Fall. During this period, there are many things tackle. So much so, that it can get a bit confusing and by preparing either a plan or checklist could result in fewer headaches during this period. There are a variety of little things to keep track of during Fall maintenance.

Developing a schedule for the work that needs doing each day could prove to be a useful tool so that no important details are being overseen that could be a problem in the future. Assigning a day to have a Colorado Springs roofing company rep inspect the roof, having another day prepared for checking the attic and another one for cleaning the exterior of the home, and so on.

Keeping track of the maintenance during Fall as well as other improvement projects on the home can be a huge benefit to making sure that the structure is in good condition and presents no issues, especially during the winter months. Keeping track of any maintenance or improvement done to the home is recommended. Every detail such as repairing or replacing the roof, cleaning the gutters, repainting the home or repairing the siding should be taken into account.