Should I Have My Roof Power Washed?

If your roof looks very dirty and there is debris and vegetation stuck on it, you will have to consider a cleanup. Pressure washing may seem like a good solution, because it provides you the perspective of having a clean roof in no time, but actually you should not get so excited about it, because it is not all it is cracked up to be.

The problem with this solution is that the process can cause roof damage and, if you still have a warranty certificate available, it might invalidate it.

A power washer’s output pressure can be too high to bear by certain roofing materials. An improper nozzle size is also a potential problem. High pressure water can compromise not just covering materials, but also sealants, bonding or adhesive between shingles, underlying fabric of the roofing material as well as futures like chimneys, solar panels, skylights or flashing. In an asphalt roof, pressurized water will likely strip away the shingles’ granulation.

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Representatives from Colorado Springs roofing companies will tell you that roofing materials are not designed to withstand pounding high water pressure, and this is why you should avoid it. Better call the professionals and allow them to clean your roof by using safe methods and solutions.

When is the Right Time to Buy a New Roof

Practiced Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors will tell you that the right time to buy a new roof depends on the problems you experience with the old roof, your budget and also your preferences, because you can purchase a new roof for different reasons:

  • Your existing roof is too old and not reliable anymore
  • You want a new roof to have peace of mind when it comes to your safety and the money you spend
  • You want a better product above your business, more suitable for the local climate or made from a material that requires less maintenance
  • You do not know when the old roof was installed and you want to prevent experiencing a roof failure
  • It just looks old and worn, and you are doing preventive maintenance on your home.

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There are also some potential signs indicating that the right time to buy a new roof has come:

  • Shingles are worn out and damaged (tabs are cupped, edges are curled etc.)
  • There are visible signs of aging 3-tab asphalt shingles
  • Your neighbors are getting new roofs and, in this context, your old roof will lower the value of your property

Just make sure that you take some time to plan the roof replacement project, as it is complex, involves different operations as well as a significant budget.

How Much Does A Typical New Roof Cost?

According to statistical data, the average cost of the installation of a new roof is in the 5,000-11,000 range, with the price of most new roofs being around 8,000. However, according to knowledgeable Colorado Springs roofing company experts, the actual price that you will have to pay for your roof depends on many factors – here are some that will influence the final costs:

  • The material used – the most affordable roofing solutions are the systems that use asphalt shingles, followed in line by metal and various synthetic materials and with clay and cement tiles and natural roofing materials, such as green roofing, wood and slate occupying the top of the price range;

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  • Labor costs – shingle and metal roofs are the easiest and cheapest to install and they can be installed on top of the old roof if it is strong enough, the feature further reducing the related labor expenses. Clay and cement tiles, slate, wood and green roofs require special expertise to install, therefore they incur higher labor rates;
  • Maintenance – when calculating the costs of your new roof, you should add maintenance costs, too. Most roofing materials are cheap and easy to maintain, all they need being regular inspections and cleaning, while others, such as green roofs require professional maintenance, which adds to the overall costs.

How Do I Make Sure My Roofer Will Do A Great Job?

The best way to ensure that your roofer will deliver the promised quality is by carefully evaluating the roofers in your area and by picking the most reliable contractor. Here are some aspects to check:

  • Experience and credentials – to be able to operate legally, roofers need to be licensed and insured in the state in which they are registered, so it is very important to check those documents before hiring a roofer. You also need a roofer who has extensive experience with the roofing job that you need a specialist for, so make sure to check the completed work portfolios of Colorado Springs roofing companies;
  • Personal impressions – you need a roofer who makes you feel comfortable, a friendly and helpful professional who is willing to explain you the process and is willing to answer your questions;

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  • Reputation – there are many great online resources to check what others think about a roofer in your area. Rating and review websites, forums where people share their experiences with service providers and word of mouth advice from the people that you know and trust are all great sources of information that you can use to verify recommended Colorado Springs roofing companies and help you pick the one that will do a perfect job with your roof.

Is It Costly to Change the Type of Roofing Material on My Home?

The average price of a roof replacement is around 8,000 dollars, but the costs of replacing your old roof with a different type of material depends on many factors – here are some:

  • The price of the new material – currently, asphalt shingles are the most affordable roofing materials; the second material in the line in terms of pricing is metal, followed by synthetic materials, clay and cement tiles and with wood, slate, green roofing systems and solar roofs being the most expensive options;
  • The removal of the old roof – some roofing materials can be installed on top of the old roof, while others need the old roof to be removed completely. The previous category requires less work and the process does not generate any debris, therefore it is cheaper;

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  • The size of your roof and the extra features that need to be catered for – the price of your new roof is calculated per square foot, so the larger the roof, the higher the final amount. Colorado Springs roofing company authorities remind us that remodeling a roof that features multiple slopes and other features, such as dormers or skylights also make the roof more expensive;
  • Labor fees – not all materials are installed for the same rates. Asphalt shingles and metal panels are the cheapest in terms of labor costs, too, while green roofs, solar roofs and the materials that require special expertise, dedicated technologies and tools to install will be the most expensive.

How To Protect Your Commercial Roof During The Summer Months

The roofs on commercial buildings are built using resistant, durable materials, but even these materials need protection, especially in climate areas that get extreme summers, with high heat, extended dry spells or rainy periods. Here is how to give your roof the protection it needs:

  • Inspect and maintain the roof before and after summer – regular roof inspections are the best way to detect any roof issues that need repair before they turn into severe issues. The inspection should be followed by roof cleaning to remove any debris from the roof surface and to prevent exposure to excessive moisture. Commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO representatives support that the process should also include the inspection, the cleaning and the repair of the gutters and the downspouts – the drainage system is especially important for flat commercial roof that are very sensitive to any exposure to water that is not drained by the gutters;

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  • Protection with coatings – roof coatings are paint-like chemicals that provide extra protection to roofing materials. Some coatings prevent overheating by enhancing the roof’s reflective properties, others provide protection from harmful UV rays and there are products that sealing the surface of the roof and enhancing its water resistance. Whatever the purpose of the coating process, the protective layer needs to be refreshed regularly, at the intervals specified in the instructions of the coating product of choice.

I Have a Leak – Can You Just Repair the Leak and Not Replace the Roof

If you have a roof leak, the decision to repair it or replace the roof altogether depends on the overall condition of the roof and its age.

A new roof with a minor problem that allowed a bit of rain water to sweep in can and should be repaired; on the other hand, a roof that reached the end of its lifespan already, or is damaged beyond efficient repair, should be replaced, to avoid a potential disaster.

It is important to look for some important signs in order to know when it is time to make a plan for the replacement of your roof. Roof replacement Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors can assess your home or business.

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  • The appearance of cracks – a wrong installation of the roof can lead to the appearance of cracks that allow water infiltration to affect the structure of the roof, weakening it more and more and degrading it.
  • Corrosion – in the case of a metal roof, inferior quality of the materials as well as lack of ventilation and protection will allow corrosion. In this case, the metal will lose progressively its qualities and properties, which will lead inevitably to a rapid deterioration of the roof.
  • Using roofing materials unsuitable for a particular geographical area
  • Failure to follow installation recommendations – an inexperienced installer can irreparably damage a roof system
  • Improperly waterproofing

If I Get Icicles on My Roof, is that Due to Issues with My Roof?

Icicles are part of the magic of winter, and pictures of them taken from the right angles can make an impression on Instagram… However, you really should not want them hanging from your eaves.

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Icicles are just the inverted top of the iceberg formed in the gutters and downspouts. The ice accumulated in these areas is not only dangerous to those who pass underneath (which is why landlords, tenants and HOAs have the obligation to remove it), but may also cause serious damage to the construction itself. We are talking about the risk of gutter deformation, cracking pipes, damaged roof elements, water infiltrations or leaks. Even the foundation of the house can be affected, in the long run.

Heat losses from inside the building will heat the roof structure, but not the gutters. Therefore, melted snow will freeze when it gets in contact with them. A first step when it comes to preventing this phenomenon is to install an efficient ventilation system for the space under the roof, which will prevent significant variations in temperature.

Regarding the rainwater system, which consists of gutters and downspouts, an important role is played by the accessories it must be provided with, to allow safe water drainage to the sewerage network.

Additionally, a de-icing system for your roof, which works on the basis of heated electric cables, is a very efficient and convenient solution.

Visit with reputable Colorado Springs roofing companies for roof and gutter inspection and repair, and follow up with recommendations annually to keep your roof problem free.

What to do When Your Roof has Brand New Hail Damage

Hail storms happen quite rarely – fortunately! – and they may not seem the worst weather phenomena, but those who witnessed a severe hailstorm probably know the kind of long-lasting damage it can cause.

When it comes to a roof, hail damage is dangerous even if it is barely visible, because it creates vulnerabilities that will aggravate sooner or later. As such, it is extremely important to identify hail damage on your roof, so you must perform an inspection once a hail storm passes by.

commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO roofer prepares hail damage assessment

Like we said before, hail damage may not be easy to identify, especially on certain roofing materials, so a visual inspection from the ground is not enough. The person who inspects the roof must climb it to be able to observe potential damage. If you do not feel safe climbing your roof or do not have protective equipment to prevent you from falling and injure yourself, you should contact a Colorado Springs professional roofer. This is always the best option and not only for safety reasons. A hail damage commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO expert knows exactly what to look for, not to mention that its written report will be useful if you make an insurance claim.

Hail damage looks different on different roofing materials. Generally, keep an eye on any small impact areas – chips, dents, tiny craters, scratched pain etc. Additionally, look for damage on windows, doors, vehicles, because if they have hail damage, your roof will most likely have hail damage too.

How to Save Money on a Roof Replacement

You can expect a common roof to reach its lifespan after about 20 years. The perspective of a replacement may seem intimidating, because it is a complex project and it also requires a large financial investment, that`s why you must start planning in advance and be prepared when the time comes.

Luckily, there are also ways to save money on a roof replacement and instead of paying $20,000, which represents a midrange roof replacement, you can pay only up to $10,000.

The first thing you should consider is the fact that the price for a roof replacement varies greatly, depending on the materials you choose and the area of your roof. Obviously, there is nothing you can do about shrinking your roof area, but you can opt for cost effective roofing materials.  The most expensive materials are also the most durable, but if you are on a budget, you can opt for the best price-quality ratio, which can be found in products such as asphalt shingles.

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Another way to save money on your roof replacement is to shop around for affordable Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors. Be wary of very low bids, but take into account reliable local contractors who offer discounts and quality services.

You should schedule your roof replacement for late winter or early spring, as contractors are not so busy in this time of the year and are willing to make special offers to attract clients.