Project Manager Spot Light

“Project Manager Spotlight”

“Project Manager Spotlight”
What is a Project Manager? Well to see what that is, lets understand who are behind the titles. Meet Kenneth Oatman. Ken, is 48 years old and has been in the roofing industry since 1988. Ken enjoys scuba diving, sky diving, and fishing. Ken is almost a part of the Masonic brotherhood. Why do our customers love Ken? Well not only is he G.A.F certified as well as OSHA 40, Ken cares about our customers. Just ask Jennifer!  

We sat down with Jennifer and asked her about her experience with Ken and Interstate Roofing.

Q. How long have you lived here in this community?

A. “I’ve lived here for 21 years

Q. How did you hear about us?

A. During our last storm, Ken approached my house and introduce himself. Unlike other roofing companies who approached me that day, Ken was not only professional but extremely knowledgeable.

Q. What made you decide to go with us?

A. Well as I stated before, a lot of these storm chasers only come to our neighborhood after a storm. Ken’s approach with looking professional and his ability to explain how Interstate Roofing has been in business for 25 years and how Interstate Roofing is locally owned and operated, gave me a sense of trust. You hear all the time how roofing companies will come from out-of-state and close shop within three to six months. How are they able to offer a warranty?

Q. How was your experience with Ken?

A. Ken was honest, professional, and a true expert. His ability to keep an open communication with me always, was huge for me. Whenever I would call or text Ken, he would respond to me right away. Ken told me a crew would be at my house to start replacing the roof by the 21st of August. When I woke up that morning at 7am, that’s exactly what I saw; a crew. Not one person but an actual crew with a dumpster and everything needed to complete my roof.

Q. What do you feel that separated Ken with other roofing companies you’ve worked with in the past?

A. Well I was in the middle of refinancing my house when the storm hit. My mortgage company told me that they will place a two week hold on the appraisal inspection because of the hailstorm but the roof was a major part of the inspection. Not knowing if I was going to lose value or even be able to replace my roof in time, I was worried. Then I met Ken, I explained to Ken the situation of the refinancing and he assured me that he will be able to have everything done and replaced before the deadline. Ken kept his word.

Q. Would you recommend Interstate Roofing to your friends or neighbors?

A. I already have, there is a difference between out of state storm chasers and roofing companies that care about their community. Interstate Roofing is one of those roofing companies that cares and will be here long after the storm.

A Short Guide to the Most Common Commercial Roof Materials

Most commercial roofs are flat or they slope in a very low angle and this feature requires a special approach not only in terms of installation technology, but when it comes to the materials used as well.

commercial roofing Denver CO

Here are some of the most common materials used on flat commercial roofing:

  • EPDM – the acronym is for ethylene propylene diene monomer denotes an inexpensive, easy to install and very durable rubber membrane. The material is also lightweight and it can be expected to live for at least 20 years;
  • TPO – thermoplastic olefin is another durable material option used by commercial roof repair Fort Collins pros for commercial roofs, and preferred by the owners of commercial buildings for its affordability, its ability to reflect solar heat and its resistance to corrosion, algae infestations and pests;
  • PVC – polyvinyl chloride roofs installed by commercial roofing Denver CO pros are usually comprised of two layers, the topmost layer being resistant to UV radiation, moisture penetration, high winds, fire, pests as well as to chemicals;
  • Spray roofing – these roofs are made spraying polyurethane foam in multiple layers onto the roof decking and applying a topcoat for enhancing the material’s resistance to UV radiation and moisture. The material has superior thermal insulation qualities, therefore it is the preferred solution for roofs in climate zone that get wide temperature variations.

Tips for Detecting Structural Roofing Issues

Structural roofing issues are problems that affect the support structure of the roof. They can be caused by a building or design defect, by leaks that have gone undetected and therefore neglected for a long time, by the excessive weight of snow that has spent too long on the roof, by pest attacks and in the most severe cases, they pose very serious safety concerns for the building and for the entire household.

Colorado Springs roofing company repairs structural roof damage

Here are some of the major symptoms of such structural issues:

  • Roof ridge bending or sagging – a sagging or uneven ridge can be detected from the ground, by simply looking up at the roof; A reputable Colorado Springs roofing company will easily spot structural roofing damage, and provide necessary repairs.
  • Excessive moisture in the attic – wet beams, rafters and soaked or damp insulation are clear signs that moisture has penetrated through the roof and has soaked into the roof’s support structure, damaging and weakening it;
  • Signs of structural roof damage inside the house – any deformation or major deterioration of the roof affects the structure of the building underneath as well. Cracked plaster, windows and doors that no longer open and close properly, ceilings that start sagging, cracking or warping, severe leaks that keep recurring are all signs that the roof is affected by unwanted structural changes.

Pros and Cons of Having a Lounge on Top of Your Roof

The biggest advantage of a flat roof is the cost effectiveness; installation as well as materials is less expensive than in the case of pitched roofs.

The other significant advantage of having commercial roofers in Denver install a flat rooftop consists in the extra space provided by a flat roof, which can be used for different purposes; you can store air conditioning unit, solar panels or even create a lounge on top of the roof, in the form of a small garden, a barbecue etc. The possibilities are numerous and everything depends on your imagination and preferences.

flat roof install commercial roofers Denver

A roof deck to support traffic is easy to install, not to mention that re-roofing is relatively quick and easy.

Having a flat roof living space installed by commercial roofers in Denver  definitely adds discernible value and helps units sell faster, because the building becomes more appealing. The investment itself is not so huge; actually, all you need to have a roof that accommodates people is installing decking, plants and seating.

If you go further and plan an entirely green roof, you must be prepared to pay more money for this. Green roofs cost more to be installed and maintained. The results are truly spectacular and will have a great impact on your life, but you must be ready to invest more money that in creating a simple lounge on top of your roof.

Steps to Take When Planning for a Roof Replacement

Replacing the roof is a big project that must be planned ahead, with the implication of a specialist able to guide you and help you make the best choices according to the budget you have at your disposal. Replacing a roof, be it residential or commercial, is a long-term investment, but also expensive, that is why you have to be prepared.

roof replacement

The first step is to find a good Colorado Springs roofing company, licensed and insured, who can support their experience with a portfolio and with references from previous clients. It would be a good idea to contact some of these clients, just to find out how their roofing projects went and whether they are happy with the results.

Once you choose a roofing company and receive an estimate, you must identify sources to obtain the necessary money, if you do not have them already.

Finally yet  importantly, another thing to think about is the type of roof cover you want. Perhaps one of the reasons why you now change the roof is precisely the questionable quality of the materials used in the first place. So, this time, you might want to focus on other types of materials or at least on a manufacturer whose reputation is impeccable and which provides adequate product warranty.

How to Know If It’s Time for Roof Repairs or A Whole New Roof

Roofs are resistant and durable structures, but they don’t live forever – while some problems can be efficiently remedied with regular inspections and repairs (see, some signs tell you that you need to prepare for roof replacement. Here are a few symptoms from both categories:

roof installation and repair

  • Most roofing cover materials are designed to last for decades, so if only a few of your shingles or tiles are cracked, you can easily replace the damaged items without having to replace the entire roof. However, be prepared that the color of the recently installed tiles or shingles will not match the color of the rest of the roof perfectly;
  • The same goes for larger patches as well – you can replace taches of shingles or tiles as well;
  • Roof sagging – in some cases, the damaged beam that causes the roof to sag can be replaced lifting the roof with an elevator and keeping it up until the new beam is fixed into place, but if more than one beam is damaged, you might want to have a closer look to eliminate the cause of the damage and you might have to replace the entire roof as well;
  • Other problems that can only be solved with complete replacement – replacement is often the only solution for extensive damage caused by a recent storm and roofs that are very old also need to be removed and replaced.

Should My Business Invest in a Metal Roof?

Investing in a new roof for your business is an operation that raises a lot of question marks about the most appropriate solution. There are many roof types and materials, each with its own pros and cons. Per trustworthy Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors, one of the options we recommend you to take into consideration is the metal roof.

metal roof tile

The advantages of metal roofs:

  • Metal types

The first advantage is the variety of materials that can be used to create metal roofs: metal sheets or shingles made from zinc, aluminum, copper or galvanized steel. This variety allows you to choose the most important aspects for you, such as strength, durability, style or costs involved.

  • Lifespan and strength

A properly installed metal roof will have a very long life span, up to 80 years, comes with warranties between 20 and 50 years and is almost maintenance-free. At the same time, metal roofs provide high resistance to fire, strong winds, moisture and pests. Compared to most other roofing materials, metal sheets and shingles are lightweight. This is an advantage because they are easy to install and do not require a reinforced structure.

The cost of metal roofs is quite high, compared to other materials, but given their long life span, the investment will be absorbed over time.

How to Protect Your Roof from the Colorado Sun

Using vegetation on roofs is not a modern invention. If in the past the green roofs used to have the purpose of insulating and preventing water infiltrations, now, this option represents an alternative to a less polluting environment, a great protection for roofs situated in areas with many sunny days per year, as well as a way to increase the energy efficiency of a building.

roof top gardening

What is a green roof? It is practically a cover of vegetation, placed over an existing roof, waterproofed with a special membrane designed to be resistant to root growth and penetrations, as well as with a drainage system that directs the water to the building’s drainage holes; the draining system also maintains water in places designed to hydrate the soil.

Vegetation on these roofs can grow and develop naturally, without human intervention.

Considering that there are no exposed roof materials, the sun will not damage them. Moreover, a green roof is also naturally soundproof, provides a special look to your home, and maintenance costs are low. Finally yet importantly, it contributes to improving the urban environment, by reducing the temperature as well as the effects of global warming.

Ask progressive Colorado Springs roofing companies about this roofing option.


Different Types of Flat Roofs

Flat roofs vary according to factors like slope and functionality. Flat roofs are not completely flat but they have a very subtle slope of less than 5°. Some of them are designed for higher traffic, others for lower traffic, so they can have slightly different structures.

There are several types of materials used for flat roofs and they must provide good sealing and protection against water infiltrations. Traditionally, flat roofs used to be covered with a mixture of concrete and gravel. However, this option is not very durable because this type of asphalt becomes fragile over time and surface cracks will appear eventually. In addition to not providing long-term protection against moisture, this material is not considered sustainable, because during production and installation, there are chemicals released into the atmosphere.

flat roof construction

For new constructions, there are now new types of flat roof materials, such as composite polymer-based liquids. They are much more efficient and create a membrane that practically seals the roof.

According to Fort Collins commercial roofing flat roof experts, being a relatively easy and low-cost option, any type of flat roof offers protection as well as multiple possibilities for using its space, which makes it a good choice, especially when it comes to modern, minimalist, cubist style or commercial buildings.

What Is A Folded Plate Roof?

Folded plate roofs are roofing systems chosen for their high weight-bearing capacity and their durability. They can be best described as assemblies that consist of flat slabs or plates that are inclined in different directions and are joined along their edges at the top.

The first folded plate roofs were used in Germany in the 1920’s, mainly for very large factory buildings such as coal bunkers. The technology was first used in the U.S. in the 1930’s on warehouses and it quickly became the preferred roofing solution for really large commercial and industrial workers

According to knowledgeable commercial roof repair Fort Collins businesses, folded plate roofs are still popular today – here are a few of their most important benefits:

  • Folded plate construction is less material-intensive than other types of roofing systems used for industrial or commercial applications, which also means that folded plate roofs are cheaper;
  • Folded plate roofs are also easy to assemble, which further reduces the related costs and shortens installation time as well;
  • Folded plate roofs are easy to design and they have lots of potential from an aesthetic point view;
  • The structure’s rigidity, resistance and extraordinary weight-bearing capacity makes it suitable for large buildings in any area and in any climate.