Why Inspect Your Commercial Roof During the Summer

Summer weather usually comes with strong sunshine, storms, high winds, often hail and periods of heavy raining, too, all posing challenges to your commercial roofs. While roof maintenance schedules usually include two inspection and maintenance sessions per year, one in spring and one in fall, extreme weather can cause roofing damage that should be addressed right away, therefore it is recommended to get your commercial roof inspected by commercial roof repair Fort Collins pros after each period of harsh weather. Here is what summer inspections should include:

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  • A complete walk-around – though the damage suffered by flat roofs is not visible from the ground, gutter and siding damage can be easily detected from down there, too;
  • Inspection performed at roof level – the inspection should involve checks from roof level, too. Climb up on a ladder to the edge of the roof to take a closer look at the roof flashing, the gutters and the vents and to see whether there is any ponding water that needs to be removed. Inspect the roof standing on the ladder, without stepping on the roof surface to avoid accidents;
  • Timely repairs – Call commercial roof repair Fort Collins pros to address whatever roofing issue that you detect right away to avoid the aggravation of the problem and to preserve your roof in good shape.

The Most Common Roof Repair Mistakes Made on Flat Roofs

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Flat roofs are great, durable and resistant structures that offer the building underneath protection against the elements, but unprofessional repairs can weaken them and eventually cause more harm than good. Here are some of the most common repair mistakes made on flat roofs:

  • Patchwork-style fixes – one of the most common mistakes is to apply quick repairs to fix only visible issues, without addressing the root cause or the damage that affects the deeper layers of the roof. Any repair should involve detailed checking of the damaged area and finding the best approach that strengthens the roof, indeed;
  • Applying the wrong type of coating – the special construction of flat roofs makes them sensitive to ponding water and other effects of the weather, therefore they are usually treated with various coatings to enhance their resistance. According to commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO flat roof experts, failing to apply climate-adequate coating or to reapply the coating when necessary will expose the roofing surface to the elements and will lead to premature deterioration;
  • Failure to ensure proper drainage – any process of flat roof repair should involve the checking and cleaning of the gutter pipes and of the downspouts, one of the biggest mistakes made while repairing flat roofs being to dismiss the cleaning of the drainage system as minor and unimportant and to neglect the task.

Cutting Costs with a New Commercial Roof

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After 20 years of withstanding rain, snow and wind, any commercial roof will show signs that it reached the end of its lifespan. Consequently, building owners must consider a replacement, before the roof fails to provide adequate protection.

A new commercial roof is a big investment that must be planned carefully, by taking into account the materials, the labor, the costs and the disposal, otherwise you will not be able to save money in the process and actually you may end up paying more than you should.

Roofing materials are quite expensive, especially if you have a large roof. You must learn about different types of materials and consult with a professional roofer to determine the best option. Labor may also account up to 50% of the cost, so you should ask estimates from different roofing companies and see which one is more advantageous for you. However, you should never compromise on this important aspect: always hire licensed Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors, otherwise the risks are too big.

Knowing the important details about your roof (size, complexity etc.) as well as about the materials you want to have installed will help you make proper estimates and identify competitive pricing.

Is Gravel or Tar Better for a Flat Roof?

Many flat roofs today are made either from tar paper or from a combination of special rolled out material and gravel, the latter being called simply gravel roof. Both commercial roof repair Fort Collins solutions come with pros and cons that need to be taken into consideration prior to choosing one of them over the other – here are some details:

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  • Tar paper is a versatile roofing material, appreciated for its resistance to UV radiation, wind and water. However, tar is considered to be an unsustainable material that may give out noxious fumes during the installation and the curing process and the installation also requires special attention to avoid injuries caused by working with the hot material, therefore it must never be worked on without proper protective equipment that includes a face mask and heat resistant work gloves;
  • Gravel roofs get their name from the topmost layer of the roof, created spreading small river stone or ballast. The gravel is used underneath the topmost layer as well – gravel roofs usually consist of alternate layers of sheet or membrane and stone. Gravel roofs are even stronger and more durable than the roofing systems that use only tar, but the stones on the surface make maintenance and the identification of roofing issues, such as leaks, somewhat more difficult.

Understanding the Certifications of a Commercial Roofer


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Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors undergo extensive education and practical training before they can start their own roofing company. If you are a good handyman, who has completed several DIY projects and you are currently considering a career in commercial roofing, the best way to get started is by finding an apprenticeship program offered by a commercial roofing company. These programs provide paid employment, working under the supervision of an experienced master roofer and classroom education to learn the theoretical basis of the trade. Most programs take several, usually 3-5 years to complete, after which you will be required to pass an exam to be allowed to start your own company.

Apart from obtaining the certificate and founding a business, most commercial roofers continue their education, attending workshops and courses offered by roofing material manufacturers and construction companies to learn new repair and installation technologies and to find out about the latest roofing materials used on commercial buildings. At the end of these workshops, the attending roofers receive certificates that prove their familiarity with specific technologies and materials – important documents, as certain manufacturers offer warranty on their material only if the materials are installed by a roofer who is a member of their network of certified experts.

How Disruptive Are the Most Extensive Multifamily Building Roof Replacement Projects?

So you own a multifamily building, and you have to replace its roof. While flat roofs might be easier to replace on an office building, the sloped roof of your multifamily residential unit can be a lot more difficult to work with, so you need to plan ahead. The project will likely last anything from a few days to several weeks, and your tenants and residents will certainly not be happy with the commotion.

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The first problem to deal with is that roofing jobs are noisy. You’ll have to talk to the Fort Collins commercial roofing contractor and make sure that curfew hours are respected and that the roofing experts will not work during the hours when most of the workers who live in your building are home, resting or sleeping. The same should be said about afternoon hours when children or elders might be asleep.

Another potential problem has to do with roofing debris falling down into your residents’ balconies or in front of your building to disrupt the garden and outdoor areas. Make sure you have the Fort Collins commercial roofing contractors designate areas where people shouldn’t venture, and emphasize to them to keep in mind that the safety and comfort of your residents and tenants should come first.

These recommendations will help keep everyone happy and maybe even help you avoid having as much difficulty with roof repairs and replacements in the future.

Commercial Building Maintenance to Get Started on for 2019

The New Year is the perfect time to plan fresh new starts. If you want to work in a fresh and clean environment, maybe you should consider some commercial building maintenance operations in the year to come.

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When was the last time you scheduled a roof inspection? Roof inspections and maintenance preformed by Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors must be scheduled regularly, but many people tend to ignore them, which is risky. Not only you may experience roof damage with all its consequences, but you may also lose the right to receive compensation from your insuerer. So, the first thing to do is hiring a roofing company to check your roof, clean it and identify potential vulnerabilities.

For the rest of the building, you should consider hiring a commercial building maintenance provider; qualified professionals will deal with routine repairs and different facility problems, so you can rest easy knowing that your business is up and runnning.

Not least, you may want to put on your to-do list hiring a cleaning company, because… you know how they say: tidy space, tidy mind. The quality of the working environment is closely linked to our productivity, and factors as hygiene and air quality are extremely important.

Will Insurance Cover Your Roof Replacement

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The first thing to do, if you want an answer to this question is to contact your insurer and ask explanations about the specifics of your policy. Coverage typically depends on different aspects such as the age of a roof or  regular maintenance.

Roof damage caused by unpredictable situations  (fire, vandalism…) is covered by most general policies. Damage caused by very bad weather phenomena are also covered, in most of the cases, although how much coverage you will get is another aspect.

If you have a new roof (under 10 years old), you have all the chances to be fully reimbursed. However, for an older roof, you will likely be reimbursed just for its depreciated value,  which means that the age and the condition of the roof are taken into account. An honest Denver roofer can look at your damaged roof and give you a realistic cost for repair or replacement.

When it comes to roof damage caused by water infiltrations, you might need to make an additional policy to be sure that you will get compensation when it happens. Regular policies do not cover these problems, considering that periodic roof maintenance that prevents leaks is the responsibility of homeowners.

The best thing is to find a reliable insurer and talk about the best policy for your roof and for your budget.

Questions to Ask During Commercial Roof Repair Inspections

Lack of maintenance is often the cause of problems with a flat roof, just like neglecting a vehicle leads to its faster failure. An issue that begins by being very small and easy to repair, if ignored, it will turn into a very serious problem.

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Understanding the entire inspection process can be overwhelming, especially if the owner does not have any experience, but we recommend that everybody has a set of questions in hand for the moment when the roof inspector comes in to do their job.

First, you should ask Fort Collins commercial roofing inspectors about adjusting your roofing maintenance schedule. You roof does not get younger and it might need to be checked more often, especially once the warranty period expired.

Ask the inspector what you can do between inspections, to caught deterioration early and which are the ways to avoid damage in the future. Most commercial roofs are flat and the inspector can give you valuable advice on how to maximize their lifespan and stay protected while minimizing the cost of repairs.

You can also ask general information about the repairs that must be performed. How much will they cost, when can you schedule them and how long will they take, from start to finish. Not least, you surely want to know if the repairing process will affect your business in any way.