Are Roofing Scams Common in Colorado?

During certain months, Colorado may see some extreme weather including wind and hail that can produce extensive roof damage; in these circumstances, roofing scams are most likely to appear.

What is a roof scam? It is an illegitimate company that promises lots more than it offers, being focused on taking money from people in vulnerable situations without providing quality services in return.

There is a roofing scam awareness program to educate people about identifying different scam scenarios such as down payment scam, roofing thieves scam, mandatory inspection scam, free roof scam etc.

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Typically, there are some warning signs about these companies and their co-called “professionals”. They will typically report more damage than it really is and sometimes they even create the damage themselves, so make sure to take detailed videos and photos of your damaged roof before allowing anyone to repair it. Also, ask for proof that the company is licensed, insured and has a stable office and reputation in the state. Do not sign any contract before getting a written estimation that you have the chance to review properly.

Do not fall for the promise of significantly smaller costs, not even when they are disguised into reimbursements for your deductible. That’s most likely fraud. Make sure the Fort Collins roofer provides a warranty and copy of contract and payment for insurer,

Signs You Might Make a Great Roof Salesman

Selling a roof is a complicated process that must be addressed properly, to cover all the important aspects. Fort Collins roofing company salesmen must be experienced professionals able to demonstrate that they care for the customers, be ready to answer any question and sell the skills and resources of the roofing company they represent.

There is a solid competition in the roofing industry, so it is important to stand out in a positive way.

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Some people are naturally better at selling than others and this might be an advantage during direct interaction with the clients, but this talent must be completed with professionalism and other sales techniques in order to convert quotes into valued customers.

A great roof salesman knows the importance of confirming an appointment in writing and uses this as an opportunity to offer more details of his company`s services. Such a professional is not only focused on selling, but also on building a relationship with the clients, because what makes you respectable is not simply selling a roof, but standing behind the products you are selling, providing guarantees and be there when the client experiences problems or is not satisfied by something.

A great roof salesman must be able to explain why they recommend certain materials over others, to educate customer on the important aspects of roof selling-buying process and to provide detailed and professional quotes.

When Should Your Business’s Roof be Inspected?

Did you know that the roof represents 5-10% of the total cost of a building construction, and more than 70% of the cost of litigation is due to its defects? Most disputes can be avoided by correctly designing, executing and maintaining the roof system.

Material suppliers and Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors offer guarantees for materials and labor, for specific periods of time. However, these may become useless in case of wrong exploitation and lack of roof maintenance.

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The lack of a proactive maintenance program is probably the most important cause of a roof`s short lifespan.

What needs to be done?

  1. Know information about your business`s roof: material warranty, periodic Inspection reports, maintenance invoices and roof interventions, technical specifications, etc.
  2. Make sure the roof and its drainage elements are always clean
  3. Schedule periodic inspection (1-2 times per year) for early detection of potential problems, but you should also consider calling the specialists anytime it is necessary: after severe weather events (strong winds, hail, torrential rain, etc.) or after third party interventions to repair or maintain the equipment on the roof
  4. Ensure adequate and rapid repairs performed by specialized technicians, certified by the material manufacturers
  5. Limit the traffic on the roof, by allowing the access only to authorized personnel

What May be Causing Your Business’s Roof to Leak?

Commercial buildings typically have flat roof systems, which have different features and properties than sloped roof. However, both types have good performance, contrary to the popular myth that flat roofs are more prone to leak. First, this roof type is not exactly flat. It is designed with a small angle of inclination, invisible to the eyes, and the construction is planned in such a way that there are no problems in water evacuation.

Modern flat roof systems have many unexpected benefits and when such a roof leaks, the cause is not related to the roof being flat, but to other problems.

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Damaged Flashing

Flashing represents a vulnerable roof area, regardless the type of the roof. It must be inspected periodically to ensure that is in good shape and still provides good protection. It must be replaced as soon as it is damaged, otherwise it will allow water to penetrate in the roof system.

Damaged Roof Membrane

The membranes installed on flat roofs are resistant, but they age, just like any other material. In time, your business`s roof may crack, shrink or puncture, leaving the insulation exposed. Obviously, the water will find a way in. An old membrane that reached the end of its lifespan must be replaced. In this case you will want to employ reliable commercial roofers in Denver to complete roofing service repairs.

Ponding water

This is mainly caused by a drainage problem, so if rainwater remains on the roof for more than two days, you must take action, or you risk water leaks.

How to Tell if Your Roofer is Reliable

The company that you hire for various services related to your roof (inspections, maintenance, repairs or new roof installation) must be reliable; you have to hire it only after you get confidence that you can trust it.

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But how can you evaluate the level of reliability?

Start by doing a local search. Look for roofing companies that exist in this industry for many years and put their names and contact information on a list. Before talking to their representatives, do some more research on these companies. Check them with national organizations, such as the Better business Bureau or Angie`s List. You should be able to dig for some useful information on their websites.

Reliable Denver roofing companies are always licensed and insured, so the first thing, once you contact a roofing company, is to ask for copies of their license and insurances certificates (workers’ compensation AND liability insurance!)

Check the company`s portfolio and ask for some references. You should take time and get in touch with some of its previous clients and ask them how satisfied they feel about the collaboration with the roofing company. Ask about work quality, crew efficiency, cleanliness and other important aspects.

Not least, make sure that the company is willing to offer you a free written estimate.

Keeping Your Commercial Roof Energy Efficient

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Commercial roofs need to do more for your business than simply keeping the water outside – they need to be able to protect your budget by lowering your energy costs. If you think that your commercial roof needs some help to perform better, here are a few things that you can do:

  • Apply a reflective coating – this method can work wonders with your already existing commercial roof. The coating will protect your roof against infrared and ultraviolet radiation, it will prolong its life, it will improve the roof’s waterproofing qualities and it will also reduce the heat island effect;
  • Install proper insulation – energy efficiency depends on the insulation installed on and under the roof deck. If you are in the process of installing a new roof, get proper roof insulation installed right from the start. If you want to insulate your existing roof, consult an expert to choose insulation of the right type and thickness;
  • Preventive maintenance – adopt a proactive approach toward roof care to maintain the energy-efficiency of your roof and to correct the issues that might impair the energy performance of your roof, such as minor leaks, displaced components, damaged or aged reflective coating or damaged insulation.

Respected local commercial roofers in Denver can provide you with up to date roofing trends to keep your business commercial roof functioning at its best.