How to Keep Your Flat Roof Clean

Debris gathering on the roof is common and happens to almost every building, especially commercial ones. Many commercial buildings such as offices and retail spaces tend to have flat roofs Usually when having a sloped roof, a large portion of that debris tends to slide off with no intervention whatsoever. The same cannot be said … Continue reading “How to Keep Your Flat Roof Clean”

Protecting Your Commercial Roof From Debris

Over time, the roof of a commercial building, especially those that have a flat roof may gather all kinds of debris. Debris found on the ground around the building can find their way onto the roof during windy days such as tree branches and leaves, which are the most common debris found on rooftops. The … Continue reading “Protecting Your Commercial Roof From Debris”

Deciding on a Home Exterior Color Scheme Based on Your Style

Either you want to improve the curb appeal of your home or looking forward to selling it, deciding on a new colors scheme will greatly improve the value of a home. Just like any project done to a home, repainting the exterior is a major investment and one must be sure that the right color … Continue reading “Deciding on a Home Exterior Color Scheme Based on Your Style”

Why Keeping Your Gutters Free of Leaves is Important

Relatively simple roof maintenance, cleaning and maintaining the roof gutters free of leaves can easily be done by any homeowner. The roof of a home tends to gather a lot of leaves and all kind of debris over time. Maintaining it clean will ensure that the roof will not be exposed to any damage or … Continue reading “Why Keeping Your Gutters Free of Leaves is Important”

Do the Seasons Impact Roof Repairs?

People often wonder why Fall is the best season for repairing a roof and how different weather conditions have an effect on repairs. Having roof maintenance in the Fall is ideal for having maintenance work done on the roof because of the ideal temperatures and little humidity. Roof Repairs During Spring and Summer Spring brings … Continue reading “Do the Seasons Impact Roof Repairs?”

Steps to Take When It’s Time for a Roof Replacement

A time may come when a roof replacement is needed. Replacing the roof is a huge undertaking, one that should be made when the timing is right for you and your family. Having a roof replaced is a major investment, therefore, acquiring some knowledge about the roofing process itself with proving beneficial. Move family members … Continue reading “Steps to Take When It’s Time for a Roof Replacement”

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