Barn Remodeling Inspiration

Barn Remodeling Inspiration

If you’re in the heart of Denver you might not notice it, but throughout the metro area, down to Colorado Springs, and up to Fort Collins and Greely,  there are a lot of barns. While some of them have been remodeled and restored, others sit unkempt waiting for a little bit of inspiration to restore their rustic beauty.

Colorado is home for us at Interstate Roofing, and we love looking at how these barns have been transformed over the years. We found a beautiful barn transformation from our friends at Homedit if you are looking for a little inspiration. If you are looking for help restoring your barn give Colorado Springs roofing team a call.

homedit.comBarns aren’t usually very large. We picture them as cozy little structures made of wood and with those signature doors that we love so much. However, they don’t always look like that. This old barn in England is actually pretty far from that standard image. Not only is the barn huge but it also has a massive design. Old barns are transformed into homes all the time but each time the story is different and special in a way.

This was actually a part of a large complex. It was the biggest structure there, overpowering everything around it. When its new owners purchased the site, the building was in derelict state, just like all the other smaller structures around it. Those were demolished and the wood salvaged from there was used in the reconstruction of this massive barn.


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